REVIEW : Q50 GPS Smart Watch For Kids (Updated 13th May 2019)

Q50 GPS Smart Watch
Q50 GPS Smart Watch
Q50 GPS Smart Watch

It’s always been a dilemma for me, especially to give your kids a phone or not.  Problem is that, you’re not too sure if they are responsible to actually owning one since Smartphones are quite affordable nowadays.  But now since Princess E is having extra classes and giving her a phone will probably land her in trouble (either get caught by the teacher or possible get lost or stolen).  I’ve decided to see what alternatives are there for me and phone watches came to my mind.  After doing some research, I went on to search for Q50 GPS Smart Watches and got the results.

Baymax look alike greeting you
Baymax look alike greeting you

  I managed to find out that was only selling for less than $20 that ship uses Singapore Post.  And Singapore Post never failed to send it in less than 14 working days to Kuching as compared to China Post where I’m still waiting for the packaged to arrive after 1 month still have not shown itself to me.   As I paid extra for the box just to make sure that it arrives safely, the box looks a bit dirty which I suspect could be due to being refurbished didn’t really bother me at all.  So here are the specs for this watch phone : –

Quick Specs

* Name of Item: GPS Tracker Watch
* GPS type: GPS tracker
* Band name: Q50
* Screen size: 1″
* Screen material:LED display
* Frequency:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* GSM/GPS:MTK6261 UBX7020
* GPRS:Class 12 TCP IPbuild in GSm MODULE
* GPS Senstivity: -159 dbm
* GPS Positioning Accuracy:10m (2D RM)|
* Gsm Positioning Accuracy: 50-200mm
* Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s
* Maximum Altitude: 18000m
* Battery Capacitry: 3.7V 320mA
* Size(watch case): 45.0 (L)*32.0 (w)*13.0 (H) mm * Weight: 35.1g
* Working temperature: -20~70
* Humidity: 20%~80%RH
* Interface: USB 3.0
* Color: blue/green/pink

Pink Watch, USB Cable, Screwdriver, & Manual
Pink Watch, USB Cable, Screwdriver, & Manual

    So inside the box consist of the watch, USB charging cable, Screw driver and User Manual.  Weight of the watch is not too heavy as Princess E didn’t complained about it much.  Never the less, it was setting up the watch that gave me a lot of headache as I wasn’t able to connect the phone to the SeTracker App.  But after doing a little bit of googling I was finally able to set up the watch with the App, and everything was pretty much smooth sailing after that.  Anyway, here are the steps if you need some tips on setting your watch up the first place.

Requirements :-

  1. Install SeTracker App on your Android or IOS Phone
    Head over to google play or Itunes to download the SeTracker App in order for you to connect your watch to the phone.
  2. Micro Sim Card with No Pin, Caller Id, Calls, SMS, and Data Plans
    Make sure your sim card has No Pin Lock.  Also it has Caller Id, calls, sms and data plan.  For me, I ended up signing up for a postpaid plan with ONEXOX Black (B10). The reason I went for that as it comes with 1GB data and 20 Mins calls for only RM10/month, that can be carried forward up to 100GB data! You can read more about it here.
  3. Installing your Sim Card into the phone
    The following image below is how you install your Simcard into the watch, which is straight forward.  Do be careful when lifting up the battery, as it seems kinda fragile for the wires connecting the battery to the circuit board.  Also make sure that the watch is powered off before proceeding, as it might damage the watch or so I’ve been told.
Steps to Install Your Sim Card
Steps to Install Your Sim Card

Once you’ve inserted your Sim Card, you’re good to go and power up the watch.  After booting up the watch there are 2 things you need to notice to ensure before you can proceed to set up your watch.  First thing is the signal which is situated on the top left of the screen that you have signals.  And the second one is you have data connection where it will show E, just next to the signal bar.  Once the watch has signal, I would highly suggest that you set the Center and Slave number for the watch.

Center & Slave Number
Why this is important once you set up your watch for the first time, is to prevent unnecessary number trying to temper with the settings later.  Because the default password is 123456 or 523681(as I’ve yet to locate on how to change the password), it would be best to allow your phone number to be set as the primary number to access the phone feature.  To do so, what you need to do is from your main phone SMS to the watch number and type in the following codes :-

pw,123456,center,yourphonenumber# or


Make sure the first letter p is small letter, as it seems to be case sensitive.  And separate it with a comma(,) after each function and finally end it with a hashtag(#).  Once you did this step, you should be good to go following the next step.

Change Password
I just found out how to change the password for your watch.  After you set your Center number from the above, enter the following code from your center number phone :-


That’s it. So whatever command you send to your phone later make sure you key in your new password instead of the default 123456 or 523681.

For those that already have data connection you can skip No Data Connection part and proceed to the App Installation.

No Data Connection (Device Not Connected To The Internet)

This happens when your network provider doesn’t seem to push the Network settings onto the watch.  So in this case we need to manually input the APN into the phone via SMS.  So here is the format you need to send from your current phone to the watch phone.

pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC# or

pw,523681,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

The ones in BOLD are the fix command, where as italics are the values you have to get from your network provider. As I’m using ONEXOX Black (B10), the following details are as follows :-
Apn name = celcom3g
Username = blank
Password = blank
MCC = 502
MNC = 13

So create a new message to be sent to the watch phone via SMS, and the message should be as follows :-

pw,123456,apn,celcom3g,,,50213# or


Something to take note here is that, make sure that the letter p in pw is small letter.  Because initially I couldn’t get it to work as my p was capital letter.  Also that every command is separated by a comma (,).  If the username, password, MCC and MNC is blank, just continue with the comma and end it with a hashtag(#).  Once you received a confirmation SMS back from your watch phone, turn off the watch and turn it back on again.  By now you should see that the E is now visible and you can proceed to the next step.

Register Account on SeTracker

Registration Page
Registration Page

1 .  Enter your License ID manually or using the barcode scanner to scan the QR Code.  Your Id is situated behind the watch.

2.  Enter your email account

3. Enter the Nickname of the watch

4.  Enter your phone number (not the watch phone number)

5.  Enter your password and confirm it on the following textbox.

6.  Select your region, wherever you are and press OK.

You should get a confirmation message stating the account has been successfully created and brings you back to the login page.  Enter your login details there, and you should be able to access the following page as shown as below.

Screen Homepage
App Homepage

Issue #1
Now you may encounter problem such as ID does not exist or ID has already been registered.  If that happens, most likely you’re seller could had tested the watch by pre-registering the ID or sold you a refurbished watch.  So instead of registering, you can first try login into the app with the following credentials :-

Account Name : ID.No of the watch
Password : 123456 or 523681

If you still can’t login, contact the seller you bought your watch from and ask them to help you reset the password so you can gain access to the app.

Issue #2
If you still getting the error message of “Device Not Connected To The Internet” despite having data connection, you may need to update your IP_Url.  First you check the status of your watch by sending the following sms pw,123456,ts# or pw,523681,ts# to the watch.  You should get a return message like the following :-
ver:G36_V5.00_2016.06.03_15.09.52; (May Vary)
center:; (Please read the above before the No Data Connection Part)
sos1:; (This will show your preset SOS numbers)
upload:600S; (Current Work Mode)
bat level:80;
GPS:NO(0); (GPS Signal 0-100)
GPRS:NO(50); (GPRS Signal 0-100)

If the ip_url =, you need to change it to the Asia server by SMS

pw,123456,ip,,8001# or


Here are the rest of the IP address i got from other sites :-

Asia & Oceania –

North America –

South America –

Europe –

Once updated, try and restart the watch and see if you can connect again this time.

Issue #3 (Updated 26th February 2018)

Please Confirm The Registration Code is Correct

If you get that problem when trying to register for an account via SeTracker, it means that you might have gotten a refurbished set and the seller forgotten to reset your account.  You can first try to contact your seller, and get him to reset your account for you.  If not send an email to this following email and include your watch ID & IMEI and tell them to reset your account.  They should reply you within 24-48 hours, and once they told you they reset your account you can proceed to register your watch using SeTracker.

Setting up the App

Setting Page
Setting Page

If all is well, you should be able to start setting up your watch through the app.  I’ll go through some of the process here. To access the setting page it’s located on the Homepage under settings.

SOS Number
Here you can input in 3 numbers.  What happen here is that, when your child press and hold the SOS button.  It will first call the first number, and if the first number doesn’t pick up.  The child will then again press and hold the SOS button, it will call the following number, and again if still no one picks up.  The child will press and hold the SOS button, it will call the 3rd number.  So if the 3rd number still no one picks up, the child repeat the process it will call the first number.  So think of this function as a quick dial function.

What this does is that, you will get the phone watch to call you back.  So you can pretty much listen to what’s happening around your child but it will mute the speaker on the other end.  So you won’t need to worry if the watch broadcasting whatever things you say on the phone.  Please take note this will end up charging your bill.

Work Mode
This is how you set the watch to broadcast it’s location.  There 3 different settings in there which are :-
Normal Mode : Where it will update it’s location every 10 minutes
Power Save Mode : Update it’s location every 1 hour
Follow Mode : Update every 1 Minute

Do Not Disturb
Here you can set the time where the watch will not be able to receive any phone calls or messages.  So you would normally set these during their school hours or other activities where they will not get distracted by unnecessary calls.

SMS Alerts
The watch can send you SMS, either when the watch battery is low, SOS button is being used or the watch has been removed.

This is where you can filter out the phone numbers that can call the watch.  So my version allows me to have 10 whitelist people where they can actually call the watch.  Hence this is where the caller ID works perfectly.

Phone Book
So before you start keying in the numbers you can allow to call the watch, I suggest you add the numbers here.  Doing so will automatically add the numbers to the contacts menu.  Here are also the numbers where you can allow the watch to make calls to as well.  So again the watch will be able to make calls to 10 people that are inside list.

Language and Time Zone
Basically set the Language and the Timezone of the watch.

Push switch
Basically this is where you turn off the notification whenever the watch is currently not being used eg shower, swimming or charging time.

Or also known as Location Based Service.  This uses your phone network to locate the watch, but frankly speaking the location is way off.

Shutdown the Device
This one allows you to remotely shutdown the watch.  But I think once you’re connected to the watch using the App, the user will not be able to turn off the watch.  As long pressing the power button actually activate the push to talk button.  So basically you’ll be able to track the phone without worrying that the watch being purposely switch off.

Restore the default work mode
2 words. Factory Reset.  So everything goes back to the way it was before you set everything up in here. 🙂

Account Settings
Account Settings

Account Settings
The account settings can be accessed by pressing the Me button on the bottom of the App.  On this page is pretty much crucial especially if you purchased a refurbished set from the seller.  Here is where you can set your account details to your details, plus change the password to prevent any unwanted access to the child’s watch.  Also you can update your information here from time to time.

Personal Data
Here you can now update the data of the App to your current data.
Account – You can change your account login username here.  This would be extremely useful for those of you who purchased refurbished units.  Also will be used to reset your password.
Sex – Basically set your gender, to show your reply avatar on your chat App.
Name – Your name obviously.
Phone Number – Your phone number here is used so that when you reset your password, they will ask you for your phone number.
Email – Your email address also used as a security question should you forget your password, and will be used to reset the password for you.

Device List
Over here you can add multiple watches to your App. So if you have 2-3 watches you can add it all to this app here.

Change Password
Each time you reset the password, the default login password is 123456. So probably not a good idea to keep it that way, so best if you change that password to something secure.

Operating the Watch

Q50 GPS Watch
Q50 GPS Watch

After fiddling around with this watch for a couple of hours, I’ve managed to find out how to actually use it.  And probably this section I will keep updating should I find anything or tips on actually how to operate it.  Also inside the App itself the other features such as pedometer and rewards are quite straight forward.  As I told Princess E, every 500 steps she takes she’ll get a heart reward.  And all this you can monitor through the app.

But so far, I’ve been able to send and receive voice message via the push to talk feature that uses data.  Making phone calls via SOS as well as through the phone book, which I think is quite sufficient for a child to use.  I’ve still yet to figure out how to do make calls using the number 1 button.  Anyway, I’ll go through briefly how to operate the watch so your child will be able to make calls with it.  One thing just to remind you that, the screen needs to be active in order for it to work.  Else you’ll be wondering why the watch is not making any calls or using the push to talk function.

Message in the app
Message in the app

SOS Button
After you set the SOS number using the App, press and hold about 3-5 seconds of the SOS button and it will start dialing the phone number.  By doing so also, it will send a message to the App telling you that the SOS button is being used.

Making Calls Using Phone Book
Press the number 2 button, it will show the watch phone book.  To select the phone number you want the watch to call is by pressing 1.  It will then highlight the number if your child wants to make a call.  Once the phone number is being highlighted, press and hold the number 2 button for about 3-5 seconds it will then make the call to that particular number.  To abort or cancel the call, press the power button.

Push To Talk or Voice Message
Now this uses data to send messages through the push to talk function.  On the app under the Chat page, press “Start Record” and speak your message after that press the “Stop Record” to send the message.  Maximum amount is 15 seconds, plus because the receiving end is running on 2G connection.  It will probably take a while for it to download the message.

On the phone end, when the child received the message.  In order to play the message, what they need to do is press the SOS button and it will play the voice message. Unfortunately after the message is played once, it will automatically be deleted.  To send the voice message from the watch, the child need to press and hold the power button and it will change to recording.  To send the message, all they need to do is release the power button and it will send out the message.

