Ok. It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  Guess it’s time to start my habit to journal pretty much anything and everything.  I have a couple of pending post, which I still yet to complete them.  Never the less, I shall find time for it soon.

Anyway, today’s post is pretty much of me trying to gain back my health.  I’m 2 kilo short from where I started back in 2014.  And I woke up with joint pains all over, especially when I walk.  Carrying Little T down the stairs were problematic and painful.  So it was from then and there, I decided I need to regain back my health.  Yesterday was pretty much my last meal for unhealthy food, while I started everything off with fruits as my dinner.

My dinner last night. 2 Green Apples, 2 Pears & 1 Red Apple

After consulting a close friend of mine regarding the diet, I think I should go back to how I used to be.  So my target goal is 80 Kilos.  So i’m looking to take about at least 6 months or at least till end of this year.  Health wise so far, I would not say it was the best.  But for the sake of my love ones, it’s time to take that stand again.  So I shall post progress of my work here.  Let’s go!