Tim doing his pose with the T-Rex

Last Tuesday, our family had an outing with the Cell Group as it was Wesak Day.  So this trip round we decided to do everything indoors, as the weather was unpredictable.  So our first on the agenda was heading to Civic Center and check out Petrosains DinoTrek2.  We had to thank Mat for queuing up for us to get the tickets the week before.  So we arrived there about 8.30AM to wait for our slot which was at 9AM.  Somehow Mat seems to know where to queue, as he stood at the right side of the main entrance.  So while waiting for the rest to arrive, we went and check the surroundings but the only thing you will see is the T-Rex welcoming you.

This DinoTreck opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM till 5PM and will last till the end of March 2019, so you will have ample of time to pay a visit to it.  Initially in order for you to enter the DinoTreck you first need to book tickets for it.  But after the 3rd of June 2018, it will be open to public without needing to get a ticket for it.  So once the door opens, we all walked in to and first need a tag that limits the numbers of people from entering the premise at once.  Upon entering on the right entrance, you will be first greeted with a question and answer floor like thingamajig.  Basically a Yes-No thingy, and you need to hear the question out clearly before stepping on the answer.  The whole place is practically interactive, where you can actually gain knowledge by using the available terminals through fun and games. Also you can control the triceratops movements via the terminals as well.

There’s also a sand pit (more like rubber pit) where kids can have fun trying to uncover dinosaur bones.  Which also has a certain limits of people playing at once.  So do take note of that, plus there will be a lot of volunteers in there explaining the history of dinosaurs to the kids.  The kids loved it there, as they pretty much kept on going on the rides and looking at the movement of the dinosaur while playing the interactive games.  So each session has a max period of 1 hour, but you should be able to complete the whole thing in 30 minutes time.

Esther working on her skills

Once our 1 hour time limit was up, next in line was to head over to our next agenda. Bowling!  But before that some of us decided to have breakfast before going to Megalanes for a time of fun.  Upon arrival, Tim got way too excited and wanted to give bowling a shot.  So the first time he roll the bowling bowl, he managed to get a strike that obviously got everyone hyped up.  Maybe he does have talents in sports, guess we’ll see how he progress along the years.  After that he had fun washing the drains of the bowling lane.  The gang pretty much had fun the whole time there, while the kids certainly had a blast.  So we spent another 2 hours there trying to knock down bowling pins, before heading to our 3rd destination tHe Spring for lunch!

By the time we got there it was still early as not many cars were there yet.  So looking for a parking space was no problem and we decided to head over to the food court and grab lunch.  But while making our way to the food court we pretty much got distracted with the decoration made by the mall, and took some photos there as it was Gawai and Hari Raya festival.  After lunch, we decided to walk around a while and allowed the food to settle in before sending the kids to the main attraction.  The mall playground, where they spent the rest of the afternoon there.  So what did us parents do?

Parents chilling out while having a cup of coffee

Anyway, it was a fun filled time as we managed to catch a breather just hanging out with good friends while our kids are having a blast during the holidays.  The beauty of having a cell group, we were able to share the good and the bad times.  And the support is always there whenever we need each other.  So it’s all good!

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