Pairing 2 different watches with each other (Updated 10th February 2018)

To pair 2 different watches so that they can send messages to each other, this is what you should do.

  1. Put the watches near to each other
  2. Press Button 1 on both watches until the Add Watch image comes out then release
  3. Try bumping the watch together, for 10-15 seconds you will hear a chime, and a successful message.
  4. To send messages to each other press and Hold Button 1 to send the message to the other watch, while pressing Hold Power button will send the message to the App.

Apparently you can only pair with 1 watch only at the moment, might need to get another one to try it out and see.  Never the less, it uses Data, so it’d be great to communicate with each other as well.

Personal Thoughts

White circle dot to show the watch is connected to the GPS

  There are many type of GPS watches out there for kids, and the main reason why I ended up getting this one instead is not because of the price (well, it did played an important role).  But I like the way how subtle this watched look and it’s not as obvious as the other models I saw, where they had a phone button on it as well as the word Sim on it.  Plus with it’s plastic looking pink watch will not draw much attention and it looks cheap.  So people will overlook it, and will not think much about it.

  Well technically, she won’t really get into trouble by bringing this phone to school.  And of course at least for now I will have a peace of mind especially if I’m late I could send her a message telling her that I’ll be late and don’t go out from the school compound.  I think for only $20 it’s a good investment in terms of the safety of the child, where you can pretty much pin point the location of your child provided she is connected to the GPS or the network will give her a proper location.

  Also it would give you a peace of mind since they are not holding an actual smart phone, and I wouldn’t need to worry that they’ll be on social media or chat apps with the rise of Predators in my phone.  As this watch will reject the numbers that do not belong on the list, so it should be safe for them.

  Downside I think for these sort of watches is that they are not waterproof.  So will be kinda bummer if it really gets wet or their hands get sweaty.  Also I wish they have an App for Windows Phone or at least a web browser that could help track these watches.  There were some website do provide those tracking features, but unfortunately I can’t seem to access them for now.  Never the less, I think it will improve in time to come.  Another drawback for this is that currently you can only connect one phone app to the watch.  I tried adding the Mrs phone, we were able to send message to the watch, but the watch was not able to reply back despite the sending was successful.  Anyhow I’ll try and see if I can come with a workaround for that.

  Apparently you can login in to 2 different phones on the same account.  So when you send out a voice message from the watch, both phones will receive the message!  But when replying eg from Phone A, Phone B will receive the message as well as the phone watch.  But on Phone B the reply icon will think it’s from the watch.  Never the less that’s not an issue since you know who is replying and etc.  Another thing I found out was that, make sure that the watch does not run out of battery.  So if you set the notification for 20%, do charge it as once the battery runs out.  It will delete the APN settings as well as the center number.  So you may need to reprogram it again later.

  Just found out that the watch I bought is apparently a reproduction from the original wonlex Q50 watch.  Apparently if your ID appears to be 610 or 145 you know you’ve gotten the a fake.  Never the less, the watch still works well and also pin point your location accurately when you’re on GPS rather than LBS.

Am I happy with the watch?  Yes.  Is Princess E happy with her new watch? Yes.  So head over to Gearbest and see if you can search for these Q50 GPS Smart Watches.  Feel free to leave a comment or thoughts regarding this product.

SMS Codes that I found on a Russian Forum, not sure if it’s working for the current watch.  But thought would keep it here for future reference.


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  1. Hi alex can you help me, i want to change apn data
    I ‘ve tried sending sms to watch

    but there was no response to a message from the watch

    1. Hi Lia. The command you sent is changing the IP address for the watch server to connect in order for you to use the app. To change the APN data you need the following command :-
      pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

      If you did a pw,123456,ts#. You should see that your server has been updated for the previous command you input.

    2. I had success when i used a comma , right before the # on many commands …

      pw,123456,ip,,8001,# (to set ip to North America)

      also this to check gprs is ok

      this will set date and time (1:45pm on Jan 24th 2020 is the example below)

      add sos numbers (put your number in where you see the 999999’s)

      add a whitelist of people that can only call the watch phone (5 numbers allowed, put your numbers in where you see the 999999’s)
      pw,123456,whitelist1,9999999999,9999999999, 9999999999,9999999999,9999999999,#

  2. Hi Alex,
    Pls. your advice, why I can’t do setting. it’s always got error message “Device is Offline”. I have successfully register, SIM card inserted and I can manually call smartwatch.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Sorry for getting back to you this late. Here’s a few things you need to check..
      1. Did you noticed the E sign next to the signal? If not, you may need to update your APN to your telco settings.

      If you have E sign next to the signal bar on the phone. Then check your IP address where is it pointing to.

      If you have Check your status by sms pw,123456,ts# to your watch. Check your IP_Url where is it pointing to. Try and see if it’s pointing to the following IP based on your location.
      Asia & Oceania –
      North America –
      South America –
      Europe –

      If not, update it using the IP method.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I’ve tried to make changes by sms ( chainging ip url, center, password) but nothing happens. The only command by sms that seems to work is pw,123456,ts#
    I receive response from watch. The other commands did not return any messages from the watch. Any other suggestions ?
    Anyway, congrats for your post !!! Here are the most complete instructions for this watch !!!

    1. Hi Cip. There could be a few reason why the watch did not respond.

      1. Case sensitivity when you input in the command.
      2. Password you entered could be wrong. Did you change the password first before performing everything else? Normally the password command will not return any values.

      If you changed your password, then technically when you enter in a new command you should key in your new password instead of 123456. Try it out and see if it does anything.

    2. Hi Cip, I am facing the same problem as you. Did you manage to fix it? Could you share your success experience with me? Many thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Alex, thanks for your well guide, well-done bro. The only thing is, I ourchased the watch from Lazada a month ago, and being circle around how to operate is since the manual in the box is helpless. On my monitoring phone, we need to install app programme right? Following the box instruction the app is call “where you go” and the app your refer is SEtracker. After follow your guide, I manage to make my watch work well, the only things is the GPS point of the phone show that located somewhere in China. How to correct this thing. I tried to use SEtracker app, after filled up all information on registration menu, I got a msg saying the device number is not exist. Appreciate your help, and again welldone.

    1. On my monitoring phone, we need to install app programme right? Following the box instruction the app is call “where you go” and the app your refer is SEtracker.

      Hi Imran. Think reason why you couldn’t register on Setracker could be due to your watch is not registered on their server. You may need to contact your seller regarding this issue. Just a quick question, what message do you get when you send in pw,123456,ts# ?

      1. Thanks for reply, u mean I need to contact Lazada? I thinks -ve about that. About the msg, what I can recall is same msg did I wrote to the device. Using Umobile in the watch.

        1. Hi Imran.

          Hmm.. Yeah.. I understand contacting Lazada part. Could you give me the link to the where you go app? I can’t seem to find it. Will try and see if I can run the app with my watch here. Also, just to check if you can set the LBS or anything similar inside the app where you can turn on the GPS to either use GPS or network to detect the location?

          1. Hi Alex, the accuracy of gps now getting better today. Trying to give u the qr code picture about the app that i got from the box, can we communicate via whatsapp?

          2. Hi Imran will PM you shortly. Removed your phone number to prevent others from spamming you unnecessary later 😉

          3. Hi Alex & Imran. Did you manage to find the “Where you go” app? Scanning the QR code in the manual is not giving me any result.

  5. Hi Alex…
    Thanks a lot for your post on the Q50 GPS Watch. It is very useful in helping me to do some configuration with the watch. The only thing that didn’t work is the 123456 password. Just want to share with you, after googling around, i get to know that if using 123456 as a password did not work maybe can use 523618 as a password.. tq

    1. Hi Ielya,

      Glad to know this post helped. As I too had difficultly initially setting it up. Funny, never knew that the password could be different. May help others as well! Thanks for posting this up.

      1. Hi Lelya and Alex! It was very difficult to set up the watch! The password that helped me was 523681! The 123456 password didn’t work! Thank you for the guide on the Q50 GPS Watch. 🙂

          1. Sorry for the late reply as I was caught up with something. Have you tried 000000 ? If not try contacting your seller and see what they say?

  6. I accidentally selected the incorrect Area when registering my watch… I selected Europe & Africa instead of North America.. How can I change this?

  7. Hi Alex,
    Pls. your advice, why I can’t do setting. it’s always got error message “Device is Offline”. I have successfully register, SIM card inserted and I can manually call smartwatch. Please tell me what to do.. Nothing will transfer from phone app into watch…

    1. Hi Amber,

      Is your watch showing the E that is connected to the internet? If not, you may need to set your APN manually based on your mobile network. You should be able to get your watch connected. 🙂

  8. Hi Alex. I have a problem with stracker in 6-7days.
    I have a q50 watch.
    I am problem with stracker “device offlinee” now.
    5 months I’ve been using without any problems.

    ID:(removed due to security);
    imei:(removed due to security);
    bat level:100;

    All informatin correct (ID,IMEI, GSM, GPRS all ok)
    setrack the previously used asia server for turkey. Now (new version setracker ) setracker using europe server for turkey. And “device offline”
    I change server IP europe server via sms. (pw,123456,ip,,8001#)
    am sending message for using europe server which you wrote to me. But watch’s ip url is changing automatical to asia server ( I sent a lot of times message but everytime changed to asia server. It does, the server settings can not be permanent..Why is happening to my watch’s?

    my device automatically returns to Asia server.
    Maybe my ID is matched with Asian server.
    If you change this europe server problem is solved, I think.
    Note :
    my problem is the same as that. (Last comment from Levent – you can search Turkey in page)
    Can you help me for PERMANENT server settings

    1. This is odd. By right you should not have any problems. When you changed the IP did it send back the confirmation SMS? What if you try logging into your SE Tracker App using Asia Server see if you can access the watch or not?

      1. Yes. I recieved confirmation sms [surl:,port,8001#]ok!
        and this time acces setracket to watch, but very shortly time.(maybe 4-5 sec.)
        se tracker dinot run with asia server(account error).

        1. Try downloading Se Tracker 2, and see if it helps your issue or not? Cause I think they released another version for that. But if you did received confirmation SMS, then you should be fine. You may need to contact your seller regarding this issue.

          1. Hi Alex. Thank you very much for your helping.
            I downloaded setracker2 .
            But did not resolved my problem.
            I am trying contact to my seller(2 days 🙂 ).
            Best Regards.

          2. iwonlex reply : We have reset the id number,please register new account in Asia server,thank you.

            And my problem resolved with new accout.

      1. o alba mire je
        kam dhe une nje problem me oren
        i rregullova ato kodet per europen dhe per rrjetin e internet me nxjerr shkronjen E
        po prap nuk po lidhem dote me oren me thot off line device
        si me ja be …me i be nje factory reset ores
        ose si e rregullove ti

        1. Hi. I”m not too sure if the translation is correct. Can you try send the test results back using the pw,123456,ts# and see if anything comes back.

          1. HI Alex,

            I brought a new watch and I am unable to add a role. Its says “Waiting for authorized device”.

            Could you please help me

          2. Hi sorry for getting back to you as I didn’t receive any notifications from my site. Anyway, regarding your case. Most likely your watch has already been registered by a previous account. You might want to get your seller to reset it in order for you to gain back access to it.

  9. Hi Alex,
    I use q50 and several days everything was ok.
    But, nowdays i have few problems. I can not set center of geofence. App does not recognise tap on display. Second problem is that I can not zoom out, zoom in, and move on maps after see watch location.
    Separatelly of this app, google maps works fine.

    1. Think could be the app problem. Did you try installing SE Tracker 2? Could help though. But I never tried the geofence because when she’s inside the building (eg school), her location will show somewhere else due to the network location.

  10. Hi,hope you can help. I go two of this for my boy and I’m trying to make they work but is been difficult. It said is not data or offline and when I try on the setracter .said is not device.

    ID:Removed due to security;
    imei:Removed due to security;;
    bat level:58;

    We are in uk
    The sim card is from Vodafone pay as you go of course I had top up
    Any suggestions
    Thanks alot

    1. Hi Angelica..

      First check and see if you have data connection on your watch (if it shows the E sign). If the watch is not connected then you may need to update the phone APN by the following.

      (I got the APN settings from this site here for PAYG –

      Now, another thing based on your summary you may need to change your IP address by doing the following command :-

      Let me know if that helped you.

    1. To remove the phone number for center I believe you can do this

      But having said that, if others know your IDs and IMEI they could change the settings which is not recommended in my opinion. 🙂

      1. hi Alex thank for you help, i had done all you said but still dont working , the sim card does go data, i did try it in a normal phone just to make sure it is working..
        its been very frustrate because t he other watch for my boy is working fine. but i notes the setracter dont let me app the other watch so i had done it individual..
        so when i login out from it the watch is working fine .stop dating .
        thanks for you help

        1. Hi Angelica.

          I think your Sim card does not have any problem. You need to check the data on your watch is it connected to the internet. Try and install Where You Go App from here and see if that helps you or not. Could be that your watch uses a different app apart from Se Tracker. Let me know if that helped.

  11. Hi Alex, i have this error of can’t loading the maps…do you have any idea? And when i clicked at device or locate at the map section nothing came out…btw, thanks for yr website it helps me a lot..

