We got the list here from Lelong’s Forum. We will update the list if Lelong adds or removes anything from it.

When trying to search for the name of the person. Use the search function from the web browser. It will help you look for the person you are looking for.

Please do not bank in your money into these account. If I have missed out any. Please post a message here, and I’ll update this first post.

Maybank 163019415027

Lee Cheng Kian
Maybank 112111391219
HP: 019-8488058

Zulkifly Haji Ismail
Maybank : 153065227656
Rantau Panjang / Kelantan

Maybank Account: 108178768924
Tel : 012-6894252

Paul Chu Nyuk Chien

Azimi Ariffin 780205036469
1642 3033 9184 Maybank or the following name:

Jennifer bt. Melian / Daniel Jok Ngau
Parent: Melian B Gani Henry
207A, Jln Ulu Oya Batu 6 1/2, Sibu, Sarawak
Phone : 084-31 4349
Maybank Bank Account : 4823792402

Maybank Account : 112353005556
ID Fansuri

Ahmad Sufian Bin Yusof.
Last Know Number : 014-3097216
Maybank Account : 160319324052
Permanent Address: 1106, Jln Nuri, Taman Pmint Jaya, Chendering, Terengganu

Wan Mohd Fadhli
Maybank Account : 164098488106
Email : mrzeli@gmail.com, / 016-3222192
(cannot be contacted after payment)
user ID :w_fadhli
Selling play station

Esther Bok Rhu P’yng
830202-07-5426 / 012-5594995
Email: alunjian@hotmail.com
(cannot be contacted after payment)
user ID : ceejaymah)
Selling Jeans

Lim Ken Hon or Lim Kheng Hong with 017-4920167 / 016-4972034
henghong_lim@yahoo.com, cheehenkenzor@yahoo.com
Will ask buyers to bank in to :
Saw Chu Siang I/C: 821013-05-5549
MBB AC-107330042453
Last Login IP :
Last Login Date : 3/7/2007 7:43:00 PM

Maybank : 162339004641
Paypal fraud

Lee Ka Ngu
Maybank : 114236122846
(related to Wonk Tech Hock)
Paypal fraud

Chong Tze Seong / Tan Chiew Lian
Maybank 114478068997
Phone number: 0172439510

Eddie Bin Ahmad
Maybank : 161051413931
No. 169, Jalan Palm
96000, Sarawak.

Tel : 084-316988
Tel : 084-335988
Tel : 084-348788
H/P:016-5254976 / 014-2057524

Name : Lee Fook Yoong or Lee Fook Khong
Maybanks Account :101552042961
HP :0167479269/0167471006/0167471003/0167479269/0137788021

Name: Chin Chuan Yap
Maybank a/c no:164034224274

Name : Yee Jiun Seow
Maybank Account Name: 114375010235

Name under : Eric Ser Hock Seng / Ser Hock Meng
tel no. : 012-6709922 ,06-9875428
address : B-2, Bukit Mor, 84150 Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor.
a/c no. maybank 151418013006

Gan Ghia Hian
Maybank2u Acc: 105104059613
Email : intanabb05@hotmail.com
Mobile : 0177383618

Alexander Sim or Alexander Sim Chai Chai (User ID BingCafe / Alexsim)
Public Bank Account no : 4815419119
Maybank Account : 111084-049-057
wiseguy1978@hotmail.com / soccerbetmaster@yahoo.co.uk


Public Bank Account – User ID – mnh68
A/C No: 4-8212481-23

Account No:08251008303.

Name : Chan Chin Huat
Account Number : 151418051167

Moses Cheung Yau Wing
Public bank : 1431297-1443950
Or Ask to pay his : HLBank Amex Card

Mohd Faizal Bin Juhandi
Public Bank : 790809-12-6169 or any other bank from this name.

Tang Lai Ngor
Maybank : 101543047040

David Lim Kok Seng
Public Bank Account :4-9234956-32

Wong Wee Yaw
Maybank Account: 101217711485
ic: 791225-01-5322

Chong Kar Yee
Maybank Bank Account : 114281073431

Mr. Calvin Joseph Nathan.
IC no: 850422-04-5649
Maybank :154080008769

William Lim Kim Keong, ask to bank into :
Maybank account 114339023997

Hedrick Joseph Rodrigues
From Melaka
Added 18 / 1 / 2005 (New)

Yap Tze Yien
Bank Account :111207024131

Bank Account : 101302046531

Maybank Account no : 104022004278.

Name : Tham Wing Lok

Name : Bee Teck Loon
Maybank Account No : 108066063726
Name : Lim Chin Fei – IC : 8200220-04-7295

Maybank Account No : 112362104428
Hp : 016-6195040

Name : Mohd Suhaimi Abd Halim.
Hong Leong Bank Account No : 04951034176

NAME: Daniel Kam Chee Sheng
IC: 820811-06-5631 (acording to Digi registeration)
DIGI phone number:0169587860
MAYBANK ACCOUNT:106164143017
EMAIL: kachee87@hotmail.com/u2cgary@hotmail.com
Passport: H822647218C (acording to Digi registeration)
Home Address: No 68 Lorong Galing 153, Jalan Taman Tengku Mhd, 25050,Kuantan, Pahang.(acording to Digi registeration)
Home Address:28, USJ 9/3C, Subang Jaya, 47620 Selangor(acording to Digi registeration)

Name : Mohamad Hamlee Yusof
Maybank Ac : 162348456758
Tel : 0162550144

Name : Bala Rajan A/L Govindasamy
BSN acc 07100 29000 411 565

Cheah Chin Leong

Sharil Shafri Rosdi
Cimb – 08120065268523

Nurul Shuhada
CIMB – 08160078308527

Che Sham Othman
maybank 108412040076
His number -01752750800,0174181600,0175275080,0195485038
His ic – 831014-07-5335

Arifuddin b. Arifin,
75, Jln Terkukur,
Kg. Pengkalan Pegoh,
31450 Ipoh, Perak.

