Digital Economy through E-Commerce

  After a couple of days break, from my previous course. Here I am once again conducting a training for Digital Economy through E-Commerce at Grand Margherita.  So in the course, was pretty much teaching the participants on how to actually set up a website for them and to be able start selling products on their own website.  Everything was going on well, that was right after lunch I was called up by the participants management stating that the course they were attending was not suppose to be practical but emphasized more towards theoretical instead.  That honestly caught me way off guard, as the proposal that was sent in clearly states it was a practical class.  So it pretty much created an uncomfortable situation, because on one hand I knew the participants were really interested with the practical session.  While on the other, I had to please the client side as well.

Setting up their website

  Never the less, after lunch we still proceed with the suggested program while my colleague went and called up my friend to see what was needed to be done.  During the tea break, my colleague updated me with the details and we went ahead and allowed the participant to discuss to see what they want or what they needed from this course.  So once class was back in session, I open up the floor to see what they wanted to do and list out the things they needed to know.  So after getting their feedback, they’ve also wanted to proceed with the session as usual.  And as day 1 ended, I head back to the drawing board to fulfill the requirements of the  client and worked the whole night through.

Brain storming session on how to promote e-commerce to others.

Day 2 started out by fulfilling the requirements, and we headed back to our practical session.  Despite still feeling the effects of not sleeping, went and finish the whole session with a bang.  Not too sure if they plan to get me again, never the less a task was given and I managed to deliver what both the management and participant wanted.  But good to know there’s a long weekend ahead, and probably will recuperate by then.

By Alex

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