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My Wife & I at Mount Kinabalu

Firstly I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity to be able to sell on eBay. When I started out, I find it very difficult to sell hardly anything on eBay after trying it out for 6 months. Sales wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be at first, but that was when a friend of mine introduced me to High Yield Investment Program(HYIP). At first these program returns were amazing, and I thought why do I need to sell on eBay if I can make faster money out from HYIP. So I stopped eBay and started to get myself involved with multiple HYIP programs. As I thought I was making tons of cash out from it, then all of a sudden everything was gone. Every earning that I made from HYIP went down the drain, and boy was I devastated.

When I told this to my wife (who was my girlfriend back then), about what has happened. She told me not to worry about it but try starting all over again. and to look at the bright side whereby I actually did gain a bit of profit from it and didn’t make any loss. So here I was again back at square 1, where I tried posting some more items on eBay one more time. The first week, no sales. The second week still nothing, but after the third week. I managed to sell something, which indirectly boost my confidence back with eBay. So I started to list more and more items with them, and see how far I could go.

After so many trials and errors for a few months, we’ve finally know what we did wrong and understand how come sales were low for certain period of time. That never stopped us, so we carry on selling on eBay. Though our sales weren’t that frequent at first, but in gradually increased little by little. And on the 14th February 2007, we finally received our power seller status and have been maintaining it since then. Though we don’t earn huge lump sum, but it has always been enough to pay the bills as well as our meals šŸ™‚

But I would have to give credit to my beloved wife who had believed in me ever since we started out on this journey. And if it wasn’t for her, I doubt that I would ever reached here today. And if it wasn’t for eBay, I probably wouldn’t be able to get married to the woman of my dreams šŸ™‚ Whereby our sales was sufficient enough to help pay for our air tickets, as well as our wedding. So thank you eBay for everything!

Carol, Me & Chris @ eBay Is In Town Event!

On the 11th August 2007, I’ve embarked into another journey in eBay whereby I finally got certified as an eBay Education Specialist. From there, I’ve looked at eBay from a different point of view. I would like to share with everyone that, anyone can do eBay if they are willing to give it a shot. I want people to experience what I’m going through right now so that it would also be able to help them in their own lives.

I always believed that eBay is for everyone to benefit from, not just to one person. Instead of worrying price being slashed down, one should considered when more people start selling on eBay. Indirectly they will tell their friends and family they are selling online, whereby eBay will get promoted via word of mouth. Who knows, they might see something they like and buy from there.

Just recently I’ve went over to Kuala Lumpur and joined other education specialist such as Carol and Chris for the eBay is in town event. I managed to meet up with wonderful people from the discussion boards, as well as other eBay members. It was indeed a memorable experience for me. And I do hope that you will too join eBay and start selling to the world šŸ™‚