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Boulevard Fun Ride 2016 with Princess E

  Today I had the chance to bring Princess E out once again in one of our many adventure.  Unlike previous ride which were about 20KM at most, this time we were riding about 45KM...

Esther first 20KM Ride 0

Riding With Princess E

After adding on the seats post as well as the leg rest on my brother’s Mountain Bike.  I’ve finally brought Esther out on her first 20km ride from our usual short ride.  As I...

Q50 GPS Smart Watch 209

REVIEW : Q50 GPS Smart Watch For Kids

It’s always been a dilemma for me, especially to give your kids a phone or not.  Problem is that, you’re not too sure if they are responsible to actually owning one since Smartphones are quite...

Bryton Rider R310 0

REVIEW : Bryton Rider 310

  Ever since I moved from Android to Windows Phone, there’s one app that I missed the most which is Strava.  There are some 3rd party apps that could track my rides but it...

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Spending time with my kids

  So for the past couple of months, I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t really had the time to sit down and spend time with my 2 kids.  With so deadlines...

JHT Rides again 0

The Cycling Progammer

So last Saturday I’ve started cycling again, but we didn’t go far as most of us were pretty much out of shape. The most was probably around 15Km, some more Dennis bike had a flat so we ended up at the nearby coffee shop.