It’s been a while since I last ride, and finally after clearing tons of back logs I was finally able to ride again.  Never the less, it was a good ride despite only going less than 30KM this time round.  Anyway I headed out to King Centre about 5:15am where I was going to meet up with Obed. But as I started to pedal, I was getting frequent bumps and I knew something wasn’t right.  Upon reaching King Centre I went and check my back wheel once again and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  Tried releasing and reattaching the wheel once more, as just a few days ago I had to replace my inner tube because it got punctured. Never the less, we continued our journey where Matthew was waiting for us at City One.  Upon arriving at City One, I’ve decided to check once again the wheel to only find out there was indeed a bump on tire.  This was due to the fact that I didn’t properly put back the tire, thus causing the bumping issue.  It wasn’t long where I had to release the air and Matthew made sure that it was placed back properly. Then we started to pump in air using the hand pump, wasn’t easy as it took 3 of us to finally get some air to ensure that I will be able to head over to the nearest petrol station to fill it up.

Once that was done, we began our journey to head over to Chung Hua No.2 where Elmund was waiting for us to begin his 2nd ride with the group.  From there head over Jalan Stutong Baru, and try to reach Airport, but upon reaching the traffic light at the end, Obed received a call from Peter that he was ready to meet us at BDC.  So instead of going up to airport we headed back down towards BDC to meet up with him, which was a good idea because the weather doesn’t seem to look that good.  Anyway, Matthew and myself made a pit stop and took photos of some pigeons before meeting them at BDC Commercial area whereas Elmund & Obed went to accompany Peter to join us for breakfast.  Upon regrouping, Peter told us that his bike wasn’t in a very good condition to ride in due to the fact that it hasn’t been ridden for quite some time and most of the parts needs to be serviced.  So we headed over to A-One and grab our breakfast there before we split up and go home.

On our way back, it began to drizzle a bit but fortunately all of us managed to get back home before the rain gave way.  Again it was a good ride considering the fact that I haven’t ridden in over a month, and slowly warming up to it before going for longer distance again.  Hopefully to keep up this momentum to ride more in the days to come.

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Photos of the ride

Full ride details

By Alex

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