Cut short due to drizzling

Today unfortunately I had to cut short my ride due to fact it started to drizzle.  As usual I headed out to the streets and see where I could adventure this time.  This time I tried to venture to Sekamawhere I thought of doing a round hopefully I would be able to swing by my other office.  As I reached to the traffic light where if I turned left I will be heading to tHe Spring, it began to drizzle.  That was when I started to go full swing and tried to rush back home.  The biggest challenge on that ride was probably the hill from Jalan Central Timur traffic light.  After that I took the longer route back, because I felt I need to go more before calling it quits.  Was disappointed because it didn’t rain, else I would have made a few more rounds.  Never the less, it’s all good!

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Full Ride Details

Just got back from the supermarket where I stocked up on ration for the next ride. As Kit Soon checked with me if I had anything before the ride. He recommend that I should have at least something and not go on an empty stomach. He would normally fry an egg, and have a cup of coffee before heading out. Whereby Jason had a small bowl of cereals. So I went and started to stock up on fruits and cereal for the next ride.

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