Zulkifli bin Bahtiar
Maybank: 158314063335

Saraniza Megat
CIMB :30104559528
Tel: 014-2895975

Bank Commerce
RHB Bank

The item owner is :Hamidah Ibrahim
Name : Hamidah Ibrahim
Email Address : sefkan28@yahoo.com
State : Selangor
Mobile Phone : 017-4466375

How Chia Kang

Name=Muhammed Kadafi
Acc Maybank=114281072139
Hp no=017-2582616
Location=No.18, Jln 5, Taman Murni, Bt 9, 43200 Cheras.

Name under : Eric Ser Hock Seng / Ser Hock Meng
tel no. : 012-6709922 ,06-9875428
address : B-2, Bukit Mor, 84150 Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor.
a/c no. maybank 151418013006 or 101049207010 (another A/C)

Lee Heng Keong
maybank bank – 112642006955



Name : Ong Soo Keat a.k.a Yuen Ong
Southern Bank Acc no : 2092076383

Chan Fong Lyn: 111066076203 (Maybank)

Teoh Kah Wee,
BCB account : 12250066480526,
digi88mobile@hotmail.com, 012-8753310

Lee Wai Kit.
Public Bank. 4-4503297-04.
Fraud IC no : 861226-56-5309

Bank: CIMB (formerly known as Bumiputra Commerce)
Name: Mohd Isa Bin Ismail
A/C No: 1408 125499 0521
COntact no: 017-6372105
For verication purposes, here i also include my IC no: 651013-10-7165

MBB AKAUN: 114133052697
tel.no: 0163342360

Name: Tan Yen Yen
Email: michelle_0065@hotmail.com

Name : Norshuhaida Ani
Maybank acc no : 10207 300 2360
Phone : 017-4947049

Name: Lim Pee Eng
User ID: SSP1979
IC: 790714135951
Maybank Acc: 111207009091
Address: Lot 6, Jalan Foochew, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak.

Name : Mohd Sidek, Mohd Shahrilwan

Beware of the rest
Name : Na Ching Fong (IC got stolen)
Lim Lian Yet ( Stolen IC being used, we have meet up with real person)
Nicholas Choo Wai Ting. (Stolen IC being used)
Cheong His Wai (Stolen IC being used)

Also, please don’t trade with name below: Many cases reported and not resolve since 2001.

Ooi Tech Jin
Ooi Soon Huei

New Comer
NAMA PENERIMA : Tentco (M) Sdn Bhd
ALAMAT : 176B,Jalan Besar,71700 Mantin,Negeri Sembilan.

Name: Wilson Teh Zhi Yong
Location: Melaka
Maybank Account:104022944966
Phone Number: 016-2375707
Email before:wilson820804@yahoo.com,wilson820804@hotmail .com and now xuanmusicafe@yahoo.com

Ahmad Sufian Bin Yusof.
Maybank :160319324052
Address : 1106, Jln Nuri, Taman Pmint Jaya, Chendering, Terengganu
Phone : 09-6171076
Location : Pahang / Penang

Fraudster name : Roziati bt. Mhd. Ali
Maybank Acc no: 164-155-4911-34

By Alex

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116 thoughts on “Black List Bank Account”
  1. -sellerID:kikito_fish
    -Seller Email:kikito_fish@yahoo.com
    -Posted item:Compaq Evo N800C 29/03/08(RM600.00)
    -Seller H/P: 0164523013
    -Seller area:Penang
    -use his Friend bank account as below;
    Name:Tan Kwan Sin
    Maybank acct no 156066114925
    -The seller also got CIMB Bank but not given,he just give his friend maybank account only.

    note:i dealing with the seller using a phone call after bank in money he respond for a while talk about delivery after that no respond at all.when i call his h/p got ringing but he not answer after that can’t call at all!!

    P/S:What Should i do??

  2. Hi macrayner,
    I’m sorry to hear about your case. Do you still have your bank in slips or whatever transaction you have. Print it out and then file a police report. That’s all you can do for now, and hope that the police will be able to do something about it.

    By the way, did you deal through eBay system?
    If you did. What you can do is that..
    1. File an item not received with the seller

    And write in your case there. At least eBay will mark off this seller to prevent any future fraud as well.

    Keep us posted regarding the case. And do post up in the boards, if anyone else got conned.

