Kuching Tondong and back

We decided to go Tondong just the night before Saturday, where we were not sure where to go actually.  After cell group, Thian suggested that we meet him up for breakfast at Tondong.  So the first thing that came to my mind is that, where the heck is Tondong?  So I checked with our navigator Mat and he said it’s after Siniawan, so I said let’s do it.

As usual I went and meet up Mat & Obed at Eastmore Cafe, and from there we headed towards Emart Batu Kawah where Matthew was waiting for us.  From there we started our journey towards Tondong, but as we were approaching the bridge right after Batu Kawah Obed had to make a U turn back as he had something else to do that morning.

We then continued our journey heading towards Tondong in pitch darkness, where we had our only trusty flashlight with us guiding the way.  Speaking of which, I need to remind myself I need to get those batteries replaced as my light was pretty much dim already and can’t see the road clearly.  Roughly about 50 minutes when we departed from Emart we finally arrived at Tondong about 6.20am which was 10 minutes earlier than agreed where we were suppose to meet up with Thian.

After breakfast, I was told that Bau was less than 10 KM from where we were and was very tempted to head over there.  But because I had an appointment as well this morning so we decided to skip Bau and leave that for next time.  Anyway, you can view the summary of the video as shown above on the way back from Tondong.  Because I was using a chest strap, initial ride from Kuching to Tondong was shooting my feet instead of in front.  Never the less, that was fixed when we headed back.

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Full Ride Details

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