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Warm up ride 0

Warm Up Ride After Long Break

o after not cycling for two weeks due to the fact I had to travel last minute, finally I managed to cycle again on 1st September, which we were fortunate that it was a...


Dropped another 0.7KG

So after a week, I dropped another 700 grams from my previous weigh in. Guess, I’m on track where instead of losing 1KG a week but instead 0.5KG.


Gained 0.9 KG

Oh dear, I’ve gained an additional 0.9KG. This is probably due to the amount of Rendangs and Currys I had over the week for Raya. Guess despite the amount of ride I took was not able to burn the amount of calories I gained. Never the less, it’s all good.


Lost another 1.5 KG

I dropped another 1.5 KG again after taking up cycling. It was an exciting moment for me, considering the fact the amount I gain from the past few months really bothered me.  Not to...


Weighting Day

I forgotten to weigh myself before I started cycling using the Omron Machine that I got last year.  Never the less, I knew I weigh in at 94 KG because I wanted to find...