    1. Hey mate,

      Lim Cheng Chwee appear again in ebay with the account name Berwerys, take note !!
      Name: Lim Cheng Chwee
      Tel: 0182548840
      Maybank AC No: 114440043770

  3. I got cheated too RM1300 for a nokia E71 and a I-phone. Damn, shud have read this post earlier…. Anyone can help? Exactly the same scenario as you friend. Except the phone number is 0124632407 name: Tan Kwan Sin Acc no: MBB156066114925 Anyone can help?

  4. here are the person who cheat ppl too…im one of the victim

    case 1:
    :❤The Secret Of Big Eye❤
    Status: Successful
    To Open 3rd Party Account: 101030165275
    Amount: RM51.00
    Effective Date: Today
    Account Holder Name: LOW HOW FUNG
    Reference Number: 1277352716
    Transaction Date/Time: 02 Nov 2008 19:34:23

    hp number:0177540883
    lets spread the new together to prevent form other person to be the next victim!!!

    at beginning just ask info about the product it sell onli and it was force to paid dee.if didnt paid,will anti u,,,endup paid…but its a con case

    here are their message

    • if u dy c my comment pls giv some respond…
    if u still do like tht i will call my customer n ur customer anti ur profile…

    ❤The Secret

    • gal…pls coporate wif us….

    do ur payment faster…
    u also gt sell thing then u must knw the feeling when u dy order the thing but the customer dun wan to pay!!

    some more ur order tht 1 gt power…if is 0power i still cn sell….!!

    hope u will pay faster…!!

    we both also wan earn some pocket money only…
    dun do till like tht…
    if u still like tht i will nt be manner wif u agian!!!

    another advertisment tht i posted today.hopefully ppls can get this message and aware of them.thansk


    case 2:
    can someone help me here????
    as i had make payment to them and until today still no respond from them???sum are the victim too

    when can i get my item???/
    who is handle here as dunno who say on holiday???
    To Open 3rd Party Account: 512400050646
    Amount: RM72.00
    Effective Date: Today
    Account Holder Name: WONG TECK ZOON
    Reference Number: 1281073176
    Transaction Date/Time: 25 Nov 2008 14:07:58

    who and how should i contact too???

    as msg them but she say she on holiday and find felicia????
    as did msg them but still no respond?????
    below are the message from them regarding my order??

    [/QUOTE]hie dear

    ur order:
    1X black
    1X blue
    1X light blue
    1X light pink
    1X pink purple
    1X hot pink
    total = 6pcs * RM10 + RM12 = RM72

    i’m doin a promo now by giving 5% discount code for ur next order…
    after this promo, all pashmina price willl be increased due to increase from supplier…

    my details: MBB 5124 0005 0646 (Account holder: Wong Teck Zoon).
    pls send me ur details by following the link upon payment made ya biggrin.gif

    X’MAS OFFER, now available~:
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    Lots of LUV,
    MAe-Jyn-MJSpree ~ girls beauty station
    mobile: 012-291 4430 l email: maejyn@gmail.com l msn: maejyn_shop@hotmail.com l web: http://www.mjspree.blogspot.com/%5BCOLOR=red%5D

  5. THis peronal call youlai in ebay
    the phone number is 60174588759 the register for this account is under a malay
    the account
    maybank 107117408456
    Yeow cheah teik hock
    must beware
    that me alot money

  6. new conman

    Name:Yeow Cheah teik Hock
    Ic Number:781027-07-5331
    Maybank Account Num :107117408456

    Contact Num:0174588759

  7. Luckily I found this website, anyway, that Yeow Cheah teik Hock has a new id on ebay, it’s kevin.kitty, mobile no. 0164710059

  8. Name:Yeow Cheah Teik Hock
    Ic Number : 781027-07-5331
    Maybank Account Num : 107117408456
    Contact Num : 0174588759 / 0164710059
    Address : 112b, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shad. Bailing. 30100. Kedah

    Must beware
    That cheat me alot money too…. :'(

  9. Name : Mohamad Hamlee Yusof
    Maybank Ac : 162348456758
    Tel : 0162550144

    This ‘anak luar nikah’ scam around rm300 of my money. I’m a student and rm300 is a lot. This is the first time i got scam after doing online trading for around 3 years.

    Any suggestion what i should do next?police report?maybank report?
    Or maybe i should just let it go…because sometimes no action will be taken even if i make any report

  10. Hi Duke,

    I was contacted by this Mohamad Hamlee Yusof on selling a phone too. Can you explain how you lost your RM 300 ? I have not sent him money yet.

  11. Name:Yeow Cheah Teik Hock
    Ic Number : 781027-07-5331
    Vehicle no.:PCG 6438
    Maybank Account Num : 1071 1740 8456
    Contact Num : 0174588759 / 0164710059 /

    016-494 0013( Liar New Phone no. )
    NAME: Yong Wai Mun
    IC: 761127-14-5407
    Address: Cheras Pandan Perdana
    (acording to Digi registration)
    Vehicle no.:WPW 5996

    No action will be taken even I make Police report / Maybank report…
    Already No Confidence to Malaysia’s Police Dept. & May Bank…
    However got Liar’s details also No point…

    Police said: Go to ask Lawyer lah…!
    MayBank said: If Police Order us..We will close the Liar’s acc. But have ask Police go Bank Negara apply letter…!

    For me…I said: E-mail the Liar’s Details to our friends as many as we can…to Announce everywhere..Until Media firm do Publish out…
    To show How the Malaysia’s Criminal so Happening without Helping Hand…!

