Lost another 1.5 KG

I dropped another 1.5 KG again after taking up cycling. It was an exciting moment for me, considering the fact the amount I gain from the past few months really bothered me.  Not to mention that I wasn’t able to fit into certain pants, so as of today I’m at 90 KG.  At least I know that I’m having fun and losing weight at the same time, which I feel is important.  No doubt exercise is a must in order for us to lose weight.  Having proper diet plan is good as well, is important.  But from what I learn there’s no short cut or easy way to lose weight.  Despite of all the products which are available out there, no doubt it works.  But you still need to maintain using it in order to cut down those kilos.  Never the less, I’m glad my friends insisted that I take up this new hobby and hopefully I’ll reach my ideal weight when the time comes.  To be honest, I did took those diet products but never made it to my goal.  This time round I’m certain I will make it.

Total weight lost as of today 4 KG

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