Pivot Table Made Easy @ Imperial Hotel

So after a week at Leadership Institute, here I am once again giving another session for Pivot Table Data Analysis Made Easy at Imperial Hotel.  Unlike the previous session, the numbers were more than double and it was indeed a challenge as everyone had their own different problems.  Never the less, we started off slow with introduction and the usual pre-test to find out their level of understanding for Pivot Table.

The pretty much usual silence the phone during class announcement and other do’s and don’ts

The thing I noticed whenever I conduct this course, the needs will always be different compared to the previous groups.  Example the week before they were the ones who normally does presentations, hence dashboards were more useful for them.  But this group were using less presentation but more towards summarizations, introducing Pivot Table to them was truly a gem.

For starters, most of the time a lot of calculation done by them were manual in a sense where they always had to use the auto sum features, and a lot of reference had to be done before copy and paste into their main report table.   Indeed this was an interesting and challenging group when trying to resolve their issue, but most of their issues were actually data entered either wrongly or inconsistent.  But it’s all good, and we all had a blast plus I gave them a part away gift to help them should they have problems in the near future.

By Alex

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