    1. This one I’m not too sure. have you tried downloading SE Tracker 2? Try that and see if it works or not. You have no problems opening google maps right?

  12. Hi Alex
    May ask you for some help too please? First thing I’ve been using the watch/app for three days now. All of a sudden this morning I click on map and there is nothing. No map anymore.
    The next problem, everything seems to work ok. I can call the watch send it a message, the watch can call me but the watch will not send a message to me!
    Thanks in advance! 😊

    1. Regarding the map issue, I’m not too sure what’s wrong with it. Try updating the app to the latest, or download Se Tracker 2 and see if it fixes your problem or not.

      As for the message, how did you send the message from the watch? If you long press the 1 button, it will not send the message. Try long press the power button, and see if you cna receive the message or not.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me.
        We are trying to send the message by holding the power button to record the message and it says it send but nothing gets though to the phone.
        Another problem we ran into now I can call the watch with my phone and the watch can call my phone but there is now sound through the watch. We can’t hear anything through the watch.

  13. I bought the q50 and setup correctly but now the ip changes itself to north america. Why does it do that?
    I live in greenland and i have set the wath to europe ip adress. It connects when the ip is in europe and when the watch change the ip to north america then the device is offline.

    1. Hi Sven. Your case is similar to Kahraman. Try contacting your reseller and get them to reset your watch ID, and try to register again but this time to Europe. Cause his watch actually pointed to China instead of Europe as well.

  14. Hello, hope you can help me, I’m trying to make the watch work but i had one problem. I sent sms text with the pw,123456,ts# and i received de data from watch, after i sent another sms to change the apn and after that the watch did´t response , i tried with pw,123456.ts#, but i did´t have anything. do you have any recommendation? i saw another message about than the problem could be the wrong password, what can i do? thanks

  15. Hi, I updated the APN but the watch still doesn’t show the E even though the watch replied and the data works when the sim is in a phone.

  16. Hi Alex,

    How to set the watch to give location based on GPS only? The LBS function is not accurate at all.

    Thanks in advanced

    1. Hi Asha.. This is how the watch works. It will first detect the location of the watch based on GPS. Should the GPS can’t be detected it will then use LBS to locate the watch. But I kept the LBS switched on knowing the it’s not that accurate, but at least I roughly know where the watch is 🙂

      1. Hi Alex,

        Could you suggest the suitable telco for this watch? I currently using U-Mobile and there is data plan for the sim card. But the watch keep giving the position based on LBS even though I’m standing outside the house. The GSM signal is strong and the E and o indicator are displayed. For the record, I never get a location based on GPS. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

        Thank you Alex.

        1. Hi Asha,
          OK try doing this..
          1. Go to Setracker, under settings turn off the LBS.
          2. Stand outside your house and wait maybe about 30 seconds to 1 minute
          3. Send sms pw,123456,ts# Check and see if the GPS returns anything to you or not.

          By right the GPS should return you a range of 0-100. If it’s still 0, then there could be something wrong with the watch’s GPS. Also you need to make sure if the watch is on an open space as well. Because sometimes buildings or objects such as trees or electrical post could contribute the GPS not to work.

          As for telcos I think all of them are the same. Cause it doesn’t actually gives you the actual location. When I checked my LBS, it’s always way off by 1-2km lol. 🙂

  17. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your support. I already send sms pw,123456,ts# to the watch sim card number but I don’t receive any feedback at all. Is “123456” is the password that we create when registering SeTracker Apps?

    1. Hi Asha,
      That’s weird. 123456 is the default password, unless you changed it already. If not what I suggest is try to go inside the Map on the SeTracker App, and press locate. See if it can locate the watch now.

      1. Hi Alex,

        When I set the center number (send sms pw,123456,center,019XXXXXXX# to the watch), I got a reply “center:019XXXXXXX.ok!”. Then I try send sms pw,123456,ts# to the watch but I did not receive any reply. Did I miss anything on the step? Do you mind to support me via Whatsapp perhaps?

          1. Hi Alex,

            Just want to update you with my Q50 watch problem. The watch are malfunction and that is why it acting so weird. The seller admit it when I show the video recording of the watch. They fully refund my money. So, case close for me. Thank you for your support Alex. I do really appreciated it.

          2. Hi Asha. Glad you managed to get a refund for the watches you purchased. Hope the new batch you ordered worked well. You’ve been helpful yourself as well. Been a pleasure knowing you.

  18. What can i do when i forgot to remove the pin from the simcard? The device keeps asking for a pin, even after remove the pin

      1. Thank you very much! This information should be more visible on the Watch maker site and documentation / step-by-step tutorials…

  19. Hello Alex
    I appreciate the information you give us here.
    My problem is to enter the apn code
    I already sent pw,123456,ts# and received

    bat level:39;

    I use telenet from Belgium
    Apn =
    MCC = 206
    MNC = 05
    Verification = PAP
    Type = default or internet/normaal

    I don’t now how to enter it correctly
    I try pw,123456,telenet,,PAP,default,20605#
    But didn’t get response
    The watch has GPS connection but there’s no E on the network bar
    I use a SIM with unlimited access to all
    Data, call enter sms

    The time on the watch is two hours behind what is rear because it base connection to the network. I can call the watch, that’s no problem

    I hope you can help me to solve my problem
    I am using the first app

    Thanks a lot

    Greetings Claudia

    1. Hi Claudia try this first.

      1. Update your APN settings by inputting this pw,123456,apn,,,,20605#
      2. Update your IP_Url settings by this pw,123456,ip,,8001#

      If the E still doesn’t show up once the APN is updated, restart the watch and you should be able to connect through your App already

  20. Hi,
    Same problem. I’m from Romania and I could not get the “E” after I entered: pw,123456,apn,,,,22601# and pw,123456,ip,,8001#
    I restarted the watch but I got
    bat level:97;

    Please help!

      1. Yeah. Try inputting the same thing I’ve shown above but using Bogdan’s password. If you still can’t set it up, I suggest you contact your seller about this and get them to remotely reset your phone watch.

        1. Hi Alex,
          I tried to change telenet pw but the watch refused to take it.
          Then I send the wap configuration again and now somehow it works.
          Thanks a lot for all your advice
          Greetings Claudia

  21. Hey I have tried everything to get the watch to sync up with the app. I cannot call the watch from my phone. I also do not get a reply when sending a text. I am in Canada a d have a sim card prepaid with data a call display feature on it. Could I get some assistance?

    1. Hi Debbs.

      Just to check with you :-
      1. you can’t make or receive calls from the watch?
      2. Does your watch has signals ?

      If both answer from the above is No. Probably you may have a faulty unit. Cause the basic function you should get is at least receive calls from the watch. Also did you place your sim card correctly as well?

      1. Hey thanks for replying. I do get signal that’s the weird thing.. I don’t get an E beside the signal and I cannot receive calls.

        1. I just thought of something. I think you may need to contact your seller to reset your watch ID. I suspect it could be a refurbished unit, whereby the device is currently locked to the previous owner phone number. Thats why there could be no reply when you send a text message to the watch. And reason why you couldn’t call in to the watch was because your not in the address book. Let me know if you have any updates on this.

  22. Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for your post, couldn’t have install it without it!!!
    Just one question, how do you charge the watch, I do not want to set up my pc everyday to charge the watch, can i also use a samsung smartphone charger?

    Greetings Karin

      1. Yes you can actually. I’m using a Samsung charger as well. but not the quick charger of course. Best try not to leave it over night when charging though.

  23. Hi Alex. We are having problems with device offline on the app. I managed too get the E with apn settings, but still have it offline.
    I got this sms

    bat level:49;

    Can u please help me get the device online and visible in the app.

          1. already did that. even changed the app to SeTracker2, still nothing. it is always offline.
            plus set up the time of the watch by sms, for few hours it gets back to some other time -2 hours from the set one.

          2. Ok. Looks like there could be something wrong with your account. I suggest you try contacting your seller and try and get him to reset your watch ID once again. And try re-registering the account. I think there was someone else here had the same issue like yours where he accidentally sign up a different region. See if it helps or not. As for the slave is basically adding another phone number to update the watch. Here’s the command pw,123456,slave,your2ndphonenumber#

  24. Hi, wanted to know:
    -what is the quallity of the voice,
    -can you hear the echo of your voice?
    – Is the watch ringing or vibrating when receiving a call?
    -Is the callers ID maybe shown on the display?

    1. -what is the quality of the voice,
      Quality is not too bad. Both side can hear each other clearly.

      -can you hear the echo of your voice?

      – Is the watch ringing or vibrating when receiving a call?
      Yes. It rings, but does not vibrate.

      -Is the callers ID maybe shown on the display?
      Caller Id will only show the ones you set in the address book. Eg if your phone number you put as Mom, it will show Mom calling.

    1. Hi Dwi,
      Sorry took me a while to get back to you on this as I was trying to locate how it was done. You can actually do it. Here are the SMS commands :-

      Make sure you set the phone using yourself as the center in order to perform this function

  25. hi Alex.

    thanks for an incredibly clear write up on the watch. excellent stuff.

    quick question : is there an sms code line (like pw,123456,center,yourphonenumber#) which can get the watch to send back it’s location instead of going through an app on the phone?

    it’ll be nice not to have to use chinese software. rumored to have spying backdoors


  26. Hi Alex,

    Will this watch still works after the obsolete of 2G network in 2017? Many Sellers are claiming that this watch don’t support 3G.

    1. Hi Chew,
      I’m not too sure. Come to think of it, 2G runs on GSM network while 3G is on UMTS. Phone doesn’t supports UMTS network, so I assume that it will not work should GSM is no longer available. But as far as Malaysia is concerned we won’t be having those issues I foresee for the next 3-5 years. By then it would be time to upgrade the watch and those watches should be able to support 3G by then.

    2. Hi Chew, I just checked the watch manual. This is what it states :-
      “This GPS watch use 2G GSM network, and it upload tracking only through GPRS, it can not work in
      CDMA network or 3G(WCDMA or CDMA2000) network. (Some 3G & 4G SIM card can use in 2G GSM network,
      this kind of 3G & 4G SIM card can use in this tracker”

      The watch supports Frequency:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz. So I think it shouldn’t be a problem. What I suggest is best that you contact your telco provider and see what they say. Let them know that the watch is on those frequency.

    1. Me too. Hahaha.. It’s kinda that like Push to talk, but it doesn’t send to the phone. So not too sure how that works actually. The only way of sending the message is by holding the power button.

  27. Hi Alex,

    That was a very nice guide mate… especially the last part with the extra commands 🙂

    I have a Q50 Smartwatch and I have gone through a lot of trial and errors trying to get it to work with no luck

    I only got it working for a few seconds just to get my current location, then it just went offline. Restarting and resending the commands does nothing

    I’m located in Saudi Arabia, and using Mobily GSM provider SIM Card
    running the ‘ts’ command I get the following:

    bat level:43;

    As you can see, the ID starts with 610, and in one of your replies above you mentioned that those are fake!
    So by fake, you mean it will not function the way they are supposed to do? or may function partially?
    And if partially, what should I expect from it?

    Could you also explain the icons on the watch screen
    On the top (left to right): there is the GMS signal, then the E for data, then there a circle that keeps coming and going, and then the battery level indicator
    On the bottom, there is an icon tat keeps coming and going (like a broken link)

    So what’s the circle and what’s the broken line mean?

    1. Hi.

      I only got it working for a few seconds just to get my current location, then it just went offline. Restarting and resending the commands does nothing

      OK this one is funny. Anyway, here’s a few things you may need to check.
      1. Check if your mobile APN settings is set properly.
      2. Ensure that your simcard has data plans. I had previously used a PAYU data plan, it got cut off because my credit was exhausted. So I went and got myself a data plan instead.

      So by fake, you mean it will not function the way they are supposed to do? or may function partially?

      Fake as in it’s not an official watch from Wonlex. Hence you won’t get support from their website there. That’s why you see a post of me here instead to pretty much help others who may have difficulty in setting up the watch 😉 Also, on my watch the remove watch is not working as I believe there is no sensors there. So if your child removes the watch, it will not be able to send you a message that the watch has been removed.

      Could you also explain the icons on the watch screen On the top (left to right): there is the GMS signal, then the E for data, then there a circle that keeps coming and going, and then the battery level indicator. On the bottom, there is an icon tat keeps coming and going (like a broken link)

      So what’s the circle and what’s the broken line mean?

      Ok. The circle is actually the GPS at work. So if it goes on and off, it means that the GPS is trying to lock to the GPS satellite and is sending to and fro it’s location. If it’s missing meaning to say your watch will be using the network’s location.

      Broken line. This one I’m not sure. On mine, after the Signal, Data, GPS and battery indicator. It will be followed by a Heart where you can actually reward your child for walking. After that, it will show the time. And finally the last one shows the amount of steps the child has been walking. So not too sure what’s the broken line you’re referring to though.

  28. Hi Alex.
    I have a small problem with me watch. Everything is OK (SOS, quality of voice, etc), but locating is not accurate. It shows approximately 500-600 meters mistake. Can you please help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.

    1. Are you using your actual GPS or LBS? Normally if you are on LBS it will throw off the location because it uses the network’s location instead of the actual watch location.

