Creating A Seller’s Account

In order to sell internationally you must first create a seller’s account. This is how you go around doing it.

1. Go to
2. Click on the Help button on the top right corner

3. At the Search The Help Pages Box, Enter “Create Seller Account”, then click Search Help Pages.

4. Click on the link which states “Creating a Seller’s Account

5. Scroll down to Step 2, and look for the link “Become A Seller“. It is located just before Step 3.

6. It will prompt you to sign in. (If the site redirect you to eBay Malaysia website asking you to sign in once again, just sign in. Sometimes these are eBay glitches just to resolve a problem which sometimes might occurred. )

7. Fill in your credit card details and then click continue. (You can choose to tick or omit the Please contact me part, I would like to find out how to sell internationally and expand my business. Because either way, you would still get either Carol, Chris or myself to call you to sell on eBay. So you might as well omit that part if you have signed up with me on this site here.)

Once you’ve completed these steps. Do let me know via email or when I call you up for an appointment. So that we can go direct to the most crucial and most important part. The selling session. Thank you for participating in this mini tutorial on how to setup a seller’s account. If you need any assistant in selling worldwide you can choose to opt the Heavy Load Course which of course has a fee, and or the Light & Easy Course where it is free but it is just enough to get you kick starting your online business. Hope to hear from you soon.

By Alex

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  1. I found your post here very informative. I’m gonna look around your site a bit and see if I can find more info on Ebay Malaysia. If anybody else here knows of a good site to find info on Ebay Malaysia please let me know. thanks.

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