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  Ever since I moved from Android to Windows Phone, there’s one app that I missed the most which is Strava.  There are some 3rd party apps that could track my rides but it wasn’t complete as it couldn’t detect my speed and cadence bluetooth monitor.  So I started looking around for a cheap alternative to garmin cycling computers, fortunately for me I was able to find the Bryton Rider R310.  After consulting with a few friends of mine who happens to have the same device as well, without any hesitation I went and placed an order.  The one I ordered came with Heart Rate Monitor as well as a Cadence Monitor instead of the dual sensor as Strava only tracks the cadence.

Package came in a small box
Package came in a small box

  Shipment arrived very fast which was less than 2 weeks right after it got shipped.  And to my surprise it came in a small package, where initially I thought it would be something quite bulky.  Inside the package I got the Bryton Rider R310, Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence Sensor and a 3rd party mount (which I didn’t expect to get).  Setting it up was quite a breeze, after watching this youtube video for the cadence sensor.  After that, I had to pair the computer with the cadence sensor and I was good to go.

So I then went out for a first quick spin with it, and find the results quite accurate as compared to my ride on my phone.  Some how it seems smoother as compared, instead of the crooked lines while I was on my phone.  Below is a comparison where Mat and I went for a ride together, where I was on the Bryton while he was using the Note 3 to record the journey.

Recorded using Bryton Rider R310
Recorded using Bryton Rider R310
Recorded using Note 3
Recorded using Note 3

  If you noticed that on the Note 3 the bottom line got crooked, rather than having a smoother line instead as compared the Bryton Rider R310.  That was before when Mat decided to upgrade his phone to the Note 5, which helped a lot but unfortunately for him the Note 5 seems to stop recording after crossing the bridge.  Not too sure why is that happening as well, but never the less he’s back on his Note 3 and managed to live with the crooked lines recording.

  Overall, I’m quite happy with the purchase considering the price I paid for it.  Someone compared this device equivalent to the Garmin 500, which pretty much shares the same similarities.  For more I think it suits me need just fine again considering the price I paid for it.  Another plus point for this is that, it would indeed save my phone battery life.  Whereby I remembered when cycling to Bau and back, by the time I got home my phone was completely drained.  Plus you don’t get those half recorded routes, or when your phone GPS decided to fail.  So far, this thing have been working really well for me.  Plus battery life on it seems decent, as I have yet to drain the whole thing.  Maybe it’s due to the shorter distance I’m travelling, and by the time I get back I plug it into my pc to extract the data to be uploaded it charges at the same time.

  As far as other device connection goes, it currently supports ANT+ devices I believe.  So if you’ve already got heart rate monitors, dual speed and cadence sensors, as well as a power meter that uses ANT+. You should be able to pair the devices with it.  It does comes with bluetooth, but unfortunately it only pairs with the phone which I think is only used to transfer data.  It’ll take you a while to get used to how to use the device, but after a while you can easily just start recording and enjoy the rest of the ride.  If you’re not too sure where to get this, I got mine from here.  Give me a shout out if you have any questions before purchasing this device.

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW : Bryton Rider 310

  1. Hi Alex,
    I’m in the market for new device and have a look for Bryton, but i their facebook page or forum there’s a lot of people whos are displease with their unit.
    would you mind giving an update for the Bryton unit that you have? does it still working flawlessly?


    1. Hi Chuck,

      So far there have not been any problems with my Bryton device. I’m still using it up till today. Not sure what the others are facing though. Which model do you intend to get in the first place?

      Best regards,

      1. Thank you Alex, nice to hear that. I’m looking at Bryton rider 530 at the moment. Bryton website is on update it seams, does it distrup your data upload to strava? and do you have heart rate and cadence

        here’s their website “”

        Best Regards,

        1. Hi Chuck,
          Looks good. Mine is after every ride, I would first transfer it to the computer and upload from there. Never tried using their app as it’s kinda slow transferring the data from the device to the phone. Yes, I have both heart rate sensors as well as the cadence sensor. Everything works fine. You can check out my latest activity here

          1. That’s great news, I heard that you have to set the altitude setting every time you start your ride? for example if you start not from your home.

            Does it not auto calibrate the altitude?

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