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To Siniawan and back

This has got to be the biggest ride for me as of yet. And this time, after training up 2 days ago for this ride it wasn’t that bad like the ride I had with Mat earlier that week.

Short Morning Ride 0

Short Morning Ride

So after resting for 2 days, I’ve decided to go for a morning ride. Unfortunately that morning I woke up slightly late, so I couldn’t do my usual full hour ride.

Warm up ride 0

Warm Up Ride After Long Break

o after not cycling for two weeks due to the fact I had to travel last minute, finally I managed to cycle again on 1st September, which we were fortunate that it was a...


Riding 42KM Marathon Route

After not riding for a week, Mat decided to try the 42KM marathon route that occurred yesterday. This time round we got pretty much early because we know that it’s going to be a long journey, and based on our previous performance we may need to take at least 2 hours to complete the round.


Linking Strava And Instagram

If you are wondering how did I include photos on my Strava account for certain rides, well the answer is Instagram. There are 2 steps you need to do in order for the pictures to show on hour Strava rides.


Dropped another 0.7KG

So after a week, I dropped another 700 grams from my previous weigh in. Guess, I’m on track where instead of losing 1KG a week but instead 0.5KG.