REVIEW : Q50 GPS Smart Watch For Kids


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  1. Enis says:

    Hi Alex can you halp me please?
    My watch was work fine but after I push off for some day after this when I push on I not have E-signal in phone only I have *O* i stead of E.
    Thanks a lot if you spend time to answer me…

  2. Hakim says:

    I live in Algérie nord of Afrique ,i dont have serveur of Afrique

  3. linkahui says:

    hi, my battery cable is broken I am not aware while lifted the battery. Can it be fixed by soldering tool or it completely unusable anymore ?

  4. Christine Hunter says:

    HI Alex,
    My daughter has used this watch for about a week before it stopped working. She said that today at school the watch screen said Hello and goodbye, over and over and then turned off. Now it’s plugged in but will not turn on and I am not seeing any charging bars. Help!!

  5. Enis says:

    I know that many people from Kosovo use the z-mobile operator for your children’s hours but be careful that this operator has terminated the MOBILE DATA service which costs far more than the internet packages that sell these

    Kujdes se e di qe shume njerez ne KOSOVE e perdorin operatorin z-mobile per sherbimet e oreve per femijet e juaj por ky operator e ka nderprer sherbimi MOBILE DATA dhe tani sherbehemi vetem me paketa te cilat i ofron ky sherbim te cilat ja e shume me shtrejte se sa te peedorim MOBILE DATA

  6. Torbjörn Hahnsson says:

    I have just configured everything and it´s working fine now, thank you very much for every tips and SMS commandos here, very helpful. i am using LycaMobile in Sweden for this watch, and have to decide what sort of abbonemang i need,
    My question now; Approx how much data do i need per month for a watch like this? 1 giga, 5 giga etc? do any of you have some experience about this?
    Thanks in advance
    //Tobbe H

  7. Suzana says:

    Hi Alex, me again! Do you happen to know how to get Health ( as in pedometer, turnover in sleep and distance ) on the watch? One of the two has it but not the other, so now I have one kid really happy because he finally gets to count his steps and other one depressed because he cant!
    Thank you in advance!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Suzana.

      Which app are you using? I’m currently using Setracker2 there’s a health section where you can turn on and off the steps and sleep. Its on the top left menu.

  8. Jd says:

    Hi! I also bought q50 watch for my kid. I’m having equipment not connected to the internet error. I don’t know what apn to enter. We are here in the Philippines. Pls help

  9. lukas says:

    Hi.Can you give me the code for the watch to work with the vodafone uk sim card?Thanks

  10. Edith says:

    bat level:55;

    Hi, device is added failure. Can you reset it for me?

  11. Bob says:

    Hi Alex, I’ve successfully setup the watch and the apps. I can communicate the watch through the apps after all the trouble.

    But I have new problem. When I tried to send any sms command to the watch, the watch doesn’t reply anymore.

    • Alex says:

      Hi sorry for the delay in replying you. Did you change the password by any chance? What if you send the general pw,123456,ts# does it reply anything?

      • Bob says:

        I didn’t change the password. It didn’t reply anything even I if I send any sms command. That’s include pw,123456,ts# as well.

        It was fine before I successfully connect the watch and the apps. It is fine right now because I can connect the watch through the apps. But in the future if I have any problem, I can’t communicate through sms command.

        • Alex says:

          Hmm.. That’s weird. Does the sim card has any limit when sending messages to the phone? Also did you set the center and slave number for the watch? If the center number and slave number is the same. I suggest that you try turn off the watch. Then take out the sim card and put in on a different phone. Try using it to text, and see if it works or not?

  12. Michaela Ahmad says:

    Hi ich habe ein Problem mit der watch. Leider wusste ich vorher nicht das der PIN vorher aus sein sollte . Nun fragt die ihr nach der PIN. Habe die SIM raus und die ihr fragt immer noch. Lässt sich auch nicht ausschalten. Was kann ich nun tun?

    • Alex says:

      To switch off the watch press SOS button 5 times followed by button 1 and button 2. It will switch off the watch. After that, you need to get your sim unlocked before putting it back into the watch.

  13. Spinkai says:

    Hi Alex.
    Would u plz explain how to mute the ring or volume adjustment as during classes time it disturbs the class.