    If “Liar” is legal for Malaysia Law?
    EveryOne also want to be “Liar” too…
    Now so hard..to get income mah…!

  12. Good News…

    Every Body,
    I’m very glad that received a SMS from Mr. Prom Prasit(May Bank) that he will pay attention for our case…
    I think he will plan a solution to handle this case…

    From here…We all thanks a lot for his Helping Hand!

    Thanks! Mr. Prom Prasit.

  13. i saw an ad at mudah.my selling an iphone 3g 16 gb for RM 1200..After banked in, the item is never delivered..so sad..This is the scammer details.. Name: Adekalasamy / Adeklasamy a/l Suppiah , Maybank account : 151285010795 , his latest phone no. : 0149455517 , 0167006951..hope police can imprison this ********.

  14. Name: Albert or Allan
    Tel.No: 016-3385823
    Email: sctursa@yahoo.com.my<–just beware when dealing wit tis email address(i heard a lot at lowyat.net)

    maybank account no. 161033120438 on name Goh Ying Ying

    tis july 2009 just got scammed *sad* ,he sell htc diamond2.

    Guys just beware!

    ACC NUM 140370020141243


    ACC NUM 140370020141243

    HE is really a scammer…WTF…have to take action la mamat
    pls contact me..

  17. Mohd Shanin B Mohd Miazuddin
    Maybank A/C : 113115025542
    phone No : 013-4637249

    Bank in RM250 to him for Used PS2 at Mudah.my, goods not received until now already 4 days, 29th october 2009, bulan puasa lagi… when inquiry about goods, every sms replied less than a minutes, when money banked in, he didn’t turned up, switch off his phone.

    Personally suggest, if the authorities could give a heavy punishment to the cheater, this cases would not happen at all. Tracing them was easy!!! We have their account no, phone no, and they was not hiding like wanted criminals!!! They are sitting somewhere at kopitiam, cafe, this people was very easy to find, so why don’t the authorities don’t do anything. Fed up with internet shopping.!!!

    1. I’m sorry for your loss, as I know it is frustrating as I myself was once a victim. True we have the phone numbers and etc, the authorities does not seem very keen in nabbing these people because of small amount. Unless there are a lot of people making the same police report regarding the same person, then maybe they might do something. But if their employers decided to google up their name in the future for reference and found this information, then probably he won’t be able to get a job at all. Good luck in trying to get your money back.


    Name: Adeklasamy a/l Suppiah (Adekalasamy) aka. SAM

    Latest lowyat forum nick : smh_perak (7/SEPT/09)

    Latest phone number : 010 6674978 (7/SEPT/09)

    Selling phone/camera/etc

    Try to give some call, no answer, then reply via sms… to do the transaction…
    wanna make COD… give few reason…

    DO NOT BANK IN to this guy…



    Name: Adeklasamy a/l Suppiah (Adekalasamy)
    maybank : 151285010795
    IC : 740215015255
    HP : 016 7750863 (04/09)

    – Talk politely this bastard when u havent Bank in..after bank in fuiyooo gone. Contacted me in mudah.my from my ad..Should have found this website earlier.. Fuck him and hope his family stomach will burst with my money..I think hes a retard

  20. name : adeklasamy a/l suppaih his real name ADEK LASAMY A/L SUPIAH
    i/c no. : 510304-08-6297 (already check with maybank)
    phone : 014-6179623 @ 010-6674978 (this is the latest 1)
    add : no. 15, jln rombia, tmn daya johor.

    this man is really bastard. i’ve already make a police report…and already check with maybank about this man.

  21. tan wei chuan
    alliance 140370020141243
    penipu besar!
    suruh aku trade in ngan iphone 3gs die
    naseb bek aku google dlu!
    pukimak scammer!!!!

  22. Name:Yeow Cheah Teik Hock
    Ic Number : 781027-07-5331
    Maybank Account Num : 107117408456
    Contact Num : 0174588759 / 0164710059 / 0164032860
    Address : 112b, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shad. Bailing. 30100. Kedah

    He Cheated me from http://www.mudah.com.my
    He showed me Laptop which he never had.
    At one time he give me the the postal code no EN831916009
    the othe time he give the the code EN 24682379MY.

    All of them are fake…..

    I wish he got such a bad decease which he never find the cure.
    I wish he die.. and no one their to pick his body but only the wild animal.
    I wish he can not ever sleep from now onwards,
    I wish he could he live and die like a bagger.

    Please be Careful.


  23. Trade Iphone 3gs 32GB with RM1500. After receive payment and didnt send out.

    Full name : Enoch Sethes Kumar A/L E Sivakumar
    Address : No 12-A, Jalan Azam 13, Bandar Sri Lambak, 86000 Kluang, Johor
    Maybank ( used father account ) : Sivakumar A/L Eliathamby, 101066967351
    Contact : 0177042191 / 07-7892312

    If you know him, please ask him to refund or send the phone. Because i already submit this case to Tribunal, i can withdraw this case or close. I have him full document and supporting document too.



    SIGH ~~!!!


