Kota Samarahan Ride

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o after planning for 5 days, Mat and me decided to go Kota Samarahan.  But today, we managed to get another extra ride buddy Obed to join us on this adventure.  So our meeting point this time was at King Center.  I arrived 10 minutes earlier before they did, so I went and did a few rounds around that area before they came.  Upon arrival, Mat as usual my trust navigator led the way followed by Obed and lastly was me.  Obed got his bike just 3 days ago, and was still trying to get use to his riding.

It was indeed an enjoyable ride this morning, as there was no haze because it rained the night before.  And by the time we reached Unimas we just had to take a group photo.  After that we went back the round a bout and headed down to a small shack to get a drink.  Initially I thought both Mat & Obed intended to order food as we agree to have breakfast there, but in the end it was only I who ordered Kolo Mee, while both of them enjoyed their Teh-O.  But RM1 for a big cup of coffee or tea was cheap compared to the town price.  Once we were done, we headed back down town to go home.

Instead of going through Tabuan Jaya road, Selamat directed us to use the CMS bridge to head back.  Upon reaching the traffic light, he thought of using the sampan instead so we made a detour into Kampung Tabuan Melayu where Mat eventually some how miss calculated the road and ended up at a dead end.  Never the less, we were fortunate to have 2 guardian angels who were working on their motorcycle and get directions from them.  They were indeed kind enough to tell us how to get back on our way, and we thanked them and wish them Selamat Hari Raya.  On the way to the sampan one uncle was sitting outside his home greeted us and waved at us despite not knowing us, and we did the same in return. (One reason why I’m proud to be a Sarawakian).

From there we crossed the river on a sampan, along with one other passenger.  Kinda awkward for me to have 3 bikes on his sampan and he charged us RM0.50 per person. Never the less it was all good, as it was already close to Obed house we accompanied him there and I refill my water at his home.  After that, it was Mat’s turn and we had to climb Pending hill which was an experience that I finally managed to conquer it.  As we departed, he completed 35KM.  Finally I head back to the shop, and half way as I was about to turn around Star cineplex, another cyclist greeted me as I rode by.  He was using a foldie if I’m not mistaken.  Never the less, it’s great to see that other cyclist acknowledging each other on the road. Anyway, when I was about to reach home I managed to cover 38 KM, so decided to push it to 40. Once I hit 40, then that was it and it was time for me to head home.  Today was a great ride and hopefully next week, when we decide to go to MJC Elmund would be able to join us by then.

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Full Ride Details

Some photos I took this morning

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