    • Alex says:

      You need to go into the app and set it there. It’s under the Do not disturb time, and set based on the following time of your child’s school hours.

  14. Glen says:

    Hi Alex my watch works fine except one thing it always says the watch is miles away from it’s true destination. I’m struggling please help.

    • Alex says:

      Hi. It uses 2 methods of getting your location. One is the actual location that uses GPS. But if the watch is unable to lock to the GPS satellite, it will use LBS which uses the network location instead. Try going to an open space and wait about 30 seconds to see if your watch has been lock and get the actual location. Normally once you’re inside a building, the watch will use the LBS instead of GPS hence you’re location seems off from the actual location.

      • Glen says:

        Hi tried it. No still says it’s at a different location 😡

        • Glen says:

          Any other suggestions please?

          • Alex says:

            Did the location worked before or has it been like that ever since you got it? Try going out to the open space and send a sms to the watch pw,123456,ts#. Check and see what does the GPS return. If it still returns 0, you may have the same issue like someone in here. Apparently the GPS module isn’t working, and got it replaced with a new one.

          • Glen says:

            Hi tried it and it said gps (0) so I’ve contacted seller and getting a different watch.

  15. Phoebe says:

    Hi. If i call the watch. I can hear from phone but no sound from the watch. If i send a voice message it will play through the watch.

    • Alex says:

      Call the watch and answer it from the watch. During the conversation, press button 1 for volume up, or button 2 for volume down. see if that helps.

      • Prabin Bhattarai says:

        Hi, I have also same problem my daughter can hear calls from my mobile in her watch but I can not hear her voice in my mobile when she speaks through her watch. I have tried every thing I can.

  16. Colin says:

    Been trying to get the Voice Monitor activated! So far it won’t switch on. I click on monitoring and it comes up with my number. I change it to the watch phone number, it sends that and then does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Alex says:

      Hi for the Voice monitor you need to input in your own phone number. Make sure you put in the correct number without the (+) symbol, instead use 00 if you are using country code as well. Give it a try and see if it works.

  17. Otto says:

    Hi Alex! Im in Venezuela my provider is Movistar thats all I know . I put on the sim card but no signal detection. I want to know how do i send the sms to my phone if i dont have signal in my watch to send this sms to… I am reading all the comments and i want to know where you get all this digits from? Where do i get the ip numbers and all those signs that i should text to my watch ?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Otto.

      You first need to check if Movistar supports 2G GSM. If the watch does not have signal, then you might need to change a different provider. Let me know if that works first then I’ll guide you with the proper steps to get your watch running.

      • Otto says:

        Hi Alex, I have 2 Watches one work perfectly the other does not have signal and I put the chip on the other watch and work just fine, what can I do?


        • Alex says:

          Could be there is something wrong with the 2nd watch sim card slot. Try different cards again, if it still doesn’t take any signal best get it replaced.

  18. Asha says:

    Hi Alex, I have the watch on and working and have put a sim in it but it is not recognising a network. It is an O2 sim in england

    • Asha says:

      Hi alex I’ve spent a while going through your set up and have sent some of the pw codes to the phone and now next to the signal there are two arrows and a location symbol but there is still a no entry sign on the signal icon. I think i need to send the apn text but not sure what info or where to find it…

  19. Avril says:

    Sorry I meant his watch switched off and won’t switch back on. Any ideas on how to get it back on?

  20. Jerry says:

    Alex, I just wanted to record my appreciation to you for the setup guide.

    I was stuck in the Input Pin screen after I had inserted a SIM card with pin.

    Nothing had worked for me when I tried everything to force shut down the watch until I found the solution from one of your replies.

    Press 5 X SOS button followed by button 1 and button 2.

    Terima kasih. Satu Malaysia. 🙂

  21. Jacqualyn Lau says:

    goods morning, Alex. used Q50 watch almost 8 months. suddenly my daughter cannot hear calls from my mobile in her watch but i can hear her voice in my mobile when she speaks thought her watch, have tried everything i can (volumn up and down also tried still same problem, on and off button no voice)
    what happen for my Q50 watch ? can solve it?
    thanks your helps

    • Alex says:

      Sorry took a while for me to get back to you as I was busy with something.
      1. When you call the watch, does the watch receives a ringtone/
      2. If the watch has ringtone then, during the conversation, try pressing volume up and down.
      3. If the watch does not have a ringtone then most likely the speaker is broken and you might need a replacement.
      4. Now if your watch does have ringtone, and pressing volume up or down doesn’t work. Try turning off the watch and repeat step 2 again.