  25. i have deal with this person.
    Zulkifly Haji Ismail
    Maybank : 153065227656.
    luckily have found the blacklist name.
    n his name was there! [phew!]
    but i have give my name n address.
    he sell paul smith shoes at mudah.com.my.
    n at mudah, his name is girl, sabrina i think.
    but when he gave the account number, it’s men.
    i wan ssoo confused.
    n check for the name.
    wallahh! there u r scammer.
    save my money.
    thank god.

  26. Maybank 107117408456 yeow cheah teik hock. 781027.09.5331 . Total Rm2170. Package 1 unit laptop, speaker, bag, mouse, cd.
    (he send to me this msg n asking me to bankin the money asap)
    a lot of money rite??tanks god im not redy bankin dat amount..phew!!
    I juz register on ebay last nite n 2day i got da phone call from dis scammer!
    2 fast for me as a new user..n then i asking my few frenz n told them bout this..
    Sum of them agred n da other said be carefull coz dat using a lots of money..
    Huhuhu..so f***ing felings!!until now at 4.30am i stil make a research of this thing..
    At last i got da answer from dis site when i direct search his name on google n da name apeared as a blcklist person..
    Tank q so much all of u n i feel sory for the other who alredy be cheating from them..i just wan 2 share wat i’ve been through 2day i now i can relax!!
    Tq so much 4 da infrmation.
    Username on ebay GREE +60-1-03956685 –beware of dis f***ing prson!
    Now real madrid match r showing live..wanna enjoy da match witout any prblem..solve evrythg.. 🙂

    1. Hi G-Rul,
      I am glad that this page was able to help you to prevent from getting conned. Continue to use google as your best friend before making any payments.

      Best regards,

  27. This fellow scam me for an online game, dragonica gold. It costs RM 200 to bought it.

    Name(in msn/nickname):Nan/Alvis Khong Chun Nun/Ng Hung Kuan
    H/P no.:0124483404
    I/C: 880923355087
    Msn Address:che3se_nan@hotmail.com
    Maybank Account Name:NG HUNG KUAN
    Maybank Account Number:107246085584
    In-Game Name(Dragonica): Scriblez (Paladin)

    *Note:This guy used multiple name. Especially when u dealling with him he will said that he is professional seller and promise wad he said.

    Anyone know how can i kenakan this scammer?
    Hope u all go google this guys by usind his msn and others details see anyway can get him.

    Additional Info for my previous scammer details: E-Mail: ngk88@hotmail.com

    1. Hi Derrick,
      Sorry to hear about that. The only thing you can do is that probably, round a group of people who also have been conned by this person and do a police report. And hopefully the police will do something about it (which rarely is the case).
      But once their name is listed here, it won’t look too good in their resume 😉 So what comes around, goes around.

      Best regards,

  28. i kena cheat by a prson saying that make business loan and i banking rm23670.00 his name is manickam chettiar maybank account num 112790012077

  29. Hello everyone,
    Looks like many people in malaysia got conned by this person. This has affected many internet users. I pity the parents but who are to pity the victims who got conned of their hard earned money. Report to police! This young chap needs counselling & rehabilitation. This is the best we can do to avoid others to get cheated by this con man.

    ‘nothing easy comes cheap & nothing cheap comes easy’

  30. Hi all,

    I being scamed yesterday.I am so regret that i never do research before i make payment.That sucker name Yeow Cheah Teik Hock,Maybank account number :107117408456…now i only know he is a famous scammer…ok never mind,you scamed me RM1.5k,is not a very big figure for me,but i curse you wont have much more time left.God sure will teach you soon in heaven?no you can’t…hell is the best place for you. rest in not peace at all fucker.

  31. Hi,

    Here’s another scammer going by the name Mobiles77 on ebay. He was previously known as easybay10.

    Name: Johnny Lim Cheng Chwee
    Tel: 0133692166,
    Maybank AC No: 114440043770

    Maybank tells me to make a police report as it’s beyond their jurisdiction but surely, as a bank, they can do something instead of letting the cheats get away scot-free.

    1. hi choco, did u get to find this bastard? i oso jz con by him..how abt we gather all victims to police n force the police do sumthing?

  32. Johari Abu Bakar
    Email: Joeab1143@yahoo.com.my
    HP: 012-3084760
    Maybank Acc: 114011827550
    Address: Kota Damansara
    Selling CD

    I’m very frustrated because the CD that I purchased from him doesn’t have inlay cover.
    Before the purchase, he’s replied well all my questions. I’m trying to get the explanation after that, he’s not replied at all.

  33. top 10 conman in M’sia.

    Thank god, i found this website b4 tranfering money to the acc. just now!!!
    when i was getting ready for the bank tranfer, i accidently pasted his name into google search engine instead of maybank 3rd party tranfer bar, and i found this website!
    i’m seriously, truly, sincerely, gratefully, appreciatively, thankfully to those who had posted this infomation.

    Name:Yeow Cheah teik Hock
    Ic Number:781027-07-5331
    Maybank Account Num :107117408456
    hp no. : 010-4607400
    location: perlis , kelantan, johor, p.pinang, cheras

    he just posted an iphone 3gs 32 gb on ebay.

    hope this infomation will help to update the site!

