Calling all those who will be in Kuching, Sarawak on the 29th of June 2008 from 8AM to 1PM. I would be at Kuching Civic Centre, helping out in the Fund Raising Charity organized by the Kuching Autistic Association. What am I going to do on that day? Well here’s the deal!

I would be selling my service in terms of teaching YOU, yes YOU on how to sell on eBay. How would this course works, is exactly like what I do for my Light & Easy course. This would be a phone based consultancy, where this session would only last 30-45 mins. You would be asked to list on or where fees would be implied. For fees structure you can visit US site or UK site. Please be aware that these fees are consider rental fees when placing an item on eBay. After listing an item, I would need to request for your item number so that I would give tips and comments on how to improve on your listings.

Who are eligible?

  • New eBay users with accounts starting in JUNE!
  • Never sold anything before on eBay
  • Willing to post an item on eBay international sites

The cost for this whole course would be RM30 which consist of two sessions where by in session 1 you are suppose to :-
1. Create eBay Account
2. Create PayPal Account
3. Link eBay & PayPal Account
4. Creating A Seller’s Account

And in Session 2 you would be required to list your actual item up for sale on eBay paid sites. After you have completed 2 of these sessions, you would be entitled to get a FREE LIMITED EDITION of 128MB eBay thumb drive (as shown in picture). Inside this thumb drive, you can find out more information on advance selling on eBay. Please take note that this thumb drive will be given out for those who have completed the two session first!

Not only that for those who completed the course as well will also receive this calender which is a hard copy from what you can find inside the thumb drive. Not only that, there is also a CD where you can also see videos of actual sellers who successfully made a living in selling on eBay. For only RM30 you are entitled to get so many of these items, plus 100% of the course fees will go straight back to the Kuching Autistic Association. So if you wish to participate in this course, feel free to contact me by leaving me a comment, and I will get back to you via email. These are the details of the Kuching Autistic Association Food Sale!

Venue : Kuching Civic Centre
Date : 29th June 2008
Time : 8AM – 1PM

I would like to emphasize once again that all the registration fees that will be collected on that day will all go straight to the organization. We will only be accepting coupon from the organization and will not be accepting any cash on that day. A registration form as well as a receipt will be given to you once you’ve made payment to sign up for this course. Here are a few FAQs you might want to know.

1. Who can sign up for this course?
Anyone who has interest on planning to sell on eBay.

2. Can I sign up for this course as many times as I want?
You can only sign up for 1 time only, unless you would like to sign up under a different name would not be a problem.

3. What are the minimum fees that I am required to pay?
If you plan to sell on, the minimum fees you are required to pay is USD0.15, which is equivalent to RM0.50. If your item doesn’t sell, no charge. If your item does sell there would be a commission to be taken from eBay. But I will guide you on how to cover these fees in our session.

4. I’m a foreigner can I participate in this program?
You can, provided if you have a valid address in Malaysia

5. I have an eBay account as well as a verified PayPal account. Can I still join this?
I would only accept an account that have been created since May 2008, and have not done any selling activity yet. You can join. But if your account is older than 2 months or you have been selling, you can create a new account for participate this new course.

6. Why I can only get the Thumb Drive after I completed the course, not upon the day I sign up?
The reason why you can only obtain your thumb drive after the 2 session is that we want you to commit to sell on eBay. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on an business opportunity that could be another source of income for you despite recent increase of fuel prices as well as food.

7. What if I paid the RM30, and you never called?
Please rest assure that I’ve been doing this since in September 2007, and I am also a featured instructor in eBay Malaysia. And I wouldn’t dream of spoiling my reputation, now would I? 😉

8. How long would this course take to finish?
Basically it will be a 2 session course whereby each session will not exceed 1 hour. The time frame to complete this course is 5-7 days for each person. So I would like to seek for your co-operation that you would not try to delay or postponed this course to another day as I would worry it might clash with others.

9. When will you teach this course?
I training would be from Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm. Sunday is possible but it can only be done after 2pm. If there are special cases, then we could fix the time as well.

10. What are the things that I need to prepare?
i) Computer with Internet connection
ii) Digital camera or scanner to take a picture of the item you wish sell
iii) Credit or Debit Card – I know many might be skeptical on putting your card online, but rest assure that is 100% safe and you will not have to worry about a thing. But if you are still skeptical, then I suggest that you apply for a Debit Card. Here is the reason why you need a Credit Card.
iv) Product you wish to sell
v) Phone / mobile phone for me to call you.

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