  29. Hi Alex …We are having problems with E . I do all but i cant see the E.
    What can i do please

    bat level:64;

        1. Im update my APN but i cant see E .. Communications Company zain kw , please help. Thank you for your interest

          1. Hi Maro. Was this how you input your Zain APN settings?


            or use a different password


  30. Hi, want to ask you how to change telp number of the watch. Coz i’ve already send sms pw,123456,center,yourphonenumber# to previous number. But I want to change to new telp number. Thx before.

  31. Hi Alex…
    Thanks a lot for this information. I would like to be in the position of making questions about the functionality of the watch, but the thing is that mine was working before I was installing the sim card and even after, at least I could see the time etc etc. After charging it over night having the sim card in and not activated on the following morning the watch doesn’t move from HELLO 🙁
    Has anybody experienced the same? thanks a lot for your help

    1. Can you try plugging it into the phone charger and have a look to see if it power up? Cause I left it on my PC to charge over night it didn’t charge. So tested with my phone charger it was able to charge.

  32. Hello! Q50 bought a put it this some problems, wanted to know if you can help me. He is restarting every minute (is making a beep) and I can not reset it or by mobile application or by pw code. Can you help me?

  33. Been really helpful. Can help with the apn for m1 prepaid Singapore? I am trying to find the Sms command for phone book number entry done manually. Appreciate your advice.

    1. Hi for your Prepaid settings can you try this


      For manual input of phone book. I’m not too sure how it can be done. Maybe others could help you here.

  34. Hi Alex,

    I changed the ip to (I’m in Canada) from, then sent the code pw,123456,apn,, got the respond message, then turned the watch off and on again. I finally have the E, signal bar is full, but when I go to the app on my phone, it still says “device is offline”.
    I should’ve done some research, I had no idea that there are so many “fake ones” out there and ordered it following a fb ad. The ID is (removed)
    I don’t know what to do now. 🙁

    1. Can you try this first and let me know how it goes..


      Then restart the phone watch. After try testing it with the App again. I suspect it could be that. If not get your reseller to reset your account and try re-registering once again on the App. Make sure it’s pointing to the Canada IP.

      1. The pw,123456,apn,,fido,fido,302370 code didn’t work. 🙁
        Can I just delete device within the app and add it again? The reseller never responded from the beginning, I’m afraid resetting the watch by them would never happen.

      2. Hi Alex,
        The company is not answering and I already got the first bill for the sim card. 🙁 The app still says device is offline. I don’t know what to do at this point. 🙁

          1. Hi Alex, I started to download it, but then a warning came up that it’s a malware so I stopped.

          2. So they answered! They are called Rama Deals. They told me to do this: Pls send a command to the watch:pw,123456,apn,apn name,username,password,mccmnc#

            I typed in pw,123456,apn,,(I believe my phone number is my username as that’s what I have at the “Account” when I’m logging in the app),(password to log into the app), mccmnc#
            Then I got a reply;user:(my phone number);passwork:(my login passwrod to the app);use rdata:mccmnc.

            Aaaand it still says “device is offline” 🙁

          3. Hi Niki,
            fido’s APN settings are

            if nothing shows up try


            The username and password refers to Fido’s APN account settings and not your account.

          4. Hi Alex,

            I got another SIM card from Petro-Canada as I was suggested by the company. I’m writing to you because you are a lot faster with your respond. 😉
            I have to active the SIM card online:
            It is asking for the activation code and the IMEI number. I have an unlocked phone that I can use for activation, but it has its own IMEI number. Is it ok to use that number or it HAS to be the watch’s number? My problem is that the watch can’t receive text messages and at the end of the registration I’m supposed to receive one.


          5. Hi Niki,
            The watch can’t display out text message. What I suggest you can do is that try putting the sim card on a different phone to activate it first. Once the card is activated, then I think it’s safe to put it into the watch.

          6. Hi Alex,

            I tried to solve the problem with them as well. I registered the new sim card (petro canada, replacing the fido), in the meantime their app updated too, but still nothing. I sent them pictures to the company too showing the error messages. They just emailed me that they are sending me a new watch. :/

  35. Hi Alex
    My watch can’t sync time with phone, it alway show at time 01/2014.
    Hope you can some help.
    Thanks alot

        1. Hi apologize for missing out your comment. By right it should follow the watch’s network time. Can you give this a try and let me know how is it.

          Using Sms command :-

          So if your language is in English the value should be 0, and because I’m from Malaysia then my timezone will be 8. So this is how I should input my command.


          See if that does anything.

  36. In US, I can call the nuumber and get a response from the pw, 523681,ip, but the phone still shows device offline icon. I have reset the APN with ATT. I tried the app whereyougo but it did not recognize my phone ID. Ive been working on 2 phones for 8 days.

    1. Can you try updating the APN using this

      pw,523681,apn,wap.cingular,,cingular1,310410# (if your card is 3G)
      pw,523681,apn,phone,,,310410# (if your card is 4G)

      Try the normal Setracker App. By right you should be able to access it.

  37. Hi, Alex!! Could you help me to have E ? My operator is VIVACOM in Bulgaria. They send me this information for gprs settings ” More;Mobile networks;Access Point Name; Options-New APN; Name:VIVACOM, APN :;User: VIVACOM;Pass:VIVACOM;APN Type default; Options-SAVE 🙂 Can you help me pls? What is the comand sms …more info for helping me …..MCC – 284
    MNC – 03
    APN type – default

      1. Alex, thanks for replay, but watch still have no E. It is nothing happend after this sms. Something else that can helped me ?

        1. Alex, thanks a lot for supporting me. The watch work exellent whit your command sms but password is 523681 🙂 thanks

  38. this is me request . Pls help me with VIVACOM

    bat level:57;

  39. Hi Alex, i tried setracker 2, but i prefer setracker, but now i cannot remove the watch from setracker 2, and i cannot add the watch in setracker. .. do you know how to remove the watch in setracker 2? The reason i prefer setracker is tgat setracker 2 has no monitorfunction, or does it?

    1. Hi Karin,
      Can you still login from Setracker account? By right your watch ID will still be there. If not try login into the Setracker with your Setracker 2 account and keep me posted on how is it.

      1. Hi Alex,

        Thanks, it works!!! In setracker1 i used my emailadres in 2 my phone number… so when i tried to add my phone, it didn’t work. By loging in with my phonenumber in 1 i got what i wanted. You’ve been I great help again!!!

  40. Merhaba alex hiçbir komuta cevap alamıyorum. 1-2 defa aldım ama hala çevrimdışı görünüyor. I from Turkey. And vodafone

  41. Hello. I can’t seem to change the SOS numbers in the watch through the app. Is there a way to reset the watch, especially the SOS numbers, so I can input new numbers into it? Thanks.

    1. Can you try setting it via SMS ? Here’s the command.


      1. It worked! You saved me from buying another GPS watch for my son. I was seriously considering it since he tends to roam around the school while waiting for his ride home. I’ll let you kow if we find any other problems using it. Thanks!

  42. WOW! Thanks for putting time into this blog regarding the review of the watch.
    I am looking into one of these but aren’t sure if they are the same (or at least similar). Like you have mentioned, it could have been a fake but how to tell?
    I saw this in Lazada , is it the same?

    But you mentioned you bought for $20 (is that RM20, US$ or SG$20?)

  43. Also I read somewhere it runs on 2G only. What will happen if they phase out 2G, that is happening to Singapore in 2017 actually.

    1. I got it for USD20. The fake version is basically some of the feature like mine is that if my daughter take off the Phone Watch it will not notify the app. By fake you won’t get any support from iwonlex the official store that produces these watches.. Hence you see why I’m posting here.

      Ok. Regarding the 2G. This one you may need to check with your telco and get their opinion. As I’m not too sure will the 3G still support the following Mobile band – 850/900/1800/1900.

      So best for your to confirm first before making the purchase 🙂

  44. Hi Alex thanks for yr reply.
    So yours is like the lazada ones?
    Still working at this point?
    The reviews there basically mentioned battery life is bad.
    I have a friend’s lasted 5 months ( not sure which brand tho)

    1. I got mine from Aliexpress. So far so good. Mine would last for 4 days, because the work mode only update once every 1 hour instead every minute. But if I need to check out the watch location I would use the map locate function.

  45. Hi Mr Alex,
    Thanks. Most of the setting I manage to do with the help of your blog. I am from singapore. pw,123456,ts# sms to the watch, it appeared like this. ver:G36D_V2.00_2016.07.16_10.13.42;
    ID:xxxxxxx;( this ID not the same as the watch ID. Is that correct?)
    center:+65(manage to input);
    bat level:82;

    These are a few question help to resolve for me if can. (1) I try to change password. It is not respond. pw,xxxxxx# .
    (2) I am not able to register both Setracker. The message appear that “xxxxs then try again”.

    (3) I try to log in Account- use watch ID. password 123456 or 523681. shown log in error.

    Thank you.

      1. Yes. To fully utilize this, you must make sure you have a data plan for your watch. If not you can use it to make calls and receive calls.

  46. Hi Aung,

    – ID:xxxxxxx;( this ID not the same as the watch ID. Is that correct?)
    Yes this is correct as it will determine the device of your watch.

    (1) I try to change password. It is not respond. pw,xxxxxx# .
    OK. When changing the password, it will not normally respond. But should you update your device peripherals through sms your new password should be used instead of the default 123456

    For question 2 & 3.. Can you try this app instead where you go? SEe if it works or not.

        1. Ive just registered the watch to Northamerica in the SeTracker2 because the IP in the watch was North America – Last night was working well; but today in the morning SeTracker2 present failure on the logon. I don’t know why
          I’ve sent two sms pw,123456,ts# with no response. I don’t know the problem what the problem is. Today is a rainy day or my son is in a place where the signal is poor.

          1. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

            Yes. Do try Denis solution. As he had this issue previously.

  47. Hi Alex,
    I noticed once the watch lost gps connection (e.g, when the child enter a building), the location on se tracker map doesn’t stay at the last location after some time. It just wander to other locations. Do u know is there anything I can do to make it stay at the last location where gps is disconnected? I have tried switching off LBS, it doesn’t help.

    1. It’s common when the watch goes into a building. Same like phones, which will use Network or Wifi GPS to determine your spot. Unfortunately I do not know how to make it stay at the last connection.

  48. Hi Alex. I believe I have the same fake watch as yourself. I live in Canada and am getting the message ‘device offline’ from the app. The data plan I have is through Roger’s (rogers. ca) and have tried both of their apn settings they provide and neither worked. I have tried different combinations of these settings. Here are the two suggested by Ie. pw,123456,apn,,302270# and pw,123456,apn,ltemobile.apn,,,#.

    Here is the watch info that was returned.

    bat level:73;

    By the way I am able to call the watch from my cell phone.

    1. Can you try this instead ?
      pw,123456,apn,,wapuser1,wap,302270# or pw,523681,apn,,wapuser1,wap,302270#

      pw,123456,apn,ltemobile.apn,,,# or pw,523681,apn,ltemobile.apn,,,#

      See if that does anything.

        1. hi got the same problem make sure when you register with se tracker you was with the same ip_url and the same password if not you will not able to connect your device

      1. Hi again. This command was able to communicate wth the watch.: pw,523681,apn,,wapuser1,wap,302270# and returned this message:;user:wapuser1;passwork:wap;userdata:302270.

        However, there is still no ‘E’ and when I hit ‘locate’ in the app says ‘no networking equipment’.

        1. Hi alex
          i am using Petro Canada mobilite that use rogers communication it is working fine
          pw,123456,apn,rogers-core-appl1.apn,,,302720# . Did you try if you sim card is working in your cellphone?
          I just set an other watch this morning the connection between the server with setraker and the watch can take 5 minutes

          1. Hi I am also getting no E signal and the app keeps on saying off line, any suggestions? I cant turn my watch off an on via the app because it doesn’t talk to the app, however I am able to call the watch from my phone and talk.

          2. Hi Make sure you have been register you had the same password on the watch and the Setracker and the ip if yes ask for a reset for your watch to register again.

  49. hi
    my q50 connect best on europe server only,i’ve changed the ip and all is ok.
    but when the watch is powered off it returned to use the asia server by default.
    how do i configure it to save the settings of europe server in restart?

    1. This one I think you had a similar issue with one of the users here as well. What he did was contact the seller and got him to reset your account. Then try to register it once more. You should be fine already.

  50. Hello
    Monitoring call
    Enter your phone number in the dialog box, click OK, and the watch will dial your phone
    number immediately after a command returns. When in conversation, the speaker of the
    watch is disabled and does not make any sound.
    I do not understand where the dialog box?

    1. When you press on the Monitoring call, it will ask you to put in your phone number. What happen is that the watch will call your phone.

          1. The number you enter is not the Q50 number. Is your own phone number. When you do this, it will get the watch to call your phone. So you can listen in to what’s currently happening during that time. You can hear them, but they won’t be able to hear you.

        1. Hi i solve the problem when i get register to se traker the ip_url:;
          port:8001; is the place where is store your data information so if i change the ip url noting will work
          thank for your help

  51. Hello
    ” Monitoring call
    Enter your phone number in the dialog box, click OK, and the watch will dial your phone
    number immediately after a command returns. When in conversation, the speaker of the
    watch is disabled and does not make any sound.”
    I do not understand where the dialog box.How to Enter your phone number in the dialog box

  52. Hi Alex,
    I am in Vietnam, I have registered 2 watches with my 2 difference accounts with 2 recover mobile number and now forgot the user names and passwords furthermore I want to add them in 1 account. would you please advise what should I do?
    Looking for your help!
    Best regards

    1. If that’s the case you may need to contact your reseller to reset the watch account and then re-register your account with the watches.

