Yes, apparently it has already been a few days after the New Year and I hope everyone is doing well.  Never the less, I would like to wish everyone a Blessed New Year.  I’ve always look forward for the New Year as it always gives me hope to start off something fresh and of course leave everything negative behind.  So let us all start a fresh and shake off what ever discouragement we have from last year, and try again this year.

Happy New Year

So what will I have been doing for the past few weeks was that, I’m actually going to have an open seminar whereby I’ll be introducing eBay to people.  I’ve already have the venue, but I’m still waiting for the green light by them.  As I believe they are also trying to gather as many people to attend this brief promo.  So I’m looking forward to that event which I think will happen hopefully within the next few weeks.

I’m also experimenting another method on how to sell on eBay, and we shall see how it will turn out.  Basically it’s a new account, so I’m sort of like starting from scratch again.  Anyway, I’m opened to questions so feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  Wishing all of you a Blessed New Year once more.

Happy New Year

By Alex

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