About Me

Enjoying the ride of my life

For the past few weeks, 2 of my good friends KS & JK have been trying to convince me to get a bicycle. Not long after that, KS started a Whatsapp group where basically I was told to ask away in getting details on a bike. H, came up with a few type of suggestions on what bike I should go ahead with. But both KS and JK insisted that I should go for a road bike. So after discussing with my wife, and told her that I will take up cycling she said go for it.

After deep discussion and consultation inside the group, on the 16th July 2014 I’ve finally gotten myself a road bike. And the following day, I’ve went and test drive the bike where I managed to cover 10KM. And the feeling was intense! So instead of leaving this blog inactive, I’ve decided to use this blog to write about the adventures I had while cycling. Hopefully, in a year time when I look back on all these post I do hope that I will finally reach my ideal weight and continue to live on a healthier lifestyle.

Wish me luck!

My Achievements So Far