  53. hi alex
    how do i activate the gps..the location is totally out…coz it’s only detect through lbn not gps location

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Ok you may have the same issue with Asha. Anyway, give this a try first.

      1. Go outside your house in an open space.
      2. Look at your watch and see if the gps locks itself to the watch. You should be able to see the watch circle dots.
      3. When that happens, go to your app and press on locate device. It should show you that you are connected to the GPS instead of LBS.

      Now if for any reason you couldn’t get it to lock, then I suggest that there is something wrong with the GPS device. Because, like Asha’s case he was able to get it refunded. Suggest you contact your seller and tell him about this problem.

  54. Hello Alex, i also have a q50 phone and we are happy with it….just would like to ask if you know how to set the volume down..its too laud…

  55. I try to register connect my watch in the se traker but is already on an other account that i forget the account. Where i should send my email to get erase or reset the imei . I have an other watch that i got register but i still received the no network equipemnet. I try the sms pw,123456,ts# it work what i should do

  56. Hi Alex,
    Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your post. Very useful.
    I have come into almost every issue described here. All solved because of this information.
    Wondering if for any chance you might have the parameters that are used among with the SMS command list, I would like to try to hack into the permanent 24h problem and contribute.
    Regards, JP.

    1. Hi Juan,
      I’m not too sure if you can hacked it via SMS. But I believe it’s a firmware where you are supposedly to update. Never the less, most of the sms codes I found are on the command above. But do get back to me if you find anything, where I’m still trying to locate it as well.

  57. Hello Alex, I’m hoping you can please help me. I’ve been reading your comments and have managed to get an E beside the signal bars however I still cannot program any SOS #’s into the SeTracker2 app, also the map shows somewhere in ? Hong Kong or China! I live in Canada and have Chatr mobile on the watch with the 2 GB and Rogers on my own cell. I am able to call the watch from any other # except my cell that has the app on it!!! PS when I try to input numbers or locate device or set time zone the watch says “No Networking”.
    Please help!
    Kathy in Canada.

    1. Hi Kathy, can you copy and paste the message when you input this via sms pw,123456,ts# and send me the details there? DO remove your ID and IMEI before posting here. Also what carrier are you using at the moment?

      1. Hello Alex, the message I received was;
        So this is what I’ve got …look forward to your reply.
        Regards, Kathy.

        1. Hello Alex, It looks like I wont need the info I dropped the watch…the back cover wasnt on and one of the little wires came off!
          Can you on the other hand please recommend a legitimate dealer to purchase a smartwatch that will work? I would like one with all the same features as the Q50 but operable!!!
          Thank you and your site here is the most informative of any I’ve seen regarding this issue:)
          Kathy from Canada.

  58. Hi Alex
    I am not able to get a connection to the watch. Keeps saying device not connected to the Internet. I am from Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Can I know what carrier are you using? Also when you send this command what do you get?
      Please remove your ID and Imei before posting here.

  59. Hi Alex. Thanks for the review. Two quick questions . I really don’t understand what push switch setting actually does. Does it turn the watch’s low battery and other notifications off?

    Also I just upgraded to the new Se tracker app which is much better. However there sis a problem I have encountered, both my daughter and son have watches on my phone app profile. If I am currently switched to my son on the app and my daughter sends a voice message I don’t receive it until I swap from my son’s device to my daughter’s. This means I don’t get voice message notifications and keep missing their messages. is this a bug or is there some way to get around this?


    1. Hi Adrian,
      From what I understand is that you are not able to monitor 2 watches on the same phone simultaneously. Maybe that’s the reason why they came up with Se Tracker 2 to cater for this issue. But you can have multiple phones monitor 1 watch, like for my case. Both my wife and I uses the same account to monitor my daughter’s movement. And in case, should I miss out on her messages, my wife was able to respond to the message and vice versa.

    2. Forgot to mention. The push settings actually informs you if either the watch battery is low. Or they took off the watch when they shouldn’t. It would inform you directly. But because mine was fake, the watch removal never really worked for my case though.

  60. ver:G36S_0.96_SHU_V1.00_1.10_2016.06.14_18.50.56;
    bat level:100;

    This my message. I from turkey. What can i do?

    1. Can I know what’s your problem? If you are not able to connect to the watch, can you let me know which telco are you using at the moment?

  61. Hi ,
    My smart watch work fine but the anti lost dont work. Do you know the SMS i should send to activate and changing time for anti lost

      1. I check it is working it give me a message when i remove my watch if i set the push on in the setracker. But to get an other massage i have to change the location of my watch. I when to my car i remove my wath i received the message my watch was remove. i put back my watch. i came back to my home i remove my watch i got the massage. problem solve thank.

  62. Hi Alex

    I seem to have a problem with the voice recording on my app. I can send a voice recording to my son and he receives it on the watch but when he sends me a voice recording i do not receive it on my app.

    Can you pls assist me in how to fix this.


      1. Hi thanks for getting back to me.

        The problem is not on the watch. The watch sends the voice recordings successfully. I just don’t receive my sons recording on the se tracker app. So i think its a app issue. Do you know how to fix it?

        Can i reset the app? And how do i do that?

        1. Hmm. If that’s the case I’m not too sure. Because what happened to mine was that, if I send by holding the number 1 button. It does record and send, but I never receive it. But if I press and hold the power button, it will record and send. And that’s where I receive the voice message.

          Which button did you use to send the message?

    1. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

      Can you try login into your SEtracker APp using your current account. You should be able to reset the watch from there.

  63. Hi Alex,

    Do you reckon this

    is similar to yours which should be this

    model ,

    Sorry to trouble you, but in your opinion which ones are better (from the 2 links above)?
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

      Yes. The Q50 model should be similar to mine.

    1. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

      Hi. What do you mean by the imei change? What network carrier are you using at the moment?

      1. Hi Alex
        I have imei problem.I have the same problem. I am using an avea operator. I can change the ime because the operator does not accept foreign ime.Help me 😊

        1. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Ok, I need to understand what is the problem at the moment?

          1. Can you make and receive calls from the watch?
          2. What happens when you send an sms to your pw,123456,ts# to the watch?

          1. hi.can not calling or sms at the moment because my opetator avea cut the imei connection. ı cant now change the imei.
            ı make change old phone imei in the smartphone.
            how can change smartwatch imei? thanks.

          2. To change your smartwatch IMEI you may need to contact your seller to do that. I think there have been some reports that there’s issues with after changing the IMEI the app does not recognize the watch.

  64. heyy alex, i need help…
    i bought a watch from aliexpres and its ok. but to use it in Turkey, i had to change imei to a turkish imei:) and ok i change it with sms code, and it s working as a phone but now it s not working as tracker, because setracker is not working, and now i have new imei so i need new registration code, but the seller says we cant do this, one imei one reg. code, but i can not use original imei in turkey… what can i do how can i register setracker again with new imei …

    1. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

      Hi kaan.

      I think the registration code is in between of the IMEI code. Let me get back to you shortly on this.

      1. Hi. I’m not too sure what are you trying to say, as Google Translate doesn’t seem to help. Can anyone else here translate this for me? Thanks!

  65. I need help with getting apn for att in the us. I don’t have an E on my screen on the watch the only thing I can do is recieve calls on the watch.

    1. Hi Abby. Apologize for the delay in getting back as I was busy with something for the past week.

      May I know what courier are you using?

        1. Try input this


          and see if it register the network? If not could you try to do a


          Check and see if your GPRS has any signals? If it returns 0 means there’s no signals.

  66. Alex Can you please E mail me. I am having the worst time ever trying to get this thing working. *removed email address*

  67. Hi Alex

    I think I may have finally found someone who can help me with this GPS tracker watch I bought my daughter for all the same reasons as you!

    I am in the uk and I have an active giffgaff sim with no pin and data.
    I registered the watch on and set up se tracker.
    my watch says E signal attempts to locate first time only and then stays at a location near to me but not acturate, I press locate again in app and its says device offline in apple and no network device on my Samsung.
    in the app the watch displays the first in accurate point and time and date when it fist came online then it doesn’t not update.

    I also cant change any info in the app or add numbers to sos or centre etc – I can call the watch from any number –

    I sent the APN 2 text messages that came with instructions in watch
    1st text
    I get this reply
    2nd text
    I get this reply;user;:passwork;:userdata:23410

    the watch then removes the E – then the E returns – the watchs locates in the app ( but still not very accurate) appears like its going to move to a new location then doesn’t, the watch goes off line again and reverts back to how it was.

    if I send these texts the watch goes back on line tries tolocate then goes offline again – the watch still display the E when offline

    I text pw,123456,ts#
    the reply was
    bat level:76
    GPRS ???k(89);


    any help you can give ould be great


    1. Hi Rich,

      Based on your situation regarding the location not being accurate could be due to the fact that it uses LBS instead of the GPS. This normally happens when you’re indoors. Because from your pw,123456,ts# your GPS shows NO(0). This will automatically use the network location to locate your watch. Try going outdoors and you should see the circle on the watch that shows the GPS locks the location of the watch. You should have an accurate reading by then. By right the GPS will be locked within a minute.

      For the center number, try setting it manually using your sms method

      For SOS number, can you try setting it manually via SMS using this features

      Let me know if this helps.

      1. Hi Alex.
        The main problem was not location, it was that it wouldn’t let me update my APN to African Europe.
        It was like it changed it for a minute, came online, then changed itself back so device was offline again.
        The region changes back to North American on its own.
        I realised it when I saw the code on the Ip url. After the text pw,123456,ts#

        I registered watch again and created a new account on North America and it’s been online all day so tht problem is solved i think, :).

        But is still not accurate.
        I have taken it with me all over the city today and it was moved location to the area I was in, but not to the acurate location where I actually was. It was Probably 500 to 700 meters away.
        How can I change this to be more acurate.?
        I have got some numbers in now too from your instructions.

        This is what I have now
        bat level:4;

        1. Hi Rich.

          I believe it could be using the watch LBS to determine the location. What happen here is that, it will track the watch based on the network location instead of the actual GPS from the watch. Anyway, what you can tr is this :-

          Go to an open space (outside your home), and wait for the watch to get lock on the GPS. It should show a round circle blinking then being static. Then try to locate your watch from there. If you can’t get a lock GPS from your watch, you need to contact your seller and let them know the GPS is broken. Someone here also had the same issue, and was able to get a replacement.

          You may also double check with your seller see if they can re-register your account. So that you can use your actual location instead of a different location.

          1. hi alex
            thanks, I couldn’t get a gps lock so I sent the watch back, I got a replacement watch and it worked first time!
            I checked settings using your advice.
            thanks for your help

  68. Hi Alex, may I know if there is any change to set up the time&date manually since I still can’t managed to get E on my screen.
    I managed manually via sms to set center&sos number only.

      1. Hi, now I managed to get “E” sign already but still can’t connect with my app.It always said device offline/No network equipment.

          1. ver:G36S_0.96_SHU_V1.00_1.1.0_2016.10.08_20.20.02;
            bat level:100;

  69. Hi

    I bought two of the Q50 (Fake?) watches and it did not come with proper instructions. Your blog helped me out a great deal. I was able to get one of the watches working. The second watch says it is already registered when attempted to add it to Setracker2. Do you know where I can go to have the info removed and then register the watch again. I could have accidentally registered it when I was working on it. Thanks

    1. It could be your second watch may have not been reset. Try contacting your reseller to see if he can do anything about it. If you can try the method from Denis who apparent can get them to reset your ID via email to get a reset.

  70. Impossible impossible to set the central phone number. The only command that works is pw,123456,ts# Do you know how to make a hard reset ? Many thanks

  71. Hi Alex. Other people have cluttered up my thread so I’m reposting my last comment .

    This command was able to communicate wth the watch –pw,523681,apn,,wapuser1,wap,302270# and returned this message –;user:wapuser1;passwork:wap;userdata:302270.

    However, there is still no ‘E’ and when I hit ‘locate’ in the app says ‘no networking equipment’. I have tested the sim card in a Samsung tablet and the tablet is getting data.

    1. Hi Trevor.
      Can you try placing your sim card inside the Samsung Tablet. Then go to settings, Mobile Network, and under APN settings. Try and see what are the settings currently being used. Write down the apn name, username, password as well as the MCC and MNC and update it to your watch. See if that will do anything

      1. We tried that on the tablet but couldn’t find the settings I will see if there is another device I can try. I appreciate your time very much. Thanks again. Unfortunately you are the only one who will help us (watch buyers)!

        1. Hi Trevor,
          What model is your tablet? By right it should be under the followings :-
          1. Settings
          2. Mobile Network
          3. Access Point Names
          4. You should see your APN name and click on it.

          Sorry took me a while to get back with all of you as I’m a bit occupied at the moment. So will take me a few days to reply.