  22. Sarah says:

    Hi Alex, I don’t quite understand the bit when you said your watch might be a fake? How can it connect to the same App as Wonlex Setracker? I just purchased one from Amazon and it uses the same App but it’s not a Wonlex or SinoPro, it’s called turnmeon q50, is it the same watch?

    • Alex says:

      Fake as in from Wonlex. You won’t get much help from their customer service there. Hence the reason I’ve decided to start this blog instead to help those who need assistance 🙂 But as long as you can use the watch and app you should be fine 🙂

  23. Sarah says:

    Hi Alex, so watch arrived to and I’m having to send it back because the back cover screw doesn’t come off. New one will arrive tomorrow. Also I noticed it can only read 24 hour clock? Is there any way to change it to 12 hour format? Thanks

    • Alex says:

      Not at the moment. We’re pretty much stuck at 24 hours.. But from what I understand from other sellers it has something to do with the firmware which requires flashing the watch. And chances of breaking the watch is high, due to not same hardware involved so I won’t go there yet.

  24. Sarah says:

    Hi Alex, received the second watch today. I can send message and voice message to the watch but I can’t call the watch. Please help.

  25. Glen says:

    Hi Alex how do I get my gps to work? It still says it’s in the south Atlantic sea. (Which it inst) please help. Oh and it’s hard to set the clock.

  26. Sarah says:

    Hi Alex, sorry it’s me again. This watch is giving me a headache. The watch can call phone and phone message and voice message to watch via app BUT phone can not call watch – Iv saved the numbers in the app already. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Is it the format of the numbers? Before the app was installed I could phone the watch. And I don’t understand the bit about Centre and Slave number? Thanks

  27. Jo@n says:

    Sarah, center number is your phone number (a phone from a patent that has app installed) and slave number (from a SIM card inserted to the watch).

    You can set them also through SMS:

    • Sarah says:

      So I got a reply on my phone both saying OK! But I still can’t call the watch?

      • Jo@n says:

        When you send SMS command
        to the watch, do you get a reply sms with center and slave number listed correctly (+, country number…)?
        Try adding your phone number to the phonebook and whitelist in the app aswell.

        • Sarah says:

          yes the numbers were all correct and added to phonebook already. I gave up and left it. Overnight I received a message on my phone from watch number, message said 55.926564. Then I tried calling watch this morning and it worked! I never did anything else so don’t understand why it didn’t work in the first place. My gosh this watch is so confusing and spent 2 days trying to figure it out I’m just hoping it stays working now. Thank you for your reply.

          • Alex says:

            Hi Sarah, how’s the watch coming along? Sorry didn’t had the chance to reply you as I got busy for the past couple of weeks.

          • Sarah says:

            Hi Alex,
            After that night the watch started to work which was really weird. some days I can’t send any voice messages or txt messages from APP, can this be because the watch has poor signal? I’m wondering if their will be any problems changing over a SIM card with better carrier as I have seen a lot of people having problems with this?

          • Alex says:

            Hi Sarah, I think it could be due to the network or the watch couldn’t connect to the internet thus causing it not to be able to receive it. Do you have problems with calling the watch?

          • Sarah says:

            Yes I can call the watch and the watch can call phone. We have great network coverage here. Some days I find it very unreliable as even with network coverage the message from App don’t send. 😒. I’m just wondering if it’s the App that has the problem and not the watch?

          • Alex says:

            Hmm.. If that’s the case, that could be the reason. Did you try installing SeTracker2 instead of 1 instead? Also sometimes the App needs to run in the background for the App to send and receive messages to the watch. Never the less try SeTracker2 and see if it still gives you that problem.

  28. Murat Uncu says:

    I live in the Turkey which server should I use?

  29. Ken says:

    Alex, I had my 2 watches working perfectly. I had to change SIM cards in one watch and now my watch is offline. I tried all the codes again when I first set it up. I’m located in Australia with Vodafone.
    I get a response

    And then I put in the australia port
    I get a response.

