Well, it’s me again. And if you noticed that I’ve pretty much changed the layout for my blog once again. As I think I’m gonna keep it to a minimalist for now. Considering that I don’t really update much, so having a complicated news portal site is going to be a big no for me now onwards.

So a lot has happened for the past couple of months, and I find myself struggling to keep maintaining this blog. I’ve deactivated most of my accounts as, I don’t think I will be posting much on other platforms for now. Hence with the new months, I’m thinking of returning to my roots on just focusing on this blog as it was previously a place where I would just vent out random stuff.

Gonna be a short post for now, you guys should be seeing newer updates from me soon. Reason is because I’m trying to make it a point to blog every day as I find that there seems to be a lot of things going through my mind so I plan to write it out from now onwards.

There are currently quite a number of post that are in drafts at the moment. So I plan to start clearing them off one by one, should I have nothing else to post about. You guys take care and stay safe. See you all in the next one!

By Alex

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