So it’s been a while since I last posted something as I wasn’t sure what to post and there are quite a number of drafts on my blog I’ve yet to publish. For starters, I’ve been going through a phase of soul searching probably due to “mid life crisis” but just so you guys know it’s a good thing. And things are slowly picking up for me right now, as Sarawak has finally enter Phase 3 which means training is now back, but also there were risk of out breaks as well. I thank God, I missed quite a few bullets this time round as my clients had an outbreak so it’s good that we called it off. Cause quite stressful for me to do back to back training after so long.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is that I’m trying to go back to Podcasting which I find more easier for me to pen my thoughts and also not so much editing as compared to vlogging or blogging. So I’m currently on Anchor which I find it’s cool that they automatically added it to Spotify. Still not sure if I can customize the Spotify Page or not, but it’s a start. So here’s the episode of my first podcast. You guys take care and stay safe.

By Alex

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