I’ve made a withdrawal from Paypal to CIMB bank last week which was on the 29th January. From their website they state it will take 2-3 working days. Now take note that working days does not include Saturday & Sunday. So anyway, since I withdraw it on the 29th which falls on Thursday, I was like thinking maybe I will be able to get my funds by Monday. But unfortunately I never got it until today. Yes, it took me 6 working days to receive my funds from Paypal. However from what I was told, normally the first withdrawal takes a little bit longer. But once you withdraw the 2nd time it will be faster. So I’m not too sure about that, maybe will try and see how it goes.

Surprisingly when I opened up my account to check, it stated IBG Credit. So I guess it’s considered a local transfer rather than international transfer. Who knows, but I do get complaints from people stating that the exchange rate is very low. Yes, I do agree with that the exchange rates are not reasonable but I guess they pretty much included the transfer fees or bank charges that could incurred during the transfer. Never the less, I always tell people to set your own exchange rates. So normally when I sell stuff online especially in USD, I would charge my clients about 1 USD = RM3.1 or RM3.2. So at least when I do a conversion through Paypal it wouldn’t be so bad, but ended up earning a little bit from the exchange rates. So why are you complaining about? Banks exchange rates are not that good either, so you’ve just got to learn how to give and take.

Anyway, I wouldn’t want to go into more details on that. But here’s the proof of my withdrawal, and of course this time I need to clear a bit, because it’s a little bit sensitive showing how much I withdraw this time round. Hehehe. Anyway, I did another withdrawal as well on the 2nd of February to Maybank account, as I heard it was faster. Well, I’ll just wait and see.

Oh before I forget, the swift code for CIMB Bank is CIBBMYKL. Apparently previously Paypal made a mistake in placing the swift code information. Anyway, they have fixed it already and I was able to withdraw no problems. So don’t just sit there, start selling and get some extra cash for this coming Chinese New Year 😉

Withdraw to CIMB Bank in 6 working days!

By Alex

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25 thoughts on “Paypal To CIMB Bank Withdraw Successful”
  1. how to make a accounts from the paypal??
    does paypal really2 connect to cimb bank??
    hope you reply cause i have won a bid on ebay..but i don’t know how to use paypal..

  2. hi. at Paypal it only state the amount that Paypal will charge which is RM3 right? correct me if i’m wrong but how much does CIMB charge for the transaction?

    1. Hi NN. No. CIMB will not charge you anything at all. All transaction are being charged with Paypal. As you see it will be considered as a interbank transfer 🙂 Cheers

  3. hye i was wondering whether u can use cimb debit card to link with paypal? because i need to purchase something online which it requires paypal payment..

    1. Hi there. You need to check with CIMB bank and ask them if their debit card support internet purchases such as AirAsia tickets and etc. If they can, then chances are it should be able to link.

  4. Hi, can I know how to apply cimb debit card, as I go to cimb bank website there is no any information about it? Thank You

    1. This one actually is whereby you can apply for the account. As for the debit card, just head over to the bank and apply it. But make sure it is able to support internet transaction. If not you can try applying for a tune card, which can be linked to the cimb bank account.

  5. i want to sell my item on e bay. the problem is i need to settling first my selling fees.That’s not the problem actually. But the problem is I don’t have a credit card. I already have Pay Pal Account and has already linked my CIMB Bank Account for that purpose. In E bay has stated that we can still pay selling fees even if we don’t have it. My item did not display online yet caused of this problem. How to solve it. Anyone please help me?!

  6. if i do work like freelance work from international work…is that money that i get from work can transfer from pay pal to cimb account?or do i need to register anything to make it clear transfer?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying you as I’m inactive for quite some time in this blog. Never the less, to answer your question. Yes you can accept payments from Paypal from International clients and withdraw them locally here.

  7. I want to register paypal using my CIMB debit mastercard, is there any fees during the registration? I mean after I fill in the 16 digits card atm number

  8. Hi there, I have won an auction in ebay . My cimb debit mastercard has already registered with Paypal. May I know what are the charges for the transaction? Aside from there, how can I get 15% off code for my first ebay purchase using paypal?

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