So you don’t have a credit card, how would you buy or sell on eBay. Well, there are a few banks who are offering debit cards that are able to be used for internet purchases. Here are the list of them :-

Ambank – AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard
Eon Bank – Mol Freedom
Public Bank – Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

Why it is important to have a credit card or a debit card is because when you are trading internationally, this is how PayPal as well as eBay will be able to verify us via our billing address. So that people would know you are for real, and not a fraud or a conman. So which card is best for you if you don’t really have a card?

Currently PayPal will only be able to withdraw to a VISA card. So the Public Bank Visa Electron card would be a good choice. But the only draw back for this is that, it would take at least 1 month to one and a half months for it to get approved and to be used. So the best option is probably you could wait for the card or apply for a MOL Freedom card (which normally takes about 10 working days for the card to be activated) first while waiting for the public bank card to arrive.

Benefits of Having a debit card
It is safer to place a debit card rather than a credit card on file. So that you should place a minimum amount in the card so that your funds will not be used.
Not over spending, whereby you would know your limit so you wouldn’t need to worry on over spending.

So if you don’t have a credit card, get a debit card and start selling on eBay today.

By Alex

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Credit Card?”
  1. Hi there,
    I think your articles are quite good and will be great helpful to all the newcomers and keep up the good work. Well,i’ve a question for you. Recently,I got my Nex G (Ambank) mastercard instead of the EON and Public Bank card. So,is it possible for me to use my card for thepaypal and ebay biz or do i have to get a Public bank’s visa debit card now? If can,pls reply me thru my mail. Ur guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hi r.nitya10. Yes. Ambank NexG debit card can be used with Paypal for funding purposes but not withdrawing. It can be used for eBay as well. I’ve already written back to you elaborating regarding this matter. Thank you for dropping by.

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