    Then I put the APN CODE
    pw,123456,apn,VF WAP,,50503#

    It worked once before when I used this APN code but this code doesn’t work either on the new SIM card
    pw,123456,apn,VF WAP,,

    AM I USING THE WRONG CODE for the APN? Do you know the proper apn code for Australia Vodafone. It’s strange because it was offline when I first got it but once I put in the the following code it worked.
    pw,123456,apn,VF WAP,,

    Why would switching the SIM card do this? I just want to get it working again and it keeps saying offline. Please help.

  30. Ken says:

    Alex, I’ve tried to re-insert the old SIM card and put in all the codes again but watch is still offline. I got a new SIM card to give the watch a new number but the watch/app is not working now. I’m getting offline message. It was working fine until I switched the SIM card. The location is stuck on where I changed the SIM card. OFFLINE. Do you know the abn code for Australia Vodafone? I’ve tried to troubleshoot everything. I deleted app and re-loaded app. I’ve deleted device and then added device back on the app. It just says OFFLINE. It was working fine with the old SIM card and so I thought if I put the old SIM card back in it would work again. No luck. Any advice?

  31. Fabiana says:

    hello alex install the sim, install the app Tracker, the clock worked fine but when I use the Monitoring function I could not, remove the sim verify that it calls on a cell phone and it’s all ok when I put the chip / sim back the Setracker app does not it opened, I said network error and now I find out erronea, desintale and still does not work. sorry I use the google translator since I am in Argentina and I see that all the planet earth comes to your help haha. hola alex instale la sim ,instale la app Se tracker,el reloj funciono bien pero cuando use la funcion Monitoring no pude ,saque el sim verifique que llamara en un celular y esta todo ok cuando vuelvo a poner el chip/sim la app Setracker no se abria , me decia error de red y ahora me sale cuenta erronea , desintale y sigue sin funcionar. sorry uso el traductor google ya que estoy en Argentina y veo que todo el planeta tierra acude a su ayuda jaja.

    • Alex says:

      Did you input your phone number correctly? Make sure you don’t put the + symbol with the phone number. If you need country code include the 00 instead.

  32. Fabiana says:

    hello alex, today November 6, 2017
    the SeTracher app is down / bug. Do not let the app go in. I want to delete the account you know how it can be done. the ID of the watch can not be reused in another app

  33. Vera says:

    Alguns dias atrás o relógio funcionava corretamente. Agora no appp setracker parece frases dizendo login timeout please login again. E não consigo mudar número nem ver a posição de meu filho. O que faço me ajude.

  34. Vera says:

    Também não deu certo. Fala a todo instante para refazer login .

    • Alex says:

      Which version of SeTracker App are you using? Try using SeTracker2 App, as I had issue with version 1 now. See if that works or not. Were you able to call the watch?

  35. Elzana says:

    My watch doesn’t seem to show the location anymore. What can the problem be? How can I change the settings, in order to see the map and location of the watch on the SeTracker App?

    • Alex says:

      Is it connected to the internet? Or are you having problems with the app? I’m currently using SeTracker App 2.. Try using that and see if it works or not?

  36. Tatjana says:

    Can you please help me with smart watch. I have done all steps but message is no network equipment. I am in Europe so what is next to do?!

  37. Beatriz says:

    Hi Alex!
    I have configured everything fine thanks to your post. My problem is, I have the smartwatch Q80 (wich is very similar to Q50). The point is when i send the pw,123456,tx# I get this:

    bat level:77;

    My question is.. why my GPS keeps saying NO (0) ? This way is not possible to track the watch right? (because LBS is horrible)

    • Alex says:

      Did you try standing outside your home under an open sky? Cause the GPS on this devices gets cuts off once it’s inside the building. But even if you’re standing outside and can’t get a lock for 2 minutes, you need to get back to your seller as you might receive a defective unit.

  38. Manuel says:

    Dear Alex,
    Just in case you can help me solve my problem. I was using my Q50 in Spain with a basic Simyo SIM (no 3G). Now I’m in France with the very same SIM, and to get the “E” on the screen I had to change the apn from to orangeworld. However, it does not connect to internet. IP_url is OK. I actually had the same problem with a smartphone with Simyo SIM, which I just solved changing the roaming configuration to international and IPv4. But I don’t know how to do that with SMS commands.
    Thank you!

