About Me

Husband to a loving wife. Father to 2 awesome kids. Pretty much my motivation to keep me going on to be a better person. Blog about my faith, codings and tech stuff.

Just check that my site is coming to 11 years of age as of 6th June 2018.  A lot has happened over the years, and this site has undergone a lot of transitions.  And there was once it got totally wiped out as I kept switching different platform. Hence a lot of post got missing in the end.  Never the less, I’ve been trying to keep this site afloat but couldn’t do it through cycling either.

Anyway, with my new motivation after the success of the Q50 GPS Watch Review.  I found out that helping others for the past 2-3 years seems to encouraged me to continue keep this site alive.  As I was contemplating on pulling the plug as maintaining this site did took a toil on me.  However, I would like to thank those who continued to support me for the last couple of months.  I appreciate the kind gesture and thank you for helping to keep this site alive.

For those of you who like to contact me to review your products feel free to do so by filling this form here and we’ll see how we can make this work.  Looking forward to hear from you soon!