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Short Morning Ride 0

Short Morning Ride

So after resting for 2 days, I’ve decided to go for a morning ride. Unfortunately that morning I woke up slightly late, so I couldn’t do my usual full hour ride.


Training for Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta

After taking a break for 5 days due to haze and rain, I started cycling again today. So I started to train for the upcoming Boulevard Fun Fiesta Ride.


Feeling Good

So after 3 days for not riding, I went and took my bike out and start to kick into gear.  This time I headed towards Petrajaya side, unfortunately for me.  Because of my latest...


Cut short due to drizzling

Today unfortunately I had to cut short my ride due to fact it started to drizzle.  As usual I headed out to the streets and see where I could adventure this time.  This time I...


City Ride

So here I am again trying to go solo where I wanted to scout around a new trail or rather trying to get used to the bike.  The feeling of cycling through the street is...


First Maiden Ride

The following day right after I got my bike, I’ve decided to go out for a test run.  Never the less, it was sure one heck of an experience.  Considering the fact that it’s...