  34. Name:Yeow Cheah teik Hock
    Ic Number:781027-07-5331
    Maybank Account Num :107117408456
    hp no. : 010-4607400
    location: perlis , kelantan, johor, p.pinang, cheras
    ebay username: mohd.zakir500 (CURRENT)


  35. oh my god Yeow Cheah teik Hock just cheated me. he put ipad to sell in mudah price rm2.1k i bank in to him then he disappeared. motherfucker!! somebody help me please T_____T

    1. Hi Joe,
      Sorry to hear that. Chances of getting back your money is little. The most you can do is do a police report, and make a complaint to Maybank. And see what they say.

  36. he also use new number:
    -ebay account name milnerzz

    i do not belive malaysia police.
    my experience..
    do police report,and the officer laugh at me.he said that “just small case can settle urself”..WTF!

  37. damn! after transfer sum amount to fucking yeow Cheah Teik Hock then just realize he’s scammer… mothafukka liar.. i will kill this guy..

    anyone to join me to search for this guy, contact me asap
    ezuhelmy@yahoo.com, ezuhelmy@gmail.com, helmy@e2u.my

    i have check detail with TM NET, IP Address, maybank, JPJ – number plat PCG 6438,

    this guy have put shit on many ppl.. and its time for payback…

  38. being conned today at mudah.my by the pro-niaga(supposed to be serious biz) user named LEON LAI… selling mobile phones. please do blacklist following Maybank Acc:-

    Holder : TAN KOK KEONG
    Acc no: 114393134016

    very slick conman.. said in advert can COD in tropicana.. when asked, said outstation in penang. thus, luring victim to trf money 1st. when i said no, he offered only to pay partial payment, after delivery, full payment.. then, the next day, come up with all kind of reasons that requires me to pay full, bla2.. at the end, gone with the money..

    1. hi issey, did u get to find this bastard? i oso jz con by him..how abt we gather all victims to police station n force the police do sumthing?jason_cool15@hotmail.com mail me..

  39. Ade sorang malaun ni penipu besar…ramai tgh cari..nama Ng Chia Huei..i.c 831026-01-5751…asal Johor..no kreta dia WMC 8829….hati2 dgn malaun ni..

  40. Name: Mohd. Fauzi bin Che Hussin
    A/C No.: 14160074858529
    I/C: 601201-03-5853
    H/P: 010-4278250

    He just cheated me. he put ipad to sell in ebay price rm1.7ki bank in to him then he disappeared.
    anyone with any info pls let me noe…..

  41. I got fraud by this guy at ebay!! I try to buy a blackberry curve from him after I won the action!

    Jacky Tham Wai Keong
    Hong Leong Bank account number : 06450298679

    I already bank in RM510 into his account!! F%^KER!!

    Please dont do any transaction with this person!!

  42. Beware all ebay buyer who want to buy iPad 2

    Name: Suhaimi Bin Kaharuddin
    CIMB Bank A/C: 1416-0075731-528
    IC: 710214-08-5211
    His HP: 0126195120
    His Email: Tengku Perdagangan
    Ebay Id: drse7en
    Ebay item: Crazy Murah. Brand New Apple iPad 2 32GB Wifi Only – http://cgi.ebay.com.my/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270726419185

    and more item like iPhone 4 , iPad 1

    His ebay shop: http://shop.ebay.com.my/drse7en/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

    do not buy all this stuff from him, he is a cheater and i already bank in RM1600 to him for iPad 2 32 GB Wifi…. at 06-Apr-2011 12:19:26 PM

    1st he will email you and mention this item is underwater (Customs/Kastam) item so that why is cheap, and he giving you all the details: name, ic, phone, bank a/c number and more, and he will say the item is seized, and he also mention he are working as Kustom officer. as i trusted him… i transfer him RM1600 full payment to his CIMB account… after i pay, he sent me a fake Poslaju tracking number: EN066785690MY but now i havent received the item, and also cannot track the item.
    i tried to call him for verification of the item shipping but i cant call him until now i didnt get any notice and call back, even i sms and phone call, he already blocked my phone, so i cant even call him.. and i use another hp call him… its work and he talk to u.. while i mention i am the buyer… he immediately drop the phone and blocked the number again… so i can confirm he is a cheater

    please spread out to all buyer and online user… be careful of this seller…

    and i already make Police Report and report to CIMB Bank

    1. Dear sir,

      Can you email me as soon as possible . Cause i think i also same situation like you.. This buyer cheating me, exactly same what he did like you. Just want to know, Did you get back the money…

      Thank you.

    2. Name: Suhaimi Bin Kaharuddin
      CIMB Bank A/C: 1416-0075731-528
      IC: 710214-08-5211
      His HP: 0126195120

      Thank you very much for this info… I’m talking to him hours ago this day, having same situation as what he did to you but fortunately I google his name and found his name in this site. Thanks..

      1. Good to have people sharing this. He is now selling Nikon D700, D700, D300s, D90 on ebay. I saw and asked questions by email, his email is now tengkuuwater@gmail.com. He did answer back and I called and asked for more. Same story, Kastam in Pasir Gudang, Johor. He said he just started doing this one month ago with all this under declare underwater items. He talked pretty with fast good English and I did believe him and almost made a purchase with him.

