The Arrival of Chuwi Surbook Here In Kuching!

So after months of waiting, the Chuwi Surbook has finally arrived to me yesterday afternoon. Initially I thought I would only get it today based from the shipping estimate provided by UPS.  Never the less, here are my first few impression of the Surbook.  After reading numerous complaints on their Indiegogo page, I was a bit concern receiving a faulty unit where they had issues with they touch screen, faulty display, keyboards, battery, camera, as well as the infamous USB-C connection problem. Mine came absolutely perfect and did not have any of the issues as mentioned above.

Everything worked nicely, and was quite impressed with everything considering the fact that it runs on Intel Celeron Apollo Lake N3450 processor. Like the Chuwi 14.1 Lapbook, everything worked like a charm.  Making notes and drawing on the OneNote App was flawless (after the driver updates and Windows Update).  Another software I used to test was MuseScore, that connects to my digital piano also did not have any issue.  Never the less, quite happy with it and will do an in depth review in a couple of days to see if it could replace my daily driver.

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