  72. I have a question. that GPS works not look for me, if I send the pw,123456,url# me Returns

    url:[No Locate],E0.000000
    Locate date:2016-10-11
    Locate time:14:8:43

    And if command, pw,123456,ts#

    bat level:97;
    GPS given me: no (0);
    I want to know if you are missing something GPS

      1. And I tried different positions and does not answer me. There a command to activate the GPS? Or any command that makes it a total clock reset the clock

        Ya probé de diferentes posiciones y no me responde. Existe algún comando para activar el gps? O algún comando que le haga un reset al reloj total al reloj

        1. could be your watch is faulty. better send it back for a replacement. Cause lately there are a lot of the watches does not have GPS in them.

    1. The time zone can be set through the App. Were you able to login using the app? For the GPS you need to make sure if your GPS is using LBS or actual GPS. LBS GPS uses the network location which can be off. Try to check and see, go outside of your homes into an open space. And check to find out if your watch can lock to the GPS or not. If not, even with an open space you need to replace your watch.

  73. Hi your blog is fantastic. My problem which I hope you can help me with is it’s been picked up in a wrong location. I haven’t given it to my daughter yet thank god because when u was setting it up the other day and it was next to me on the couch it was telling me that the watch was in an address 10 mins away from miy house and the correct location still isn’t coming up in my phone. Is there anything I’m doing wrong as if my daughter would have had this watch I would have thought the worst.

    1. HI Karen,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Reason why it returns you that location is because it uses the LBS location, where it uses the Network location instead of the actual GPS. To test it out you need to go out from your house and wait about 1-2 minutes and try to see if it locks the watch GPS or not. You can tell by the circle dot next to the E. If the dot stopped blinking and locks to it, then you’re GPS is fine. If it doesn’t lock, then your watch needs to be replace as the GPS is not working.

  74. Hi Alex I’m from Switzerland. Thanks for the descreption. Whiteout your introduction I never could set the watch. The Sim is a prepaid card and the seller don’t had any plans what kind of setting the watch ned. He give me the wrong Internet point. After changing to the right on the watch is working well. Many thanks.

  75. Hi please help me this is wot I’m ver:G36S_0.96_SHU_V1.00_1.1.0_2016.08.17_15.09.16;
    center:my phone number
    bat level:36;

    Have an e and a circle but when on app says device offline

  76. Plz plz help I have an e and a circle but no matter what I do the app won’t do anything like put sos numbers in it’s just device offline I am desperately seeking help

    1. I suggest maybe try contacting your seller to help him to reset your account. I believe it could be a refurbished unit. THat’s why you can’t get it to lock onto your phone.

  77. Dear Alex,

    Hope you can help me. I purchased the watch in the USA, but I am in Brazil.

    The screen of the watch is dark. The only word that appears on it is “Please”. I cannot turn off it and the watch does not respond to any button that I may press.

    As mentioned, I live in Brazil and the operator is Claro.

    User: claro
    Password: claro
    MCC: 724
    MNC: 05

    If I call the watch from my mobile it works. I cannot call from the watch as the buttons do not work.

    If I take the SIM card from it (i have to do it without turning it off, as the buttons do not work) and put it again, the full screen is available and the buttons work. There is no E on the screen. However, after some few minutes it goes into the dark screen again.

    The watch does not respond to “pw,523681,ts#”.

    If I type “pw,123456,ts#” I get the response below”:

    bat level:49;

    I have already typed “pw,123456,apn,,claro,claro,72405# and the watch responded “;user:claro;password:claro;userdata:72405”

    I have already typed “pw,123456,ip,,8001#” and the watch responded “[surl,,port,8001#] ok!

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Celso.

      Did your watch managed to see the time or anything like that? Or does it just show Please then power off? Maybe what you can try to do is wait for the battery to run out and recharge the watch again. If not then you may need to send it for replacement. Because up till today I’ve never encounter this issue before.

      1. Reply to Alex’s response to Celso


        It shows time when I take out the SIM card and put it back. I have to do it with the watch on as I cannot turn it off.

        I will wait and see what happens when the battery runs out and revert to you.


  78. Hi Alex,

    Do you have any idea how to switch on the caller ID sending on the watch? (something like Call settings->Additional settings->Caller ID in Android?)
    When the watch calls a phone it shows private number, so I don’t know who is calling.


    1. Hi Gerard,

      That’s weird. Did you place your number inside the phone book? And also does your sim card support caller ID? By right, the watch will automatically have it’s own caller id based on the phone book inside. Try to remove the phone number and re-add them again?

      1. Hi Alex,

        Firstly thanks for your answer.
        If I place the same sim card to a mobile phone then it sends its number to the called mobile (to me) without problem.
        My number is set as center number on the watch and also is in the device’s phone book.
        Do I need to save the sim’s own number (caller id) on the sim card?
        (Once again if I put this sim into a phone and call my mobile then I can see the caller id on my phone.)

        Any idea?

        1. I don’t think you need to save your own sim number. But it’s weird that it doesn’t detect your number at all. Did you try contacting your seller regarding this issue? So far I can’t seem to find the sms code to enable the caller id.

          1. I am having the same issue, all of a sudden. The caller id worked for years. And yesterday, my kid received the Chinese spam robo call during the class. It said “unknown caller.” And I found out even the calls from us shows as “unknown caller,” and that was the reason why my kid answered the call. My carrier said it is not them and told me to call the manufacturer.

          2. Check your phone book and see if your phone numbers are registered in there. If it’s in there, try and remove your phone numbers and add them back and see if it works. If it still doesn’t work, then do a factory reset on the watch.

  79. Hi Mr. Alex. Im saiful from malaysia. i bought Q50 2 units for my kids.
    I bought redONE sim card and put in one watch. However it just have a signal without “E” sign.

    Ive try to set the VPN as your advised and i got the reply.

    I’ve restart my watch but still no “E”. and of course i cant connect with the app. “watch is offline”.

    Can you help me.

    Below are the SMS that i receive

    bat level:96;

    1. Hi Saiful.
      I think you’ve registered your IP wrongly. You need to use this IP instead


      as the current IP you’re pointing is to North America

  80. Hi,Alex:
    After I got register with Setraker, I’ve changed from ip_url =, to the European server by SMS pw,123456,ip,,8001#, and I have manually configured the internet coneccion with pw,523681,apn,,vivacom,vivacom,28403# (Bulgaria)
    However, there is still no ‘E’, nor dot in the circle, and can’t connect with my app when I hit ‘locate’ in the app says ‘no networking equipment’ and “Device is offline”.
    Can you help me?
    bat level:38;
    Thanks a lot!

  81. I have an E, and bars but on my app it says device is offline. I have tried all the tricks I can find so far and still nothing. I live in the united states can you please help me!!!

  82. Hi, I hope you can help me? I bought this watch for my grand daughter and wanted to get it up and running before wrapping it for xmas. But when I registered it, I used my daughter in laws phone number as she would be the main contact. unfortunately I type on digit wrong. Now when I go to text from my phone, I cannot, because I am not on the list of ten numbers, because that main phone number sets the contacts, and since I don’t own that number, I cannot add my number. Please tell me there is a way to reset the phone to factory, or a way I can change the registration ….. HELP… I am going insane

  83. Alex,
    I am in the United States and I cannot get this watch to work properly. It says offline and has bars as well as an E next to it. I can call the phone and it rings on the watch but that is all I can do. I found the ip for North America but it didn’t seem to do anything. Please help!!!

    1. When you login to your App are you using north America to login? If eveyrthing else fail, try and contact your reseller and get them to reset the watch for you, and set up the watch once again.

  84. Thanks Alex,
    I was considering for QQWatch offered by Maxis which cost me RM58/month (1 year contract). Thanks to you, I finally made up my mind buying this Q50 model instead. Hope it will gonna be easy for me to setup on my own 😀

  85. Alex,
    First of all, Thank you so much for posting this. The instructions that come with the watch are so remedial and confusing. This has really helped me but i am STUCK. I’m with AT & T, after verifying that the sim they gave me is everything i need, i texted pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC# and it took about an hour to get a response. Still didn’t show any bars nor the E but it occasionally had the O at the top center.
    Then i did the IPConfig and it came back with

    bat level:92;

    It shows i’m in North America so that’s right but i can’t figure this thing out!!! :Z

    1. Did you put in your sim card in? Try waiting for the battery to run out again before taking out your sim card and change to a different sim card.

  86. Alex do you have an email to contact you, I live in Guatemala and I am stuck with my son gift, I cant even set the date ant time on the watch 🙁
    I have been using the Claro service and did all the pw steps.


    apn pw,523681,apn,internet.ideasclaro,,,70401#
    bat level:54;

    I dont know what I am missing, I have the E on the display, I can receive calls on the watch, but the circle doesnt have the dot inside, plus the app keep showing the Asia Map.

        1. WHen you register your Se-tracker app did you use North America or South America? Then you may need to change your IP based on the location you register your app.

      1. Hi sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I was busy with something. Anyway, reason why it states it’s offline is because the watch is not connected to the server hence it’s stated that it’s offline

    1. Hi Carmen you input your apn wrongly. This is how you should do it :-


      Also your IP is wrong as well.


      Let me know if it works

      1. the APN in Guatemala is: internet.ideasclaro


        Also the IP in Guatemala is


        1. Hi Carmen.

          If that’s the case, since you register your app to the North America. You need to change your IP to the following :-

          The IP here is to point to the watch server in order for it to connect to the app. If you have the E, and after you update your IP, try and see if you are able to connect to your watch or not?

    2. Hi Alex, I live in the U.K. England And my daughters watch is showing the wrong time and date it also won’t track her correct location . All other functions work fine. Can you help me please

      1. Can you try send the sms pw,123456,ts# and post your details here?

        Location could be due to the fact you’re using LBS to locate not the actual GPS. Standing outside and wait for the GPS to lock, and see if the location is accurate?

        1. I turned of the LBS and it made no difference and also sent the SMS code to the phone and again nothing changed. Is there anything else I can try ?

          1. When you send the SMS code, does the GPS shows 0 or has values? If it returns 0 even when you stand outside your house, then there’s something wrong with your watch. As someone here managed to get a replacement due to the faulty issue for the GPS.

  87. hello! please help me! I have not in APP possibility to set CONTACTS (phone numbers, which can call to the watch), how can I do it? I have only possibility to set Telephones, which number a child can call.

    1. Can you access the app phone book? If you can, just update the phonebook that will enable the numbers that the child can call when you press the number 2. It will show the phone book.

  88. As it cannot show E, I use my mobile phone to send a message “pw,123456,apn,,,,,,#” to smart phone q50, but no any response

  89. Hi Alex,

    I try to register my phone number in the centre but not manage to do it successfully. When I check with pw,123456,ts#.. The centre part still (centre:;).. Do I need to add anything in front of my phone number? Like +6 or something?

    1. Try ur suggestion and result is like this:

      bat level:51;

      1. No. You don’t need to add in the +6.. What if you try this


        but if you still can’t update the center number is fine. Try setting up the other things first and see if you are able to do so or not?

    1. Just need to figure out if the GPS is returning any value instead of 0.

      Also, regarding the time issue. Can you go into your App, under the Settings –> Language & Time Zone to see if it’s correct or not.

      1. Hi, when I go into language & time zone I’m not sur what to click as it has a long list e.g. It starts summertime
        Then a list which starts
        Esat: GMT + 12.00
        Esat: GMT + 11.30 and so on
        Then it changes to
        WEST:GMT-1.00 and so on
        Which one am I supposed to click on

        1. Thank you time is correct now just wish I could sort the tracking side of it out. It has a O next to the E and it doesn’t Change when out side. Can you tell me what it should be when GPS is working

          1. Hi Karen, try going out to the open. And wait about 1-2 minutes. That’s how fast my daughter’s watch locks itself to the GPS. When it’s lock the O stop blinking to notify that it’s currently locked to the GPS.

        2. Hi Alex, please help me!!
          I’ve follow your instruction to manually input the APN into the phone via SMS and update my IP_url. But the device still offline 🙁

          bat level:69;

          Please help, what should I do to make my device online T_T

  90. Hi,
    After they updated the app the login doesn’t work anymore, the account isn’t recognized..
    It’s seems the account must be reset it, do you know you to do that?
    Thank you

  91. Hello Alex, I have very bad push to talk issues.
    First, for app texting to watch is perfect. Less than 1 second to received by watch
    But, when I try to voice message it cant received ( app to watch and watch to app ) even the signal bar is full. I try with short voices ( 2-5 second ).
    The change of received is 10:1
    I really hope you can help me.
    Best regard,

    1. I think this is due to the network speed. Because the watch uses 2G for data, it will take a while for the watch to receive on their end.

  92. I also had the ID has already been registered issue. Managed to get it resolved by emailing the SE Tracker app developer (

  93. Hi Alex
    I got 2 watches one works well the other not connecting. after sending SMS to the watch. i got this message which shows details of USA server.
    bat level:99;
    The working one shows the ip_url of Europe Africa. I tried changing it using

    And see below the reply from the watch

    [surl,,port,8001#] ok!

    It work for sometime after message then it will stop again. Please advice

  94. Hello Alex, from Portugal!

    My sons watch is offline….

    My app is the SE Tracker, i have a 4G sim card from Vodafone and i cant put it to work???

    From my phone i can make a phone call to the watch, but is offline…. im going crazy!!!

    Can you help me, please?

  95. Hello again Alex, from Portugal!

    I send the following message to the watch:


    Means anything to you???

