REVIEW : EALH BT003 / ELAH BT003 Speed & Cadence Bluetooth Monitor


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  1. mohammad fathony says:

    saya mempunyai 2 buah EALH BT003 / ELAH BT003 Speed & Cadence Bluetooth Monitor tidak dapat di pasangkan di iphone 4S dan iphone 5,perangkat tidak di temukan,anda punya solusi

  2. mohammad fathony says:

    I have two pieces of EALH BT003 / BT003 Elah Speed & Cadence Bluetooth Monitor can not be paired in iphone 4S and iPhone 5, the device is not found, you have the solution??????

    • Alex says:

      Hi Fathony,
      Did you try pedalling it when trying to pair? Because after I set it up. I had to crank my pedals and wheels in order for it to detect. What app did you use to pair it with?

      Best regards,

  3. Michail says:

    I see that you have the speed&cad censor for almost a year. Have you changed the battery or do you use still the same?
    Thanky you for answer.


  4. Alvaro says:

    I use “MyWay Fit” that connects well with this device. the problem is that the app does not record well the history and profile height and weight.

  5. Adie says:

    Wahoo fitness is another good app for this sensor. Swipe for different screens to find your preference. Stores history, and uploads to strava etc

  6. Jay says:

    Hi Alex,

    I bought same sensor. Followed your instructions, however, the cadence and speed sensors are not getting detected in any app except the sensor’s native MyWayFit app (which is pretty lousy!) on my OnePlus One. It does not show up on the list of Bluetooth devices (under the phone’s settings), but does show up inside the app itself!

    Installed IPSensorMan and ANTService as well, but of no avail 🙁

    Would you be able to help in getting this setup with Sportractive (rated 4.8/5 on the Play Store).


    • Alex says:

      Hi Jay. sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Anyway, I’ll try to set up with Sportractive. in the mean time I suggest you try using Wahoo fitness. Works well with that app instead, and you can export your data via gpx and upload to whichever site you use to analyse your ride.

      • Jay says:

        Hi Alex,

        Thanks for the reply. I tried with Wahoo, but it doesn’t detect either of the sensors. I tried with Ride with GPS and that seems to detect.

        The issue with Sportractive is, it only tries to talks to devices already paired with the Android OS. Devices like the Elah sensors and typical low cost Chinese smartwatches don’t turn up/pair in Android Bluetooth Settings. Only their own native apps appear to be able to talk. I’m guessing this is either because of no advertisement policy of BT devices/encryption.

        Will try once more with Wahoo.

        Thanks and Regards,

        • Alex says:

          Weird. I can’t seem to get it to pair with Sportractive as well. I’ll try changing the batteries and see if that works or not. Will update you shortly.

          • Jay says:

            Cool. I tried with Wahoo Fitness again, but it’s not detecting the sensors. Downloaded the Wahoo Utility app as well, but that too doesn’t detect.

            Is there anything else (apart from keeping the sensors occupied by pedalling the wheel and clicking on the device detection icon) in trying to get these detected with Wahoo? What did you do to get them talking?

            I’m trying with as many apps from Play Store as possible, but I guess until I have a solution, I’m stuck with the MyWayFit app.

            Thanks in advance.

  7. Luann says:

    Just got the EALH for Christmas, installed fine, but how do I change it from KM to MPH?

  8. Jay says:


    After testing with more than a dozen apps, I found three decently designed apps (based on sensor detection and a polished user interface) with which this sensor combo works. These look and work far better than Wahoo or any half-baked looking/implemented app! I’ve listed them below in order of my preference:

    1. Openrider (
    2. Ride with GPS (
    3, Urban Biker (

    Hope that helps readers. Happy cycling.

    Whew! There ends my exhaustive search!

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