Over the past couple of months, lots of things has been happening.  At times, normally I would give in and let it slide.  But as of late, things just got from bad to worst.  For starters, as all of you must have known about my Redmi Note 5 issues was just the tip of the iceberg.  Never the less, I didn’t really give the seller a hard time despite the fact that it wasn’t really my fault as many suggested that I’ve received a faulty board.

  I was always brought up in a way that should anyone tried taking advantage of us we let them be, as long we never do the same.  And even till this day, I still stand by that principle.  Considering how I was treated over the last couple of months, I think one needs to be wise and shouldn’t be taken any advantage of anymore.  Especially since it’s been taking a lot of toll on me from my family, I think it’s time to get my priorities straight.  Cause at the end of the day, we are responsible for all our actions and should blame others for our misdoings.

  But one thing for sure is that, I’m glad all these things happened at the same time.  Goes to show whom you can trust, and whom you can’t.  And through difficult times, you know who are still there standing by you.  Never the less, this post is basically a reminder to myself in the future.  When push comes to shove, you can put me down.  But you can never take me out.

By Alex

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