So for the past 1 week, school has just been re-opened and my boy Lil’ T has started going into kindergarten.  We thought it would be a smooth sailing experience but unfortunately things didn’t go as what we planned.  Apparently he didn’t want to let mummy go, so she ended up staying with him the whole morning.

So what’s the purpose of this post? Because eating out is going to be costly, I’ve decided to man up and take on the kitchen.  Something which I have been dreaded to do after so many years failing to be a chef.  Not only my boy managed to get me to drive while we were in Jakarta, now he successfully got me to start cooking.  Along with the help of my Dark Templars, they’ve given me easy to use recipe to kick start the Dark Templar Chef in me.

So I’ll be posting the things I’ve successfully cooked so far along with the steps and ingredients here. So do keep an eye out on this page. En Taro Adun.

By Alex

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