Introducing PB Day2Day Debit Card

PBB Day2Day Visa Debit Card From my previous post, regarding you Don’t have a credit card.  Here is another solution you can use.  Public Bank has came up with a new ATM card which works as a 2 in 1 feature.  Whereby it’s an ATM card plus a Visa Card.  Similar to the Visa Electron card, I was able to successfully link this card with PayPal.  I’m still currently waiting for the 4 digits number in order to verify the card.  Since this is a VISA card, one should not have problems in withdrawing your PayPal funds into this card.

This card is actually link to your Savings account, much like the Maybank Visa Debit card.  But the only difference is that, this card is able to use over the Internet especially either purchasing an item or withdrawing funds to and from this Day 2 Day debit card.  Unlike the Visa Electron card, this card is unembossed and your name is not printed on the card.  But you shouldn’t really need to worry because, the name is exactly following your account name.

Here is a small comparison between these two cards.

PB Visa Electron Debit Card
For more information click on link above
PB Day 2 Day Debit Card
For more information click on link above
Annual Fees RM24 Annual Fees RM12
Cash Back 0.5% Cash Back 0.3% on Retail purchases
Current Promotion 1% on grocery or petrol till 7 December 09.  On the 8th December 09, Cash back will be at 0.8% for petrol or grocery
Embossed Card With name Printed Unembossed Card without name printed on
Monthly Paper Statement Service charge of RM1 for Paper Statement
Otherwise free if view your statement online.
Card NOT link to Savings / Current Account Card is linked to Savings / Current Account
3 – 6 Weeks for Card to arrive and ready to be used Card is available on the spot upon upgrading or applying a new account.
Must have at least RM25 inside the card in order to make any purchases. If you have a balance of RM75 in your account, the available balance can be used is RM50.  Minimum at least RM10 inside the card in order to make any purchases.  If you have a balance of RM75 in your account, the available balance can be used is RM65

In my opinion, if one already have a Public Bank account, I feel that maybe you should not upgrade this card.  This is because due to “security” issues.  Whereby if let say, your card were to get stolen you won’t be able to get your money back unlike credit cards.  So if you do decide to use this card, probably just keep minimum amount in it, or maybe transfer to your checking account if you have one.  But for those who are using Visa Electron now, I believe this will be a good move to switch over due to the lower annual fees.

  But before you go on and apply for this card, and cancel your Visa Electron.  Please give me a few days or 1-2 weeks first and let me try to withdraw the funds from PayPal into this card.  If it works, then by all means you guys can either opt to switch over or just stick to the Visa Electron.

2nd July Updates

I’ve already request for a withdrawal via PayPal.  Now currently waiting for the funds to go into my account.  Fingers crossed 😀

7th July Updates
I’ve successfully managed to withdraw the funds from Paypal to this PB Day2Day Visa Debit Card.  For more details please go visit this post :- PB Day2Day Visa Debit Card Withdraw Paypal Success

By Alex

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4 thoughts on “Introducing PB Day2Day Debit Card”
  1. I felt very disappointed with the PBB Day2Day Visa Debit Card.. I just use 2 months time and the number on the card is missing.. Thumbs down.. Many debit cards don’t print the name on the card, why? PBB Visa Electron can walk-in any branches to apply? What about the new PBB Manchester United Debit Card can you compare it with 2 cards above?


    1. Hi Saw,
      Sorry for your disappointment with PBB Day2Day Visa debit card. Well, the reason why they didn’t have names on them is due to the reason that they give it out on the spot. Maybe you can request to redo one card for you since all your numbers have gone missing.

      As for the PB Manchester United Debit Card looks promising. And apparently if you swipe 12 times a year, then you’ll be entitled free for life. I think this is a good card if your a Man U fan. As I think it has more less the same features like the other cards. You can actually apply online and then send it to PUblic bank.. For more details you can have a look here.

  2. Dear Sir,
    i try to apply day2day debit with paypal and they tell me to wait 4 digit pin .How long it does take to get the pin..
    are they send these 4digits to mail box of my internet banking account or am i go and take from public bank ??…
    And one more thing is i can’t enter into Credit/Debit Card section under Account Inquiry in my internet backing..???
    is there any problem with my day2day card…
    thanks so much ……….

    1. Hi there.
      When you signed up with Paypal using the Day2Day debit card. They will charge you USD1.95 to your card as a verification process. Normally by right it should reflect inside your bank statement after 3-4 working days. If you can check you account online you would be able to see your transaction history. If not just call the bank and they can tell you as well.

      For the Day 2 Day debit card is not under the Credit/Debit card section. It is your account section, as it takes the Day2Day debit card as an atm card. Since you can check your statement online. It should be there already. 🙂

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