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Want to start your very own business, but you don’t have much capital to do it? Then you have come to the right place. This is the perfect class for you. Learn the secrets of buying and selling online, and expand your current business to the world! Get all these tips and tricks from a certified Education Specialist trained by eBay.

Who needs eBay?
Are you one of those who just retired, and considering starting a business on your own?
A full time mom, who would also like to like to earn a little side income to help out with the home bills?
What about those who are still having a hard time looking for work, and want to try something to get by with?
Or you have a whole lot of junk in your store room, and wouldn’t know where to get rid of it.Well you’ve come to the right place. What I’m offering you is not a product but rather an opportunity that helped many people all over the world in starting their very own business. So what is eBay all about?

Say Hello To Your New Friend, eBay!
Approximately 1.3 million sellers around the world use eBay as their primary or secondary source of income (Source: ACNielsen International Research, June 2006) , who are reaching out to 240 over million buyers all around the world at the comfort of their own home.

eBay is actually the world’s online market place, where basically you can find anything and everything. Nowadays almost everyone is heading to eBay in hoping to search for great bargains and product to be sent to their doorsteps. They just search for the item they need, and if they find anything good, with a few clicks of a mouse button they just bought the item and wait for the mailman to deliver the products to them. This is what you call the 21st Century Shopping.

Is eBay Safe?
Many of time probably you would hear stories of buyers got conned on eBay where they paid for the item and never received the item they bought. And the sellers would just suddenly disappear, without the trace. Or there were cases where the buyers would send a fake payment stating that the fund will only be released once the item has been shipped out. So is eBay safe?

eBay is a safe place to buy and sell, if and only if you followed a this guidelines that has been prepared beautifully by an eBay member jenny_lake

For a more detail information please click here : //members.ebay.com/aboutme/red-flags

Photos – Alex On The Go!
I had a session with this participant while I was in Miri, Sarawak.

Examining Participant Products To Be Sold


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Explaining The Potential Market in eBay