First Maiden Ride

The following day right after I got my bike, I’ve decided to go out for a test run.  Never the less, it was sure one heck of an experience.  Considering the fact that it’s been a very long time since I last rode a bicycle, what more a road bike.  Which was quite a challenge due to the size of it.  Never the less, I got up extra early that morning to give it a go to see how I did.

After going around a few times, boy was it tough.  Especially when trying to hold the handle, plus my butt hurts due to the saddle.  Once I started getting used to it, I went and try out switching gears as it was not your conventional gears switching method.  So that posed a challenge for me.  After riding for close to 40 minutes I’ve decided to head back.

Overall it was a good ride, as I managed to cover about 10KM on the first try run.  And boy was I sweating, which is good actually.  Hopefully I’ll keep up this habit as I seriously need the exercise.  Never the less, I got to thank my friend Kit Soon for continuously nagging me to start riding.

[strava id=”166882598″]

Full Ride Details

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