[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are wondering how did I include photos on my Strava account for certain rides, well the answer is Instagram. There are 2 steps you need to do in order for the pictures to show on hour Strava rides. You need to first link your strava account with your instagram account, and second take instagram photos during your riding session when you record your ride and it will automatically shown on your ride.  Here’s what you need to do.

Link Strava with Instagram

1. Sign in to your Strava account.

2. Under your Profile, select settings

3. On the right hand side of your account you should see Social Connection.

4. Click connect with Instagram  and follow the rest of the instruction.

You should be good to go.

Uploading Photos to Strava

After you connect Strava to your Instagram account this is what you should in order for Strava to pick up the photos during your ride.

1. Record your ride.

2. Take pictures using Instagram.

3. End ride.

And that’s pretty much it.  So all the photos you uploaded to Instagram during the time you record your ride it will be automatically linked with Strava.  Here’s a few scenarios I did to on how I upload to Instagram.

Scenario 1 – Direct Upload to Instagram while riding

1. Record ride

2. Take photos and upload directly to Instagram

3. End Ride

Scenario 2 – Use another phone to upload to Instagram

Reason I went with this was, the other time while I was riding I went and use scenario 1.  What happened was that instead of using the notification bar to return to the recording I went and reopen the app.  Thought I lost my 1 hour recording, but fortunately I was able to get that back.  So at the moment, I’m using this method whereby similar to scenario 1.  Instead of using my Android phone to upload photos to Instagram I use my secondary phone.

Scenario 3 – Upload photos once completing end of ride.

Because the hassle of waiting for it to upload or sometimes certain areas that does not support 3G, I had problems uploading to Instagram.  Using Scenario 2 method where I used a secondary phone, without touching my android phone.  This is what I did :-

1. Record ride

2. Take photos

3. Once I reach home, instead of completing the ride I press pause.

4. Upload ALL photos I took to Instagram

5. End ride.

This method was by far the best solution I think, because I didn’t need to wait for it to upload finish then start to ride again.  The only drawback using this method was that is that I was not able to tag the location for each photos.  But that doesn’t really matter anyway.  Again by using this method, you can actually take photos of all your rides and then later uploading them to Instagram without needing to worry if you ride to an area that does not have data connection.

By Alex

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