I’m still trying to reflect what has happened in the last 5 days during the Train the Trainer training. The reason why I’ve avoided it for the past few years was that I couldn’t really commit to the whole 5 days training. And also, I wasn’t really sure if this was something I would want to do. So what made me to decide to take the plunge was pretty much a last minute thing.

What happened last March while I was giving out training in Sibu, Darell who was apparently helping me to facilitate my Excel class in Sibu was asking me how come I never attended Train the Trainer program. I pretty much explained to him my reason, and he told me to please reconsidered it. Once the course was over, back home I was talking about this with Deluxe. And we both agreed that if they could come up with a repayment plan for me, I would agree to take up the course.

A month has passed, and again I was back in Sibu giving another Excel class training. He was there again to help assist me in facilitating the class, and he persistently asked me to take up Train the Trainer course. During that time, I told him that I would reconsider it if they could come up with a special repayment plan for me. He then told me not to worry about it, and Ben would call me up to discuss about the payment. It wasn’t long after that, Ben text me and I explained to him my concern. He told me not to worry, and made me an offer I couldn’t refused. So I told him that I’ll go for it, and the sign up process began.

As usual, we started off with a pre test to basically see where we are. Based on my understanding and out of 15 questions I only scored 3. And pretty much the lowest compared to the others. Looks like it’s going to be a long 5 days for me. David our trainer mentioned that majority of them who failed TTT were mostly experienced trainer, because they did not meet HRDF requirements. Upon hearing that, I’m pretty much screwed. Anyway Day 1 ended ok, where we were told the passing mark on Friday is 75%.

Continuing the story of the Rabbit and the Turtle

Day 2 we had more activities and it was my turn to do the energiser, again due to poor judgement I’ve scored the lowest once more. At that point, I’ve pretty much came to a conclusion that what worked in my other training session doesn’t seem to work here for the training. Going the extra mile will not help me in my final day presentation that will only last for 15 minutes. It was only then I’ve finally decided to change my strategy and go with the flow. After dinner I went and studied the rest of the things in advance hoping to see how I can implement on the last day.

Day 3, I took a step back and let others shine. Pretty much avoid any chances of getting called to present, and played a supportive role instead for others. Which turned out to be a good decision, during one of the group presentation David mentioned we shouldn’t out perform the main speaker. So looks like I’m moving towards the correct direction. Then we were given an option to choose our time slot on when we want to do our presentation. Because no one wanted to go first, I’ve ended up choosing the first one thinking I should just get it done and over with quickly. After the slots that was filled, David came up and mentioned those who choose to go first 90% ended up failing due to overconfidence. One step forward, two steps back. Despite being stressed out throughout the first 3 days got to thank Deluxe for sticking by me and cheering me on to complete it. So by the end of the 3rd day we were told to submit a program to HRDF and I pretty much got it done by then. Thinking of getting ready my presentation that evening, I’ve ended up sleeping in early instead.

Day 4, started out fresh from a good night sleep. We pretty much covered the remaining chapters and after lunch we did a recap along with post test. This time I’ve managed to score 15, that got me winning a Starbucks card for best improved pre/post test. In the afternoon,we started working on our slides. To my surprise we only need 12 slides, and the content was really simple. For my case I’ve decided to go with a gamble which is to do a technical training instead of soft skill training that requires me to talk. And from there I’ve came out with my whole program and started practicing it till the next day.

Day 5, Presentation Day.  So I’ve decided to head out early that day since I was the first to go.  Arriving there close to 7.30AM, Vincent was there already.  So we pretty much discuss our strategy on how we’re going to help each other out during our presentation.  Not long after that Alice came in to the car as well to discuss how we’re going to work it out.  Then once the place was opened, we entered the facility and I began setting up my things.  I’ve decided to use my own laptop as I was more comfortable using it, and not long after that. The rest of the participants had some slight issue with GEM’s laptop.  I offered them to use my laptop instead, and pretty much all of their slides were inside of my laptop.

Summarizing Data with Pivot Table

So once David arrived at 8.30AM, we did a quick run through just to test the sound, acoustics, as well as giving some last minute pointers to make sure I won’t fail during the presentation as I was the first.  So once everyone pretty much settled down, it was show time.  I took a long time with the ice breaker, and introduction.  Upon reaching Module 1 halfway, I’ve already hit the 13 minute marker.  Had to pretty much rush the remaining last 2 modules, and one energizer in between. Was fortunate that Vince was right there helping to give me cues and timing, and he was quick to help do a demonstration.  Never the less once everything was done, I hit about 15 mins 47 seconds.  Which was still within the grace period.

Judgment time, as I stood in front of the David waiting to hear his comments about my whole presentation.  But he got the others to comment on where I need to improve on, as I’ve got a few critiques as I was standing far away from them instead of getting closer.  Never the less, they enjoyed the session and was able to understand on how to create a pivot table in the end.  So first thing David commented was if I was asked to do a redo of the whole presentation what should I change.  My heart just sank, and I knew I’ve pretty much screwed up with my timing as I know I didn’t managed to cover some areas which I wanted to.  After hearing my answer, he went on telling me that I’ve got marks deducted during the ice breaker as I didn’t actually got them to introduce their names.  Not only that, some of the methods and training resource I used was not according with my session plan. So more marks deducted from there, so from there I knew it was pretty much over for me. He said, if I had gotten everything correct would had easily scored over 80-90.  So after taking into other consideration, he told me my final marks was 75.

Upon hearing my results was 75

  Upon hearing the score, I fell down to the floor in disbelief.  Not like the one above, but my whole body just fell down flat facing down. As the whole room erupted with shouts of joy, knowing that I passed was one of the greatest relief I’ve ever had.  I thank God that he was able to see me through all this, and finally able to pass despite the odds stacked against me.  Doing the presentation is one thing, but needed to access someone else is another.  And boy was it tough, as I only given a grace mark of +- 10.  Never the less, managed to get the same points as David for Alice where she got 73.  And my job was finally over, and next would be my turn to return the favor for those who needed my help during their presentation.  At the end of the day, all of us who attended the course are now certified PSMB Trainers.

  Truth be told, it was seriously tough and a humbling process for me.  And I know I couldn’t had gotten through this if it wasn’t with the help of my loved ones and friends.  I’ve forgotten to thank my group mates Mr.Sibat, Mr.Peter and Ms. Lim who pretty much understood where I come from.  Also my buddy mates Felicia & Vincent, where it was awkward at first when first got together.  But everything turned out ok in the end.  so what’s next after this?  Well, I’m currently re-looking into my previous training programs and I intend to update it so it will be more learner friendly.  So in the month of Ramadan, there won’t be any training so i’ll take that time to design other programs as well.   That’s all for now, so until the next time.

To God be the glory.

By Alex

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