    Thanks, Best Regards

      1. Thanks Alex for your help… But the watch still not work.

        I dont no what more can i do….

        Thks anyway.

        Best Regards

        Rui Martins

      2. Hi Alex
        I bought w90 watch from Ali express i can’t set the time and do not disturb commond

        I m in India my details are
        bat level:16;


        1. Hi Tannu,
          Were you able to connect using the SeTracker2 App? If you are able to, you should be able to set the time. If not try using the sms codes as follows :-

          1. Send this sms to auto set the time of your network time to the watch :-

          if it fails try setting the Time zone and time manually

          1. Set the GMT first as follows :-

          here are the language sequence

          2. After setting up the right GMT, then set the time :-

          so let say it’s the 7th July 2018 and the time now is 2:45PM

          1. Hi Alex

            I was able to set the time but can’t usr dnt disturb option

            Please help

          2. Are you currently using the App to set the Do not disturb option? Which app are you currently using? SeTracker or SeTracker2 ?

  96. Thank you for this site saved the day for the kid
    finally clock are ok =)

    password 523681 instead of 123456 gett the clock on the internet right away H-A-P-P-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Vincent.
      1. Yes you can login into the APP on two separate phones using the same account.
      2. Also you can track two different watch on the same app, but the problem with this case is that you can only track one watch at a time. So if let say you track Watch A, but when Watch B sends you a message. You will not receive Watch B message until you switch to the Watch B profile.

      1. Hi Alex
        How do you switch between the two profiles of watches(devices) on the app? I managed to add the second watch and it shows under Device List on the app but it is Grey in colour and I can not select it or do anything from there

  97. Hi Alex, I am now on my second watch (the first one was a fake) and I can’t seem to get this one to be recognized by the app either. I am in USA and using Speedtalk Mobile. I have the data plan, so I should be good there. I have read through many of the comments and have seen something about the password several times. When I registered my device with the app I created a username (email address) and a password, but it’s not the password I keep trying to send to my watch (123456 or 523681). Should they be the same or is this 2 completely different passwords. When i put in pw,523681,ts#, here is what I get. Can you please help me? I’m very close to giving up!! Thank you for anything you can do for me.

    1. Sorry, I failed to include the response I received when I sent the text.

      bat level:32;

    2. Hi Kelli,
      The App password is different from the watch password when you register. The watch password is basically for you to send your sms to update the settings. Where in your case 523681 is your password. Did you managed to sign in into your your APP?

      Have you updated your APN settings using this code?

      if the E still doesn’t show on your watch then you may need to try this instead

      1. Hey Alex, thank you so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I tried both and still shows offline. The first watch I had had the E but this one is the Gw100S. I haven’t seen any indication of an E that is supposed to be there. This one has a filled in circle and something else that I can’t make out for sure but looks like a very small watch at the top. Not sure if you are familiar with that or not. Do you have any other suggestions I could try?

        1. Hmmm. I’m not too familiar with the GW100S, but I noticed from the images the circle with an inner circle could mean that your watch is connected to the internet already. As the other image before it looks like the location.

          Ok, assuming if you have that logo on your watch. Is your account registered as the same region as your IP watch is showing?

          1. Yes, as far as I know. In the message above I put in the ip url that I found for North America and I used North America when I registered on the app.

          2. Have other’s had the problem of it showing on the internet but the app still showing the device offline? Just wondering if that was a problem that happens with others often.

          3. When device is offline is normally the case when your :-
            1. Your watch is not connected to the internet or
            2. Your watch IP is not pointing to the same region where your phone app is being registered eg. My Phone App is registered to Asia Region, but my IP is pointing to North America region.

            Here’s a long shot. I suggest you try emailing to reset your account one more time and re-register it again. See if that helps or not.

          4. Thank you, I will definitely do that. Just out of curiosity, did you set your IP and regions like that and how did you know to do that? Just wondering if by chance, that could be an issue for me.

          5. Most of the previous comments accidentally registered their App on a different region, while their watch was pointing to the correct server. Also I read somewhere, chances were some of the watches they’ve gotten were refurbished and the previous watch ID has not been reset. So they were not able to register the watch for some apparent reason. But based on your ID I think the watch you got is a genuine since its ID did not begin with 610. Never the less, hopefully by resetting the account should resolve your issue. If not you may need to check back with your reseller to see what they say.

  98. Hi Alex, thanks for the informative review. Based on your usage, can I check how much data does the watch use per month if we do not send more than 1 voice message per day? I am considering to get a low data pre paid card to use for this watch which I ordered. Thanks.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’m currently using 500mb data plan. My settings for the GPS location is every 1 hour, as I normally do manual checking for the location. Voice data is very minimal I believe depending on the length. Never the less, the amount of data used each month for my case was less than 30MB/month.

  99. Hi Alex. Most of ur comments are by far the best on the net. I am with vodafone in Oz, I got onto 1555 tech support and got a really helpful guy.
    For vodafone you must use,,,50503 for the apn settings.
    After the other input from your site regarding use in Oz the device went online immediately.
    Thanks Alex

    1. Yes. As long you got your watch IP pointing to the correct server as your phone app, as well as setting up the APN on it. There should be no problem.

    1. Can your watch call you back using the call function button on the watch? It could be due to the number being entered incorrectly that causes the watch not able to call you.

  100. dear Alex, I’m trying to pointing to my server for some experiments, using
    pw,123456,ip,,80# or pw,523681,ip,,80#
    but still pointing to default ip server
    center number is done with my phone number, how to achieve this…

    1. Hi Ace,
      Sorry to get back to you this late. Anyway, regarding this issue I’m not sure if it’s possible. But what you can do is try and email to get them to reset your ID. Then try updating your ip using your website.

  101. Hello Thank you for your helpful post. It really saved me. I couldn’t connect watch to device but after I read your post I fixed it:) But can I ask something from you? How to change date on watch? It says 01.02.2004 on watch.

    1. I think you can do that through the App under settings. Also if your watch has a sim card on it, by right it will follow the time from the network time.

  102. Hello, my device doesn’t let me know the gps track, only show the LBS location but its not sufficient to me.

    In the GPS data it shows a China location everywhere i am.

    may you help me please?

  103. Dear Alex,
    Thanks so much for this sharing.
    Without the info provided, I think I can’t figure out.
    Especially I follow your choice to go for Red One

  104. Hey ALEX just went through the articles. My problem is that I sent the watch a command from my phone to turn the watch off… Now I am not able to turn it back on. Is there a sequence of buttons that need to be pressed

  105. Alex,

    Device offline in Canada using rogers network. I typed pw,center,123456,**********#. It came back with cener:***********.ok.

    I went to change password******# but I got no response. Now I don’t know what password really is as I have tried many things a d it won’t reply. Can you help?

  106. Hi Alex, messaging from England. I can call the watch but cannot get it online to connect to the app. I have sent various messages to the watch number and got messages back but still offline. This is one of the messages back…
    bat level:97;

    Do I need to speak to O2 for the apn, mcn info?? I did call them and they said they do not have such info…

      1. No still only able to call the watch and nothing else. It just says offline on my phone whatever messages are sent to the sim x

        1. What if you update your APN settings?



          Do you have the E on your watch?

          1. The password is 123456 or 523681. Then just type in the sequence I gave you. Either one of the password should reply you with a confirmation when you updated the APN.

          2. Would just like to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! The watch is working!! The only thing it is not doing is alerting me when he steps outside of the geofence but maybe I have not switched something on?? The geofence is set ok but we tried it today and I didn’t get a message to say he had gone further x

          3. Hi Asha,
            I never really use Geofence, cause the problem with this watch is that if my child goes into a building her GPS location goes missing and LBS kicks in. If it uses LBS location, is way off the Geofence. Hence I never really tested that feature out. How often does the watch updates it’s location ? Can you try this out.

            1. Set your current Geofence and get the watch to go out from the geofence area.
            2. From the App go to the Map section and press Locate.

            Now just check and see if the location is out from the geofence and see if the notifications gets back to you or not. Let me know if that works.

  107. Hi mine works fine except when it calls me or i call it I cant hear it from my phone and also when it sends me voice message i deliver it but i cant hear it.I used a different phone but nothing happened

    1. I think it could be due to the volume of the watch not switched on properly. Try calling the watch, and get the watch to answer it. During the call press 1 for volume up or 2 for volume down. Try it out and let me know if that works or not.

    1. OK this could be due to the watch uses the LBS instead of GPS. Try standing outside with the watch, and see if your watch is able to lock with the GPS (circle dot on the watch static). If not there could be something wrong with your GPS device and may need to check with the reseller again.

  108. Hi, the date on the pHone seen as 1.1.2004, and the time iş not correct with the true time zone. I change it with anorher time zone but the date dont. How do i change the date. Somebody knows??

    1. Hi Msed,
      Were you able to set up your watch in the first place? If you can link to your app, under the settings you can set the timezone, date and time from there.

  109. Hi alex, have just started to set up watch and already it has set us to europe and africa and we are in australia. How do we rectify this, many thanks for your help kathryn.

  110. How to reset center number? I set the center to my phone number but I don’t get any response from whatever I sent afterward, except for the command to retrieve settings. Is there any specific format for the phone number?

    1. Hi Gary,

      Did you try with both password? Format of the phone number is should be the same as how your sim card reads it. But normally the international code or + symbol is never required.

  111. hola alex me puedes explicar a que te refieres con la palabra center o centro PW, 123456, “centro”, yourphonenumber #
    soy de sudamerica chile en el reloj aparece la letra E y un circulo vacío la app me informa que el dispositivo esta fuera de linea

  112. I can not delete a device in the SeTracker app. I have two devices added, but one was replaced – it did not work. When I try to delete it, it say can’t delete. Somebody had the same problem?

  113. Good afternoon, I need to setup and configure a Q50 kids GPS watch, I want to use it in Peru. I can call the watch from a mobile (it rings), I even was able to set the date and time, but I need to know how to find it with the SE tracker application. It says “Device is offline” all the time, although it´s connected to the Internet

    Any help would be welcome.

    1. Hi Dario,

      Just to check with you, did you update the watch IP address to point to South America?


      Sorry for the delay in getting back. Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Here are the steps.

      1. Run Setracker App
      2. Tap on ME
      3. Select Device List
      4. on the top right you should see a 3 dots press that.
      5. Select Add device
      6. Enter in your License number or scan it.
      7. Put in your Nickname.

      Then set ok.

      What problems were you facing?

  114. Hi.ive just bought the q50 GPS watch and the sos msg that I get says that she’s in hong kong(she’s soooo not there lol) and I don’t get the Sms alert when she removes the watch from her wrist.all settings r correct as far as I can set up… what am I missing?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      That’s weird. What is the watch location when you try to search it on the app? Is it your current location or Hong Kong?
      As for your second question, I think the watch could be a fake one like mine. Mine doesn’t notify me, as the transparent thing behind watch is to detect if the watch is being removed or not. You may need to check with your reseller with this one.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back, and Merry Christmas.

  115. I am desperately trying to get this watch working in Georgia, US. I have an activated TracFone SIM card in the watch, but it says offline.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Is the E on your watch showing? Try updating your APN first and see if you have it or not.

      pw,123456,apn, att.mnvo,,,#
      pw,523681,apn, att.mnvo,,,#

      Sorry for the delay in getting back, and Merry Christmas.

      1. Thank you so much! Random, but do I send this as a regular text to the SIM card phone number or as a message thru the app?

        1. I’ve sent both and nothing yet. I don’t have a E showing on the watch. It doesn’t look like it has a signal…no bars. Guessing that could be part of the problem.

          1. You need to send this through sms. What happen if you send

            Which one responded?

            But if your watch doesn’t show any signal could be your sim card issue.

          2. I called TracFone and was told the SIM card isn’t compatible with the device. I believe another user had success with Freedom Pop, however their customer service also says it’s inly compatible on smart phones. I just want the most cost effective option to make the watch work. I appreciate all of your help with this!

          3. Hi Jessica,
            I think what you need to make sure is that your telco provided supports 2G. Unfortunately for these watches, 2G will be phased out for certain telcos. So again you need to check if TracFone supports the following GSM Frequency : 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  116. Hi Alex,
    I am having trouble with a WG-02, maybe you can help. After inserting the SIM the watch asks for a SIM PIN. The SIM is unlocked, and there seems to be no way to proceed. What shall I press? Can I reset the watch somehow to try again? (Actually, first the PIN was enabled on the SIM, but the user manual I have did not mention anything about disabling PIN, and I did not think about it)…
    Do you have any idea?

    1. Hi Jozsef,
      I think one user also had this problem. You need to call your telco to remove the SIM PIN. in the mean time, what you need to do is to wait till the watch battery drain itself and switches itself off. Once that’s done, remove the sim card and test it on another phone to make sure the sim card does not have pin on it. Then put it back into the watch and charge the watch to start the watch. You should be able to set up the watch as normal already by then.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and Merry Christmas.

  117. HELP!!! My watch never replys to my message with all those numbers and letters you put in to get it connected to the internet

    1. Hi.

      Just to check what APN are you using? Also did you use the password 123456 or 523681?

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and Merry Christmas.

  118. When you do remote shutdown the watch from the app.. Is there any way you can turn it back on through the app

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Unfortunately not that I know off. If you remotely turn off the watch, you need to manually switch it back on through the watch itself.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and Merry Christmas.