        Someone made a point that if all the items he is selling are being sold at such cheap price (Half of the ori price), why didn’t he sell at a price maybe 20% lower than ori price? As I did ask for a discount and he gave me another RM300 discount. Hmm.. think..

        Have a look at http://cgi.ebay.com.my/MurahGiler-New-Nikon-D7000-18-105mm-VR-Kit-/250831740097?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item3a66bc9cc1#ht_500wt_954
        or http://shop.ebay.com.my/piratesofasia/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
        His ebay id is: piratesofaisa

        I finally rejected the deal. He sms me back and persuade me to buy, I then said I’d only buy if I pay after I got the item, ha then he asked me to check his banking details, but guess I’m not falling for him again. Waste of my time. Luckily found his name on this side and here: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1826070/+20

        There are people bidding on ebay on the Nikon cameras. If anyone did win and paid, do tell us if you ever get the item you paid for!

        Name: Ahmad Suhaimi Bin Kaharuddin
        CIMB Bank A/C: 1416-0075731-528
        IC: 710214-08-5211
        His HP: 0122230597

    3. I think i just another victim by SUHAIMI BIN KAHARUDDIN. People being cheat by him please share over here or anywhere on the internet so we can spread this story and alert other people. I will try hard to catch this guy. You can ask my email from moderator and you are allowed to contact me anytime.

  43. Scammed! half the price la .. lucky me .. a few you peeps mentioned his name

    NAME : lim cheng chwee

    Bank No : 114440043770 (maybank)

    Selling Iphone4 2nd hand .. so i agreed to send deposit.. check google.. found this site.. aiyah.. kena loh .. lol.. anywayz, becareful! he is still active on ebay as user id : zitochi2011 and few other id’s. they buy among them selfs and give feedback.. so new user will get tricked easily.. i some how knew this was fishy .. but i really wanted the iphone. lesson learned! BYeeeee

    losing comes with #winning

  44. i also got cheated but i have just made police report and i want to know is there any action will be taken by police from all of your case? mind to share how to make police works faster and efficiency on my case. haizh…

  45. Latest scammer one should be worried about.

    Name : Foo Kai Hsiung
    Email : fookai22@gmail.com / fookai221@gmail.com (added me on facebook some more)
    Phone : 0136755065

    This guy doesn’t use his own bank account. Never the less, he will ask you to bank in to someone else account.

    Acc Name : Aninmah Bt Mohamad A / Animmah Bt Mohamad Ali @ Mohamad Sultan
    Acc No : 156057457178

    And do watch out for J-Nee Gallery CIMB account.

    And this was the tracking number he gave me.
    Detail result for Parcel No : EM172857285MY

    Date Time Process Office
    20-Sep-2011 09:20 Item successfully delivered
    20-Sep-2011 08:06 Courier is attempting delivery PPL SIBU
    20-Sep-2011 07:48 Item arrived at processing center PPL SIBU
    19-Sep-2011 16:20 Item picked up from the sender PPL KUCHING UTARA

    1. Hi, Alex

      I also have been scam by Foo Kai Hsiung. same with u i bank in into that acc.. have u make a police report and do u have more information about this guy..


  46. sekarang masalah ini adalah berpunya dari kita sendiri
    mudah ditipu
    sekarang banyak pemalsuan kad atm dan kad kredit
    jangan dedahkan numbor akaun kepada sesiapa yang tidak dikenali
    yang teraniaya pemlik numbor akaun
    yang dianiaya pembeli
    bagaimana nak selesaikan masalah ini

  47. sesiapa yang berurusan dengan tan lea sim akaun numbor rhb 1144460065967 berhati hati,penipu dalam mudah.com
    menjual barangan electical numbor talifon yang diguna 0169669603.sesiapa yang punya details penipu ni boleh email kepada saya.

  48. berhati hati kepada penama ini tan lea sim,akaun rhb 11444600065967 penipu dalam mudah.com
    sesiapa ada maklumat bekernaan orang ini sila beri maklumat.sekian terima kasih

  49. Beware with this person. He’s selling an iphone 4 for rm1100 to me last Thursday n i want to cod that night but he’s saying he’s on standby and on Friday 20 april he call me n he ask me to bank in rm200 for booking fees n the rest will be paid when we meet. The first deal he make is to meet up in Amcorp Mall PJ but he’s giving an excuse that he’s outstation n wont be in KL till monday, so i make another deal to meet him up on Monday at Summit USJ at 1.30pm. He make me waited for 1 hour n didnt return my call or sms. When i want to do a police report, he sms me again n confirm at 9pm he will deliver the item to me in Cheras but still it just a game for him. So everyone pls be careful, i just saw he post 3 more items in mudah at 6.08pm 23 april selling samsung s2, htc beats n galaxy tab. This is his name n his account number.

    Account Name : Kader Mohamed Mydin
    Account No : 10101701146832
    Banks Name : RHB Bank.
    Phone Number : 011 15088488
    Mudah ID : JJ Online Trader

    His bank address is in Johor n i manage to get some information. On Friday 20 april there’s 5 deposits into his account n he withdrew all of it the same day. Be careful !

    1. bro I just got conned by this person… take away rm500 from me, selling iphone 4s.. he sells at rm1399 and I offered to buy at rm1200. he said he work and live and Bentong Pahang. he said I just paid RM500 and the rest when I got the item by post. but he shut his phone and I couldn’t call him at all.. Hope you can Publish his full Information that you manage to get from his account like his I/C, address and such as.. thanks.

