Morning Ride with Mat

 A week ago, I was at Mat’s place for Cell Group and I asked him regarding his bike.  He told me that, he only managed to ride it once from his office back to his home and that was pretty much about it.  So after I told him I got a bike, I asked him if he was interested to join me to go cycling in the morning.  So he agreed, and we planned to meet up 5am this morning.  Once I got up, he text me suggesting that we meet up in front of Hock Lee.  Apparently he got there earlier than me, and from there he led the way.

So this time we went across river using the toll bridge.  We didn’t travel far, as I wasn’t as confident as him.  Still having issue trying to control the bike, and after some distance we decided to head back.  By the time we reached the starting point it was about 16KM, as I told him today I wanted to try and hit the 20KM mark as Kit Soon suggested.  So upon reaching back, I’ve decided to press on further and made a few more round to hit the 20KM mark.  Once I got it, I headed back to call it a day.  It’s good to feel alive.

[strava id=”167728306″]

Full Ride Details

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