So here I am again trying to go solo where I wanted to scout around a new trail or rather trying to get used to the bike.  The feeling of cycling through the street is a fantastic feeling. No wonder Kit Soon and Jason kept mentioning to me that I will probably ended up getting addicted riding the bike.  This time round I felt much better in terms of handling a road bike, despite the fact that I still need to work on how to hold the handle properly.  Where I still didn’t really use the lower end of the bar, but instead using the upper end.  Both Kit Soon and Jason stated that I may need to use gloves to help ease the pressure where I felt my whole weight was on my palm which I think is not a good idea.  Anyway, after riding around the city where I clocked in at 20 KM I’ve decided to call it in to get ready for the day.

[strava id=”169098955″]

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By Alex

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