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Kuching Tondong and back

We decided to go Tondong just the night before Saturday, where we were not sure where to go actually.  After cell group, Thian suggested that we meet him up for breakfast at Tondong.  So...

Short Ride Testing The SJ4000 Wifi 0

Short Ride Testing The SJ4000 Wifi

So I went and got myself the SJ4000 Wifi version in hope to record my future rides and all.  Never the less, the quality was quite impressive considering the price I paid for it....


Kuching – Bako – Muara Tebas and back

I know I have not been updating my rides as of late as I was busy sorting out a new website that I’ve been working for dedicated to cycling with a few of my...


To Siniawan and back

This has got to be the biggest ride for me as of yet. And this time, after training up 2 days ago for this ride it wasn’t that bad like the ride I had with Mat earlier that week.

Short Morning Ride 0

Short Morning Ride

So after resting for 2 days, I’ve decided to go for a morning ride. Unfortunately that morning I woke up slightly late, so I couldn’t do my usual full hour ride.

Warm up ride 0

Warm Up Ride After Long Break

o after not cycling for two weeks due to the fact I had to travel last minute, finally I managed to cycle again on 1st September, which we were fortunate that it was a...