Gained 900 grams
Gained 900 grams

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h dear, I’ve gained an additional 0.9KG.  This is probably due to the amount of Rendangs and Currys I had over the week for Raya.  Guess despite the amount of ride I took was not able to burn the amount of calories I gained.  Never the less, it’s all good.  Hopefully next week will be able to start work extra hard and burn off the excessive fats I gained this week.  And hopefully by next Sunday it will be better.

I’m not cutting down instead of 1KG a week, I’m dropping it to 0.5kg a week as I don’t want to strain myself too quickly as of yet.  Never the less, amount of calories I actually need a day is about 1,800 based on My Fitness Pal.  So let’s see how it goes for the next few weeks and hopefully I will be able to managed that properly.

By Alex

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