Down with Cough and Flu

Didn’t really post anything much for the past week as I was pretty much down with the cough and flu.  Still trying to recover from it, but I think it will take a while.  Never the less, things been really slow as of late.  Maybe it’s due to me feeling sick, which makes the time passes by extremely slow.

Short update on my Redmi Note 5 AI version is that it’s with me since Monday and Josh went and sent it to a 3rd party technician to see if they can do anything about it.  But so far, not much hope as chances are the motherboard needs to be replaced.  Currently trying to source online to see if I can grab hold of it, and only place so far is India service center seems to be selling the 6GB variant.  Still upset about the whole thing and probably will black list that shop from future purchases.  Currently running out of options, so maybe I’ll just write a letter to their CEO and complain which I doubt will fall on deaf ears. Worst case scenario is probably dismantle everything and sell them parts by parts, hopefully will get back at least half the price of the phone.

Anyway, gonna end here for now.  As going to reformat the laptop again as something went wrong during the upgrade.  So it’s all good.

By Alex

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