  50. one thing is common, when we do make a report what is the Police action?? NOTHING!! What they do after we make a report on this kind of scam? NOTHING. This scammer cheat people again and again and again and again but what the police do?? NOTHING!! NOTHING!! NOTHING!! Dare tell me one case that is check by them!! NOTHING!! NONE!! NOTHING!! NONE!!

  51. Name: Lim Cheng Chwee
    Maybank AC No: 114440043770

    Definite scammer, currently selling Hottoys in Mudah.my, too good to be true pricing. Never respond to COD request only deals by post. A friendly advice to Ebayer, mudah member, do not deposit into bank account for high value items that is too good to be true, do COD. It is not worth the risk.

  52. Name: Lim Cheng Chwee
    Maybank AC No: 114440043770

    RM5000 for any info this guy.. dont care about money, dont care what.. I just want to spend 5 minutes with him..

        1. Best if you check the bank account is here. If it is, then you may not need to proceed with the transaction

    1. I I already ask my maybank friend , he said this owner very old already, I think the liar not the bank owner ! How we could find him? If can check back the CCTV on maybank I think can found him but need report polis.

  53. Hi everyone, I get cheat by the lim cheng chwee on last saturday. he use the fake account in maybank. This maybank account not the fucker wan! How we can make this fucker dead? Polis just record down and they won’t make action!

  54. hi, recently i find a hot toys on mudah, i want to buy, but i scare it my be cheating, his phone number was 0182641927, got any detail on this phone number owner?

    1. Best way to deal is to COD for mudah. If the person tries to give you a bank acc to bank in check this site first, if nothing then try google. If you still don’t feel confident, then best don’t go with it.

          1. i did a google search on his phone number, and i find this website.. his phone number is 0182641927, and i only find one post in here write this phone number which is :
            May 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm • Reply
            He say can cod Sabah tawau this Friday,hill park,his num was 0182641927.
            Here didnt write he is scammer or what, but i ask for COD, he said only can COD at kuala lipis, is kind of far frm me,

    1. Judging from the last post, i’m not sure if you all are dealing with the same person. Seems a bit dodgy, again best if you can’t cod then don’t proceed

  55. He aslo asking me COD at kuala lipis,i ask do postage he give me this acc?
    4530520511-Public bank

  56. Dear Friends,
    Dafa BT Trading is online casino company based in China and Maybank number account is for Malaysian Player who cannot use their Visa Or Mastercard to deposit money. If you found out seller using this number account pls do not bank in because he will get your money in his casino account. Try to make very fine search buy that can COD. Hope this will help you.. Thank you.

  57. Thank for the effort! Good job!!!
    However, it would have been better if the list can be arranged in alphabetical order so that it’s easier to check.

    1. Hi Joseph. Thanks.. Wanted to do that a long time already, but haven’t got the time to do that yet. Hence the top part using the search function which I think will be easier

  58. penipu besar bername SIM CHENG HONG
    menjual iphone 4s dah kena scam
    Kad Pengenalan 890409075495
    Tarikh Lahir 09 Apr 1989
    Jantina LELAKI
    Lokaliti 050 / 31 / 02 / 003 – JALAN PERAK 2
    Daerah Mengundi 050 / 31 / 02 – CHEMOR LANE
    DUN 050 / 31 – BATU LANCANG
    Parlimen 050 – JELUTONG

  59. This is another conman by the name Mohamad Noraniq
    Account no- Maybank 157308010624.
    advertised the galaxy note for RM 950 in mudah.com but he deleted his advertisement. Been three days now and still have not received my item and what’s worse, his telephone no can’t be contacted since yesterday..

    Maybank : 162339004641
    Paypal fraud

    Lee Ka Ngu
    Maybank : 114236122846
    (related to Wonk Tech Hock)
    Paypal fraud

    Got cheated by this fellow in Bintulu Sarawak. He is a so called Web Designer, introduced Google Adsense scam…Watch out for this guy. Managed to find his house but he has moved out.

  61. DEAR,

    RHB 11126700095070
    Sell zenfone 5
    Pay then doesnt get anything.

    Should rot in hell i hope he will die tragically cause i work hard for that money.

  63. VRO Enterprise 514842328749 (Maybank)
    (ONG KIM WAI 890419125839) (Lim/ Alan/ Anthony)
    penjual air con (konon) di mudah.my
    minta 30% deposit, balance selepas pasang
    bila tak sampai, minta lagi bayaran penuh untuk kourier dan pasang
    ada perempuan juga (cakap melayu, cina)
    lelaki pandai speaking
    guna whatsapp saja (x phone, x sms)
    laporan polis dah buat, laporan mudah.my dan bank. apa lagi boleh buat? duit dah hilang.

  64. frauds alert muhammad nur asyraf maybank account 162526090300
    i have bank in rm200 as a deposit . and no reply after that.

  65. Bankin 1k 2 minggu brg tak sampai bila call fon tutup
    Penipu name Aristotle Tan Yi Sing
    Student ID 1131121538, Multimedia University
    Persiaran Multimedia
    Cyberjaya, Selangor 63100

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