Participated in the Fit Malaysia 2015 Kuching

It’s been a while since I last blogged about anything. Been extremely busy as of late that I’ve not really have the time to pen down my thoughts and post it up on this site. Riding activities has also been a bit slow for me due to the fact that ever since Esther went to Primary 1, her class starts earlier. So that’s a no go for me to go round cycling. I tried to cycle after sending her to school, but the traffic is not really advisable since it’s kinda like rush hour as some need to get to work, while others need to send their kids to school.

So which pretty much brings me to a point, of should I continue to maintain this blog or not. I remembered I used to blog quite a lot of things back then. But after some rational thinking, where to put my personal life online was not really quite an ideal thing to do. So that’s one less topic to talk about, and work seems to be the same as usual, so nothing new there either.

Wanted to do something different with this blog where I tried to write every journey of my cycling lifestyle also took its toil as it pretty much get stagnant quickly and frankly speaking I got lazy updating this site. Anyway my Holankia domain will expire within the next few days. And I don’t think I’m going to renew it as I don’t really blog much there anymore. Never the less, we shall see how things goes from now onwards. I’ll probably think of something to do with this blog and hopefully things will turn out better in the end. Till then, ride safe, ride hard.

By Alex

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