e-Commerce Workshop #12-01

Venue T.T.E. Tech
1st Floor, Lot 679, Block 195,
Green Road, 93150 Kuching
(Opposite Chong Lin Plaza)
Date 13 & 20 May 2012 (2 Days)
Time 2 PM – 5.30 PM
Price Register by 7th May : RM1,800
Register after 7th May : RM2,200
Seats Available 10 people only, to ensure everyone will benefit
Requirements * At least know basic computing skills
* Laptop with wifi connection
What you will be receiving * Learn to sell your products on eBay
* Managing your own website
* Free design and setup for website
* 1st Year domain name & Webhosting fees free (RM300/year)
* Lighting Start Up Kit
* Samsung Galaxy Y Smartphone (only to be given after completion of 2nd day course)

Course Summary :-

01. Learn to manage your own website

02. Learn to sell on eBay & Paypal – More details here

03. Social Media & Marketing

Managed Your Own Website :-

In this segment, I will be guiding you on how to create your own website where you will be able to start your own business.  Not only that, create emails with your very own domain name to give your clients a more professional impression on how you plan to start your business.

Brief Overview on Managing Your Own Website

–          Setting Up Your Website

–          Creating categories

–          Creating Products

–          Accepting international payment

–          Accepting local payment

–          Bringing Traffic into your website

So hurry up and sign up today!  Take advantage of the early registration to enjoy a discount of RM400!

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