    • Alex says:

      Sorry to get back to you this late. Anyway, regarding this issue I don’t think it’s possible to set any roaming settings via SMS apart from changing the APN. You might need to contact your telco to help automatically enable the roaming services.

  39. Derrick Santos says:

    Hey, Alex!
    Thanks for sharing these tips, I really really appreciate it.
    Encountered network problems that you’ve mentioned and the solutions you’ve provided were spot on!
    You’ve made my little girl very happy.
    God bless and more power.

  40. Glen says:

    Hi Alex bought a new watch everything works except 2 things I can’t set the time to uk and can’t sort the tracker out as it says it’s in the south Atlantic Ocean 😳 I live in the uk. Any ideas??????

  41. Byrdy says:

    Hi,Alex What will happen if I send factory reset SMS to my gps watch?
    Because my gps watch cannot hear voice message from mobile phone but my mobile can hear voice message from watch ,so I think to reset my watch to factory resetting.

    • Alex says:

      Basically it just resets the settings in the watch. Did you try pressing 1 (Volume up) or 2 (Volume Down) when trying to play back the voice messages?

  42. Anabelsis Gonzalez says:

    Hello, thanks for your guide… I got the watch and I cant get the “E”. I set up the salve number, send the Sms and get the answer from the watch back but the “E” doesnt appear. It has the signal bars follow by an O. Im im Panama, What else do you suggest me to do?

  43. Keith Mifsud says:

    Dear Alex, I just bought aq50 for my daughter. Sim inserted and near the battery I have ‘O’. If I call the phone I can talk and listen but when I try to set it up it always tells me ‘DEVICE OFFLINE’ I live in Malta (Europe) and have a Vodafone Sim Card. Can you please help me out.

    • Alex says:

      Here’s a few things you need to do.
      1. Send an sms to first set up the APN

      2. Point the IP_URL to this server

      By then restart the watch and see if your watch has an ‘E’ and set up the watch via the app once more.

  44. Kris says:

    I would like to get GPS co-ordinates back via SMS. Is there a SMS command to achieve this?

  45. Kris says:

    Okay, with a bit of trial I found that. SMS format. Sending this SMS from auth phone number gets a response from watch in google mapls url format.

    another question – wondering if there is a way (via SMS) enable to disable GPS module. This is to avoid battery wastage.

    appreciate inputs..thanks.

    • Alex says:

      I haven’t tried this yet as my is currently charging. What I did was set the gps interval to every 1 hour. You can do so with the following command :-


      if not can you try this


      I recalled reading it somewhere where it disables it.

  46. Sri says:

    Hi Alex
    I have the same watch
    Inserted sim, downloaded the app and registered
    And i could see the signal and also E on phone
    But could not connect phone to the watch .
    Couldn’t access any of the features of the watch.
    Can you please guide

  47. fango says:

    .. need some help please, I’m stuck at the “no internet equipment” on the setracker 2 app, so app don’t see smartwach, I do have active account, also I’ve noticed that smartwach don’t recieve sms messages at all, not even short “test” message, only voice calls are tested and working .. from the left side I do see “E” letter, but no internet even this sim card have active postpaid data plan .. any suggestion?

  48. Phong says:

    Dear Sir,
    My child’s watch battery can only use one day, I thought it may cause due to using 3G, therefore I have turn off 3G service and use the watch as normal phone. But unluckily is still display “E” letter, and I check with “pw,123456,ts#” sms it still showing GPRS ok, so could you help me how to permanently turn off the GPRS data to save battery life for Q50 watch

    • Alex says:

      The GPRS is to indicate your telco signal. What I can suggest you trying to do is setting the upload interval to 1 hour instead of every 10 mins. You can set it on the map. Normally it last me about 1.5-2 days.

  49. Stephanie says:

    Need help just brought a watch all sealed but when I go to charge no charge bars screen doesn’t turn on what can I do

  50. Tarryn Powell says:

    Firstly thank you so much for the wealth of information!
    Managed to get the watch setup! I was wondering if there is a way to mute it or turn down the sound of the ring…would like my daughter to receive messages at school but without it making a noise?

    • Alex says:

      try setting the dnd time. I think you can send messages without sounds, and also monitor them during their school hours. Just that you can’t make phone calls during those time.

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