  119. Got 4 watch None of them got the E showing on them but full bar status, my carrier is freedompop , Can you help me with these watch to get them working with the SE tracker app.

    1. Hi Earl

      You first need to set up the APN settings for Freedom pop. For your case would be something like this


      Sorry for the delay in getting back, and Merry Christmas.

  120. Hi Alex. I have just bought one of these watches for my daughter. I was looking at a prepaid SIM card with text call and data, I can get a 6 month or 12 month card for $50-$100 respectively no contract on Amazon under the speedtalk brand. I really don’t want the expense of a monthly data plan with my current carrier as they are much more expensive and over what I think is required for a gps watch. Do you think this would work? Is there anything I need to ensure the card has before I buy? I live in Virginia USA.

    1. Hi Michelle.

      Yes it would work. So long you have the correct APN settings,the GPS watch will work fine. Initial set up would require some text features. But once you’re done, basically it’s all base on data. So you should be good to go.

  121. Hi Alex… Is there a way to receive SMS sent to my watch Number? I mean, in my phone or with an app… XD … Thankss

    1. Hi Adreeana. The watch cannot receive normal SMS as it will not show on the watch. It only receives command, so I don’t think you should worry about it. Plus, it will only receive sms from the center or slave number. Hope this clarifies your issues

  122. Alex,
    I have the watch and its on with the E sign but my phone cannot pick it up. Keeps saying it is off line. and the time is wrong. I sent a text to the watch from my phone it was pw,123456apn,wholesale,,,310260# and got the response of apn:wholesale;user;:user data:310260

    whats to do next? I can call the phone and talk but nothing else? Cant pick it up on the app keeps saying its is off line can’t save any numbers in the app either:( Please any help would be great!

    thank you,

    1. Hi Mary,
      Where are you from? Did you update your IP for the watch to point to the correct server? Change the IP address to your current location.


      Asia & Oceania –
      North America –
      South America –
      Europe –

      1. Hi Alex, I did the text to reset the IP address and I got back an ok response, but the time is still wrong and in the app it says device is off line. I can call the watch from any phone number. BUT the watch cannot call out text ect. I am in contact with the seller but so far nothing is working:( my sim is fine I checked that too. A friend has this watch and it works like a charm. I’m hoping to get this thing going. Please advise. I’m in North America. Thank you. Mary

      2. ver:G36S_0.96_SHU_V1.00_1.1.0_2016.10.08_20.20.02;
        bat level:14;

        I sent this text pw,123456,ts# to the watch and this is what I got in return. When I look at it the ID number is part of the IME number. The I.d number is actually *removed*. I went into the SeTracker app to make a new profile but it says it’s already in use. I did use the scanner to open the app to start with? Don’t know if that’s the problem? I also was able to reset my IP with the previous email you sent to me. Does it look right? I’m in North America.

        1. Hi Mary,
          You should use back the same account you first register your watch. The IP you’ve shown is currently pointing to North America. Does your watch have E on it? ALso what courier are you on again at the moment?

          1. Hi Alex, yes have an E 🙂 but still cannot use it. On the app keeps saying device off line 🙁 cannot save anything in the app either.

        2. Hi Mary,
          I got the exactly same problem as yours. The data symbol is on but the app keeps saying the device is offline. I am in Canada, but the time zone is zero. Have you solve your problem yet?

          1. I contacted the seller and it seemed that I didn’t register the watch properly. After I registered with the number provided by the seller, it’s working now.

  123. My messages go through and tracking GPS works but phone calls won’t go through. Is there a setting for this problem?

    1. Hi Billie,
      Have you added your phone number to the watch address book? Because it will only accept calls that are from those numbers inside the address book.

      1. This product is too frustrating! Second one and still not able to call. No support offered. Very dissatisfied with your product

        1. Hi Billie,
          Just to clear up some confusion here a bit.
          1. I’m sorry if the watch doesn’t seem to work for you. You may need to contact the seller that sold you the watch, it could be due to the watch being faulty.

          2. I’m not selling this product. The reason why I posted this blog is that I’m also an end user like yourself who had problems initially setting up the watch. So the guide here is basically to help all of those who are having problems. Also I’m also having a full time job and a family to take care of, and as you can see I try my best to reply each and every comments that are being posted here to help them out.

          My suggestion for you now is that, try and give out the full details if possible in my previous reply to your comment and we see how we can move on from there. Ok?

  124. Hi, thanks for a great page. I walked in after an issue search of my own. I tried to figure out by reading your page how to get the clocks ID. Maybe I miss it. Is that a sms command? if so what command? 😀 Thanks.

    I also want to add this for you. (I have three watches) It works on two but not the third. Holding in the “ON” button and then hold in SOS button turns the watch off.

    1. I can add that on my other watch this works to turn it off: SOS button 5 times – 1 button 1 time – 2 button 1 time and it turns off.

        1. Yea, I had a panic moment when I got an “device offline” moment. Nothing worked and I could not turn it off remotely. So I did all kind of button presses combinations to try and shut it down manually and restart it.

          Have you ever encountered any button errors? I have a issue that button 1 and 2 will not call pre selected numbers. Phonebook works. Pushing button 1 only shows the text “Add” and shows two watches touching eachother. Cant solve it.

          I found the ID btw thanks to your site =)

          1. Hi Willy,
            Cool. Glad to know you managed to work out your problems. Regarding the button 1 and 2, I’m not too sure how that works either. Only way I could make phone calls is through the phonebook. So it’s all good. Thanks again for the tip, appreciate it.

          2. Hi Willy,

            I have the same issue … Pushing button 1 – it sends voice message (not calling mama), but pushing button 2 – it dials “Daddy” … The kids can dial mama’s number only through the phonebook. Could you please let me know whether you solve it? Thanks

          3. Hi MT,
            Yes. By default it is like that. For other numbers you can only dial through phone books. The pushing 2 buttons will by default call the first number which is Daddy. Button 1 never really worked when sending messages for me, but instead I had to use the power button to send out the message. Hope this clarifies your situation.

    2. Hi Willy,

      Normally the time issue is due to the GMT settings. You can easily set that within the app. Also by right the time should follow your simcard network time. Cause I don’t have any issue with that, apart from the time zone that’s all when I set up the watch.

  125. Hi,

    I have a problem, my watch has wrong time and will not pickup GPS signal… How long did you have to wait for GPS signal?
    Also, did your watch set time on it’s own?

    1. Hi Jacek,
      Normally when I step outside the building, the GPS will lock in within 1-2 minutes. Try going to an open space and find out to see if your GPS can lock, if not then there’s something wrong with your GPS module. Cause another user here had that problem and got it replaced.

      Yes, the watch will set it’s own time and date. You just need to make sure you set the right timezone that’s it.

    1. Hi Khaled,
      I think the closest to your country you should register using Europe’s server.


      See if that works.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      1. Did you managed to set the E on the watch?
      2. Did you point the watch IP correctly to the server?
      3. Normally the date and time are using network time of your sim card. And have you set the watch to your country timezone?

    1. Hi
      1. Go to Settings (Gear Icon inside SeTracker2)
      2. Select Language and Time Zone (7th line with the World Icon Under settings page)
      3. Click on the drop down arrow and select English.

  126. Hi ,
    I think I’ve followed all your instructions , I’ve got two Q50 watches and both arnt connecting to my phone. Keeps saying device offline etc . Here is one of my texts back from one of them . Any ideas please x

    ID: ——–
    imei: ———-
    center; ———-
    bat level:61;

  127. Please can you help Iam using a Speedtalk sim I can call the watch but when I get on the app it say device offline please help

    1. Hi Chiquita,

      Have you updated your APN for the watch using this command?

      Also where are you currently staying? Cause you need to update the IP to point to the current server.

      1. Hello I stay in Chicago and I updated the apn this is what texted back apn:wholesale;user:;passwork:;userdata:310260.

          1. Ok. Now what you need to check is.

            1. Does the watch have an “E” next to the signal bar?
            2. If it does, then go the app and check to see if it still says offline or not.

  128. Hello, GPS location is wrong. It showed the location in 500mt than after some time correct. Then have changed again to wring. Watch is in the same place for a while and in the map it keeps changing but always wrong. I have no idea what shall we do.

    1. The reason why the GPS is wrong could be due to the fact that the watch is using LBS to set it’s location when the GPS is undetectable. Try walking outside the building and check the location again.

  129. i have a watch that is stuck on sos on the screen, what would i do to switch it of? and what will i do to do a reset i am in south africa

    1. Can you try this trick recommended by another user and see if it works ?

      I can add that on my other watch this works to turn it off: SOS button 5 times – 1 button 1 time – 2 button 1 time and it turns off.

  130. Alex, I would say you have done a great research and it helps for first time user. Really thanks for your efforts

  131. Hi Alex. Your article is really useful and it works for me too. Thanks for sharing.

    So far so good but I haven’t try them outside for my two kids. Definitely will come back again for future reference.

    Keep up the good work.

  132. Thank you SO much for your helpful blog!!!! It has saved me from pulling all of my hair out and from having World War III with my husband.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Glad I could be of assistance. It’s comments like these, encourages me to write more guides in the future. Have fun with the watch!

  133. The watch doesn’t have a E but it shows a signal on the watch and it’s a strong signal I can call the watch and it ring I just can’t log on to the app

    1. Ok. This could be due to the APN settings. Try restarting your watch and see if there is an E or not? Since the watch is already pointing to the correct server.

  134. Hi Mahesh, I just got a Q50 watch for my daughter but I am not able to set the time and date. Please can you let let me know how to do it if you are in India?

    1. Hi Santosh,
      The time is automatically set by the network time. If not you need to update it from inside your APP. Try and see if you set the time zone correctly it should be working fine.

  135. Hi Alex,
    I also have a problem with this watch. It worked correctly a one day. Now works just calling. Is problem with send text and voice message. Watch has a E but app shows device is offline or network failiture. I tried send message with your instruction (
    pw,123456,ip,,8001# and  pw,123456,ts#) but I did not get any answer

      1. hi, thanks for your blog and your answer. I solved a problem :-). Watch did not work because it was not a credit on the card. After topped up started to work again.

  136. Hi, My daughters’s whatch was working fine. The battery died and after recharging, it won’t come on again. It shows that it is fully charged, but the power button is not switching it on. Will appreciate your help

    1. Hi Adele,

      Ok I had that problem before. I waited a few days for the battery to drain, and then charge it using my mobile phone charger. While charging, I press the power button and it started. If you still have problems with the watch, I suggest you need to contact your seller to return it.

  137. Thanks Alex for this blog!
    It was really very useful and made my life much more easier.
    You answered a lot of the questions I had in mind before even asking but for sure will come to you in future in case of any help needed!
    Thanks again Alex..

  138. Hi Alex, my daughter’s watch will not come on again after the battery was recharged. It shows it is fully charged (shows the HELLO wording and full battery icon), but the power button does not turn it on. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Adele,
      You mean it shows the word Hello? What happen if you call it? Could be something wrong with the watch, you might need to check back on your seller about this.

  139. Hi Alex

    Is there any sms code to change time format? also I´ve been trying to change date but no luck!

    1. For the time format unfortunately there is no command to do so. What I understand it’s a firmware issue which my seller never gave me the firmware. So can’t help much from there sorry.

  140. Hi Alex.

    I have buy Q60 model in Lazada

    1. “watch fall off” setting
    Firts i can see the “watch fall off” menu. After awhile i cannot see the menu anymore. How to bring back that setting?

    2. The tracker only track LBS not GPS. So the location is not accurate. How to check whether the setting is no correct or the watch is malfunction.

    Thanks for you

    1. Hi Hamydy,

      1. What app are you currently using? Are you using the SeTracker App ? For that watch fall off settings, the one I have is under Settings –> SMS alert.

      2. For this situation you need to bring your watch outside the building to an open space. Check your watch to see if it has the circle or GPS lock signal on the Q60. Then try to locate the watch, if it still return you the LBS location instead of the GPS location after more than 5 minutes. Then there is something wrong with the watch. You need to check your seller with this issue again.

  141. Hi alex…i’m hisham from malaysia…do you have any idea how to change the time format from 24 to 12 hour format… tq

    1. Hi Hisham,
      Unfortunately there is no time format code for now. From what I understand is that, it’s a firmware thing. So unless we can grab hold of that firmware and manually flash the watch, I don’t see how we can change the time format for it.

  142. Hi Alex, Any idea why i receive “please confirm the registration code is correct!” when i try to register at SeTracker App

    1. Hi Shahril,
      I think the registration code is for you to register your watch with the app. Are you getting that error/ If you are, then you need to email to get them to reset the watch ID for you in order for you to register your watch with the phone.

  143. Thanks a lot Alex. This help me a lot. Before already ask the supplyer with no help. I can now use the watch. Using redone prepaid, i try the apn without mnc & mcc. pw,123456,apn,redONE,,,#. You save me from buying another gps watch. Thank you..

  144. HinAkex, it prompts that the number you dialed is busy now when dialing the watch with my mobile phone. ( I am sureThe SIM card has activated the caller identification function) any idea what could be the resin.

    1. Hi Amin,

      Did you include your phone number inside the watch phone book first? Normally if your watch phone book does not have your phone number it will reject any calls made