Riding 42KM Marathon Route

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter not riding for a week, Mat decided to try the 42KM marathon route that occurred yesterday.  This time round we got pretty much early because we know that it’s going to be a long journey, and based on our previous performance we may need to take at least 2 hours to complete the round.

We started our journey from the flag off point which was Plaza Merdeka and basically followed the signs to pretty much follow the route where the runners will be running.  And boy it was no joke, the distance of their run of 42kM.  But it was a good ride though, considering that if we didn’t make a big huge turn we could also reach Damai beach no problems.  Never the less, they added a few more kilometers by going round at Petra Jaya side.

On the way to Damai’s roundabout, it began to drizzle but Mat and myself kept pushing forward until we reached a small tent which I think is meant for the runners and took a 5 minutes break.  Then we continued our journey, and only to realize we were at 21 KM mark.  So we continued to journey down and had to climb 2 bridges which was extremely painful, but it was all good.

Just over 2 hours of cycling we managed to reach the toll bridge connecting from Pending to Petra Jaya and started to head back.  Mat asked if I wanted to tapao breakfast, I said ok so we continue our journey and headed over to Sekama area.  While waiting for our food to arrive, this was probably the only spot that we actually took photos.  Due to the rain and of course heavy traffic it was impossible to pull out the camera to take a picture. Never the less, it was a good ride.  By the time I got home, got a quick shower and took a 30 minutes nap before starting off my day.

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Full Ride Details

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