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Short Morning Ride 0

Short Morning Ride

So after resting for 2 days, I’ve decided to go for a morning ride. Unfortunately that morning I woke up slightly late, so I couldn’t do my usual full hour ride.

Warm up ride 0

Warm Up Ride After Long Break

o after not cycling for two weeks due to the fact I had to travel last minute, finally I managed to cycle again on 1st September, which we were fortunate that it was a...


Riding 42KM Marathon Route

After not riding for a week, Mat decided to try the 42KM marathon route that occurred yesterday. This time round we got pretty much early because we know that it’s going to be a long journey, and based on our previous performance we may need to take at least 2 hours to complete the round.


MJC Ride

Was disappointed yesterday rained the whole morning, as I was not able to get out on to the road to do solo ride. Never the less, I was thankful that it wasn’t raining and the 3 of us are at it again.


Training for Boulevard Fun Ride Fiesta

After taking a break for 5 days due to haze and rain, I started cycling again today. So I started to train for the upcoming Boulevard Fun Fiesta Ride.


Kota Samarahan Ride

So after planning for 5 days, Mat and me decided to go Kota Samarahan.  But today, we managed to get another extra ride buddy Obed to join us on this adventure.  So our meeting point this time was at King Center.