To Siniawan and back

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his has got to be the biggest ride for me as of yet.  And this time, after training up 2 days ago for this ride it wasn’t that bad like the ride I had with Mat earlier that week. No doubt, that this was probably one of the memorable one as we had to ride over 50km to and fro this time.  We were also fortunate to have my friend Matthew from M2R group, to bring us this time round.

Matthew asked us to meet him at e-Mart Batu Kawah, so I would need to meet up with Mat & Obed at Eastmore Cafe and from there we would proceed on to e-Mart.  From there we moved on to Batu Kawah, where I recalled there was a segment in Strava which I wanted to push myself from my previous track.  I’ve actually pushed at the wrong spot because the starting point was right after the traffic light, where as we started sprinting when we reached the exit from MJC to the main road.  After that short sprint we were at e-Mart not long after that, where I gave Matthew  a call and he asked us to meet him at the junction.  So we thought it was at Jalan Stephen Yong junction (where we had to make a u-turn because we over shot), when he called me he was actually referring to the junction going into e-Mart.

Never the less, it wasn’t long before he joined at Jalan Stephen Yong junction and we were on our way.  As we journeyed into the dark, as there was one stretch there was no light at all.  And it was indeed challenging when climbing certain hills on the way, but it was indeed rewarding once we turned into Jalan Sg. Pinang.  There it was an easy road where you pretty much feel as if you are really in the country side, the air was indeed fresh and cooling.  One of the most enjoyable moment I had during the whole ride.  By the time we reached the end of the road, we took the boat again to cross to Siniawan.

Once there, we took some photos and of course settle down for breakfast.  After finish eating for 30 minutes we started our journey back home, and Matthew noticed that my seat was slightly low and Obed’s bike was a bit flat.  Which was probably why he had difficultly trying to keep up with us. Never the less we managed to reach MJC where Matthew parted ways with us, while the rest of us headed back, but before that we made a quick pit stop to pump Obed’s tires and after that he was ready to go.

Upon reaching Jalan Keretapi that’s where we split up and I headed back to home, but it was a scary experience for me as the traffic started to build up and I had to cross over to the other end to make a right turn.  Never the less, I managed to get back home safely and was still in good shape for the rest of the day.

[strava id=”190397272″]

Full Ride Details

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