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Review : Samsung Tab 10.1 S104 Clone Review *Updated*

I was trying to look for a cheap tablet the other day for the kids as a Christmas present.  Then I stumbled upon this product, and I was quite amazed based on the price. ...


IEM Engineer’s Night Run

There’s a reason why I’m known as Dugong Gila.  Few months back, a friend of mine contacted me asked me to sign up for this run.  Because she wanted to surprise her hubby, and...


The Arrival of Chuwi Surbook Here In Kuching!

So after months of waiting, the Chuwi Surbook has finally arrived to me yesterday afternoon. Initially I thought I would only get it today based from the shipping estimate provided by UPS.  Never the...


First 10KM done and dusted

After my first attempt 2 days ago trying to do a 5KM that ended up to a 7KM went some sort successful, I thought it was possible I could do a 10KM run today.


Lose It or Die Trying

Ok. It’s been a while since I last posted anything here.  Guess it’s time to start my habit to journal pretty much anything and everything.  I have a couple of pending post, which I...