I’m Selling Q50 Kids GPS Watch

About 3 years ago I’ve written a review for the Q50 GPS watch, which I believe that it would benefit a lot of parents who would like to monitor their children.  And in the last 3 years, the response was overwhelming and I didn’t know I’ve been helping a lot of you out there to get your watch up and running.  Some of you were kind enough to buy me coffee which I’m thankful for.

I’ve received request from not only friends but from those whom I just met here to actually purchase on their behalf.  And many of you agree that I should just sell this product to help keep this site up and running for future users.  So after months of considerations, I’ve finally decided to sell the Q50 publicly now.  So just to know what you will be getting is as follows :-

Q50 GPS Watch OLED Version , 1st Month Free Complimentary ONEXOX B10, 20 Mins Talktime & 20 SMS

FOR RM99 what you will get is :-

1 X Q50 GPS Watch OLED Version (with GPS Module)

1 X ONEXOX Black B10 Package (1st month free)

1 X Complimentary 20 Mins talk Time & 20 SMS

Free shipping within Malaysia.

For those outside Malaysia who wish to order, I’m still working out on some details before I plan to sell worldwide.

For more details on how to order please head over to https://www.facebook.com/pg/AlexJongBlog/shop or send me a Whatsapp message via here https://alexq50.wasap.my/