PB Day2Day Visa Debit Card Withdraw Paypal Success

This was pretty much my expression when I checked= But before I go on, apparently I was having some problems with joomla latest patch.  Probably the only way to solve it is doing a fresh install if not roll back to the previous version.  Which pretty much is a bummer because I don’t think I have the time to work on it bit by bit.  Hopefully they’ll come up with a patch soon.  The problem is that, in Firefox if I were to save an article or post it, I’ll get an error.  So far there don’t seem to be anything wrong with IE, but when I save the article, it doesn’t save the formatting. So forgive me if this will be a messy post.
Anyway, as the title pretty much speaks for itself. I was able to withdraw my paypal funds successfully via Public Bank Day2Day Visa Debit Card.  So my next course of action is probably cancel my Visa Electron Card and stick to PB Day2Day card.  The reason is due to the fact that it is cheaper to maintain, plus I have an additional saving account which can be used for trading online.

Went and withdraw on the 2nd of July Managed To Received The Money Today

So you can see that my withdrawal was successful.  But let’s take a look at the transaction on the 01-07-2009.  I was given the credit of RM0.02 instantly, which was due to the fact that I made a transaction via PayPal for the verification process.  Unlike Visa Electron you might need to wait until the end of the year before you can actually use the cashback value.  Pretty cool don’t you think?

Oh before I forget, in order for you to use this card online you must first apply for the Verify with Visa, which you can actually do it at the public bank website.  Like the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit card, the credit limit you must enter is 000000.  Then you can enter a new pin already by then.  Have a nice day.

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