If you are using either an Android or IOS device, I would highly recommend you to install Strava on your devices.  All rides here are currently being recorded via Strava that help keeps track of your cycling or running activities. But you need to ensure that your phone is lock to the GPS first before you start riding.  As Mat had problems with his phone, whereby it will not lock the location of his ride.  Most of the time it doesn’t record his ride.  Never the less, you can still input manually to help you keep track of your progress.  Once you install it onto your phone and feel free to add me here.

Reason why I love this app is because, it helps monitor my speed as well as the amount of calories I’m actually burning.  There’s another app that I actually use, to help me managed my weight intake.  And the best news is that, you can link these 2 apps together which helps you to input your riding exercise to it.  I’ll explain more in the next few days, but for now. It’s time for me to go to sleep as I intend to ride again tomorrow.  Hopefully by then it stops raining.

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