REVIEW : Q50 GPS Smart Watch For Kids (Updated 10th Feb 2018)


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  1. Anshul says:

    Hi Alex I am from india and I tried all settings still it is saying device not found

    • Alex says:

      May I know which telco are you using?

    • Krishna says:

      Hi Anshu – Use any SIM other than Jio. I use Airtel and it works like charm. Once Airtel SIM was inserted and powered up the watch, time and GPRS are setup automatically and I see ‘E’ symbol. You can use app to update all the features (update SOS numbers / other contacts / set Geo fence / Alarm…so on) but it is not so great in tracking / finding location etc..its goofy. Good thing is that the phone also works with SMS commands, using which we can set every of above functions and get precise GPS location. I use SMS commands to get location or monitor which are main uses for me.

      watch calls your mobile number given in the SMS. Its one way audio – you can hear whats going on around the kid wearing the watch.

      To Get Location, without ringing the phone, we need to send 2 SMSs.
      1. step is to enable GPS radio on watch.


      2.wait for a minute or two for GPS to stabilize, then send 2nd SMS


      you will get GPS co-ordinates in Google URL format.


      This last one is my favorite, as we get so detailed message which includes, date, time, Battery % left, Accuracy of co-ordinates and Speed (if travelling) along with Google URL with co-ordiates, but unfortunately it rings the phone continuously until kid presses any button to stop it.


      they they change the code to send SMS without ringing it would be awesome feature..

      I use only above 3 SMS most to monitor or find kids location.

      let me know if you need any info

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Alex,

    Happy to find you!
    We are using this watches for 1,5 years now. IT got time to get them replaced, so i orders 2 new ones.
    I used the same Sim cards and add them to my SeTracker account. One new watch is working, i can call it, but i can not set iT on SE-tracker bevause i get the “ device is not networking” all the time! That means i just cant program the watch!
    I even set the apn settings by sms from the SIMYO provider. All looks fine. But still the app says not networking. I also Made a new se tracker account etc.
    With the setup on SeTracker ; apn settings i don’t succeed. Is that the problem Maybe? IT says send : getcxm# to wTch, but on that command my watch does not respond with a retun sns with code.
    Please help?
    bat level:64;

    • Alex says:

      Hmm.. Everything looks fine. Did you managed to get the E symbol on the watch? Also what model are you currently using, cause I’m unfamiliar with the getcxm# command. I might need to look into it.

      • Cindy says:

        Hi Alex! Thanks for support! I have exact the same watch as your daughter! And the watch shows network, not an E from edge. Looks like every works fine, but no app connection to set the SOS Numbers is possible.

        If you check on the app setracker , there is this APN settings; there they talk about this getcxm

        Thanks! Best wishes, cindy

        • Alex says:

          What happens when you manually set these apn settings via SMS :-
          pw,123456,apn,internet,KPN,gprs,# or

          see if it returns anything.

  3. Marie says:

    I am also trying to set up the APN settings but I don’t really know what to send in the message to receive the code? It says getcxm# but I don’t know what to do? Help please! 😀

  4. Farahin says:

    Hi alex, such a great and very helpful explanation. I just wanna ask, if i used a prepaid, do i have to top up for him?

  5. sian port says:

    HI, my watch is all working fine apart from the GPS location, it is only showing the LBS location. when sending the message to the phone it comes back GPS : NO (0 ) please can you tell me how to activate the GPS? Thank you!

    • Alex says:

      Did you try checking the location outside the building? Normally it will take about 1-2 minutes to lock to the GPS. If you waited more than 5 minutes, and still can’t get a lock on the GPS. Might be due to the watch GPS is faulty, and you need to get it replaced.

  6. Ju says:

    Can anyone tell me how to select east coast time ? ??? The time and setting option says” gmt +5:00 .”.it’s confusing

  7. Ankush Singla says:

    Watch Q90. I can dial on this phone and its working fine. but unable to track my watch. error”device is offline”
    I am unable to connect to watch via phone app. Using Australia vodafone connection.
    Please help.


    bat level:30;

    • Alex says:

      Does your watch has the E symbol? If not try manually setting this APN via SMS

      pw,123456,apn,,,,50503# or

      Next you need to set up the Ip Address :-

      pw,123456,ip,,8001# or

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi, i am from australia and have purchased this product. I cant seem to get internet connection. We purchased th GW300 would you happen to knkw if this is 2G or 3G ?
    Also if we cant connect can this item be used just as a watch and step counter?

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